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Latest Articles New Grad Nursing Resume Conferences. I'm a New Grad and I have yet to fufill my nursing dreams. I graduated April of this year and I've had one interview out of over positions that I've applied for. I don't have a great GPA, New Grad Nursing Resume I have glowing reccomendations from my clinical instructors. I don't have any hospital expereince except for a volunteer position which I was actually paid workstudy for because my university is part of the hospital.

I have revised my resume and cover letter countless times in the last 8 months and I decided to post it here to see how else I can sharpen it up. Right now my resume is at 2 pages my clinical rotation part is in a table.

I also have further employment positions but they are extensive about 7 jobs and only consist of clerical and tutoring jobs and I don't know if I should add them. Obtain a RN I position with Hospital to fully utilize my nursing education, skills and knowledge to give the highest level of comfort and care to my patients.

With their emphasis in quality care and their commitment to the community, Hospital will be the perfect first step for me to begin my career as a nurse.

Search for New Grad Rn jobs at Monster. Browse our collection of New Grad Rn job listings, including openings in full time and part time. This page indexes all the Nursing Resume Samples written as templates on the blog. At this short page, we elaborate on two tips for writing and drafting your nursing. New Grad Residency Program. Build on your nursing education and clinical competencies. The support and guidance you need for success. The New Graduate Nurse Residency. Write a professional Nursing resume today with the help of Resume Genius' Nursing resume writing tips. Get started now!

I completed my preceptorship in the NICU at Hospital in City, CA where I gained critical care skills while learning how to be part of a team New Grad Nursing Resume care-givers whose goal is to provide quality patient care.

I have taken advantage of several opportunities throughout my clinical rotations which allowed me to utilize my leadership skills. During my preceptorship in the NICU, I created my own flow sheet to organize my notes during report which resulted in several nurses whom I worked with adapting my flow sheet methods as part of their work regime.

In addition to my nursing skills, I will bring customer service and teaching skills to Hospital. In addition, my position at CDPH allowed me to access various resources throughout California in which I learned how to research comprehensive services to specifically fit the needs of patients.

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If there is anything else I can offer about my qualifications, my phone number or email listed above is the best way to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration as I look forward to the opportunity to relocate to City in Month New Grad Nursing Resume Last edit by Joe V on Dec 30, ' Dec 29, '12 by RNfaster. Work hard on the grammar. Cut fluff and details that are irrelevant to the positions you seek. Dec 29, '12 by coughdrop. Quote from RNfaster Work hard on the grammar. Dec 29, '12 by mmgirlsmom. I just graduated in December and was offered a position and start in February.

Literally, no more than a few sentences because everything else they need to know is included in your resume. I was able to get click to see more resume, even though I am a second career nurse, down to just one page.

I think employers just need the facts. They know you completed clinicals as this is required to graduate from nursing school so I do not necesarily think you New Grad Nursing Resume to include all of that information on your resume. You might want to work shortening your resume and cover letter. I agree with mmgirlsmom suggestion to condense your clinical experience. I'd also cut most details on non-nursing jobs. That will get some "fluff" out.

It's not always important to have a lot when you're first starting. Work on the grammar to remove fluff.

Sample Resume for a New Grad RN. This gives you the tools to construct a resume that will make yours stand out! What you need to get an interview. Hello all! I'm a New Grad and I have yet to fufill my nursing dreams. I graduated April of this year and I've had one interview out of over positions that I've. It can be difficult for a New Grad RN to land their first nursing job. Formulate a strategy to land a nursing job with the information provided here. Do you struggle to write a nursing resume for an entry-level or experienced-level jobs? The tips here along with nursing resume samples will help overcome it. This sample nursing resume - RN resume - was rendered from a BluePipes profile using the "Download Profile as Resume" feature.

Grammatical errors and spelling errors would here a reason I would toss a resume. Furthermore, I received five scholarships, including x prestigious scholarship for z performance.

Thank you for your consideration. This stuff and other verbose stuff is fluff to me: Hospitals hire new grads Thank you guys so much!

I will do a lot of editing today!

New Grad Nursing Resume the first

I see no need to list simulation hours as basic to nursing program. Group your volunteer activities in gift shop in one sentance with Family resource center activities into another one; I'd place this FIRST to highlight experience dealing with families. Since many facilities going to electronic medical records, add a section: List applications you are familiar with including level New Grad Nursing Resume proficiency.

Should I remove my Objective statement especially if I have a cover letter? You might tailor the objective statement according to the position. As a new graduate, it might read more best to keep it general e.

NRSKaren makes a really good point about highlighting computer skills and experience with families.

The way you present yourself in source can help sell yourself and also point at your charting abilities.

It can be tedious to rework a resume Http:// cover letter, but it should pay off. Dec 29, '12 by trueblue I like your profile. If I was hiring, I'd call you for an interview. When I applied to the UCLA new grad program, the application instructions specifically required that applicants state their clinical rotations on the resumes. They even provided a template, in table format, which I slightly adapted and that I am copying below.

The table format UCLA recommended I think is great because it really organizes your clinical experiences neatly and also saves space on your New Grad Nursing Resume. During my interview the recruiter mentioned that they are looking for quality clinical experience in acute care facilities. Many school, she said, place new grads in clinics, doctors' offices and nursing homes nothing wrong with thatbut that is not UCLA was looking for.

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Search for New Grad Rn jobs at Monster. Browse our collection of New Grad Rn job listings, including openings in full time and part time. This sample nursing resume - RN resume - was rendered from a BluePipes profile using the "Download Profile as Resume" feature. In order to satisfy the conditions of the receipt of the Graduate Nursing Scholarship, recipients must have the nursing employer verify employment in Alabama as a.

I see that most of your clinicals were in acute care, so you are already ahead of the game. The recruiter also said that they place emphasis on the applicants clinical rotations because that is the extent of hospital experience that most grads have. I would take a cue from UCLA and focus both your resume and cover letter on your clinical experiences, which it seems to be your strong points.

You got to New Grad Nursing Resume your resume under one, maximum two pages, so there is not much space to elaborate on your clinicals there. I suggest you use the cover letter instead. Unlike what another member said, I don't think yours is too long at all. Actually I think it is just the right size mine was actually longerbut I think New Grad Nursing Resume needs to be rewritten. From my own research on cover letters when I was looking for please click for source job, the main rule for cover letters seems to be not to repeat what is your resume think about it: Source is wasting the time the recruiter.

So I think you can start by removing the first sentence which states your name and your source. I would also remove the reference to the hospital being the perfect first step to begin your career it gives the impression that your are using them to get some experience and then move on. Also, if that particular hospital is such a perfect place for you, you have to say why, which will show that you did some research about the place and yours is not a boiler plate cover letter you are sending to everybody.

Actually, that is the impression that I have of your cover more info, that is just too general and not tailored to the specific hospitals you are interested. In the first paragraph I would mention why specifically you are interested in working for that hospital. Although I made it to the final round of New Grad Nursing Resume at UCLA, I was not offered a job there but was accepted a catholic hospital network new grad program.

In my cover letter for them, for instance, I mentioned that I, as a Christian, was committed to the same principles of charity and service that inspired the nuns who found that hospital system in the 19th century, which was why that hospital network was good fit for me. I suggest you do the same, do some research and mention in your cover letter something specific about the hospital that makes you interested in working there.

Another rule for cover letters is that they need to sound sincere and genuine, like you actually wrote it. I think that your cover letter fails that requirements because of expressions like "emphasis on quality care and their commitment to the community", "strong passion for evidence based care", "education that is rooted in patience-centered care", all of that sounds kind of phony to me, sounds like you lifted those terms off some textbook or research article and pasted on your cover letter.

I would keep them off. I would also avoid mentioning "leadership skills". You are a new grad looking for an entry level position, this is not a management position, I don't think leadership skills is what they are looking for.

Plus you don't seem to have that much experience so saying leadership skills may sound like you are overstating your qualifications, or just trying too hard. Expand the second paragraph to include more examples, more illustrations, like the one where you mentioned you created your own flow sheet. It shows you have initiative New Grad Nursing Resume are organized, great skills for a new grad.

Add more of those in your cover letter. I also liked that on your third paragraph you mentioned non-nursing experience. Much of the skills you use on other activities are transferable to nursing. As one of my instructors once said, "nothing is wasted in nursing". I would also make some changes to your conclusion.

Drop the "multitude go here skills" part it is dishonest, as a new grad with no hospital experience other than clinicals, you don't have a multitude of skills, especially the clinical skills they New Grad Nursing Resume looking for.

I would just mention contributions to the team and how I would be a good fit. In summary, I think the structure of your cover letter in four paragraphs is very good but improve on the content. As you New Grad Nursing Resume, use the first paragraph to introduce your application and say why you are interested in working on that particular hospital give specifics. Use the second paragraph to elaborate on your clinical experience. Use the third to bring in your non-nursing experience.

Use the fourth as a conclusion. To the extent you can, throughout the letter, avoid boiler-plate expressions and above all be honest and realistic about your qualifications.