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happy jerseys from andSmarter media buying will help you get more for your advertising time. Media buying is a little like the movie, The Wizard of Oz. This classic economic theory directly applies to media buying.

If there is strong demand in a market for one station, or one-day part like Morning Drivethen it will be harder to negotiate the pricing. The same is true during an election year or an Olympic year. When there is more advertising being bought, the stations feel secure, and it may be more difficult to negotiate.

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Available inventory equals greater discounts. And if you understand the way to effectively buy your TV, radio, cable, billboards, etc.

They hire inexperienced media staffers, straight out of college, to negotiate with the media outlets on behalf of their clients. Typically, the agency reps ask the stations for either: A lot of media money is wasted because clients use their own biases in making media choices. If the client primarily watches sports channels on cable, then he thinks his ads needs to be there too, even though there may be a far better deal in terms of greater viewership or lower cost somewhere else.

Prime time television is one of the most expensive cost-per-point buys on television. Would you take a hundred dollar bill out of your pocket and throw it out the window?

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You might as well be doing that if your media weight, especially the ad frequencyis insufficient to reach the audience. We like to call small cable buys, e. But most people who run these ads say: Remember these points when you are either negotiating yourself, or interviewing an agency to buy on your behalf.

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Link to a Media Buyer resume: online search and TV Responsible for negotiating and purchasing the television, radio, and digital media for all client. A media supervisor resume must They coordinate with media strategists and oversee development of press release meant for publishing on TV, radio, digital media. A media buyer purchases advertising space in print, outdoor, broadcast, and online outlets, such as magazines, billboards, radio stations, television stations, and.

When the schedule effectively balances the number of gross rating points, frequency, and targeted consumer reach, to meet the standards of your industry, you will be sure to have an effective media schedule and the best value for your money. Need a professional media planner to go head to head with the reps and negotiate on your behalf?

Featured image via Thinkstock. September 14, Blog. No Comments 11 0 0. Here are the 3 top reasons: Pride gets in the way. Everyone wants to think they have made a great media deal, sometimes because their media rep told them they drive a hard bargain.

Find the best Media Buyer resume samples to help These professionals work in media such as print, Internet, television, Media Buyer/planner. Bought Radio, TV. This article provides a sample resume format for the position of a media buyer. It gives information about roles and skills required for the mentioned position. Search for Media Buyer jobs at Monster. Browse our collection of Media Buyer job listings, including openings in full time and part time. Link to a Media Buyer resume: online search and TV Responsible for negotiating and purchasing the television, radio, and digital media for all client. Smarter media buying will help you get more for your advertising time. But how do you know if you’re getting the best value for the lowest price?.

Who wants to admit that they made just a so-so deal, that the rep took advantage of them, or that they really made the buy because they wanted the free football or concert tickets?

What you save in media dollars will allow you to buy your own tickets and then some! Knowing a little about media is dangerous. Knowing a little bit about buying media is like reading about architecture.

Not fully understanding media gross rating points, reach, and frequency — or the target cost-per-points and cost per thousands of targeted consumers — are examples of how trying to buy media without this expertise. All it does is allow the media reps and outlets to take advantage of you.

Most Advertising agencies have a disincentive to save a company money. If the agency negotiates the price of the media, they earn less revenue. Every media buy is negotiable. No matter what the rep tells you: Media is never sold out. Media outlets always have some available inventory. Media sales are not so good that the reps have quit calling on customers. For these reasons, you can always negotiate better rates, schedules and times.

Buy ratings, not programs. Working With Third Parties.