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ParsonsThe World Apart This Everlasting Mind Disease Picture On The Wall See You Down Slow Motion "K" Us Rhythm Guitars Lisa Oliviero: Slavery On Line 4.

Leftlovers And Crumbs 5. Lou Stefanini Mixed by: Lou Stefanini and Eldritch Recorded at: Terence Holler Cover concept: Fall From Grace 2. No Direction Home 3. Bleed Mask Bleed 6. From Dusk Till Dawn 8. The Last Embrace 3. Lord Of An Empty Place 4. Sometimes In Winter 5. At The Restless Sea 6. The Quest ion 9. Under Masters Editing Website Usa Ground 3. Cage Of Sins 5. The Deaf And The Masters Editing Website Usa 7. I Don't Know Why 9.

Chalice Of Insanity Your music is still alive The most important live gigs of the Underlying Issues promotion were in March when the band plays two shows as special guests for Russell Allen's Metal for autism tour.

Eldritch live with Russell Allen!! The Face I Wear Videoclip!

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All And More The Face I Wear To The Moon And Back Bringers Of Hate Piece Of Clarity Before I Die Lead vocals Eugene Simone: Photos by Giulia Meucci.

Tasting The Tears Waiting For Something Seeds Of Love Love From A Stone Bass, backing vocals Gabriele Caselli: Vortex Of Disasters Like A Child Thoughts Of Grey The Deep Sleep 4.

The Blackened Day 6. The World Apart 7. Bless Me Now The Child That Never Smiles More Than Marylin Fall From Grace Intro 2.

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From Dusk Till Dawn 7. Lord Of An Empty Place Live in Chicago Documentary 2. Interview with Adriano Dal Canto 3. The Deep Sleep 3. The Blackened Day 4. The Child Than Never Smiles Shallow Water Flood We Hold On Produced by Eugene Simone Executive Producer: Mirco Andreis Assistant to director: Bless Me Now 4. The Dark Inside 5.

More Than Marylin 6. Come To Life 7.

Toil Of Mine The Perfect Place Rhythm Guitars John Crystal: Terence Holler Additional female vocals by: Irene Maffei Director of Photography: Niko Santaniello Video Assistant: Luca Dandria Make-up Artist: Erika Sanciu Script Supervisors: Maurizio Patta Color Correction: Gianmarco Rossetti Lights Provider: Luigi Agostini Location Managers: Joe Tarantola, Sendi Sabatini Thanks to: Following very positive media echoes to their first demo tape, the lads, having been joined in the meantime by Martin Kyhn on bass and Oleg Smirnoff on keyboards, sign an agreement in with Limb Schnoor as Manager and music publisher.

That was of course an exceptional success for an Italian band in those days. This extremely successful debut was followed in by "Headquake", which, besides reaping excellent reviews internationally, was also the starting shot for a huge, world-wide community of source.

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Showered by praise and excellent reviews, the band reached the highest point of their career at that time. Critics were silenced by the album's excellent sales figures and a triumphant return to the legendary Gods Of Metal Festival, all of which showed the band's creativity due reward. It was again time for change. Keyboarder Sean Henderson and bass player Martin Kyhn left the band for personal reasons and the remaining members decided to bring a woman bass player into the band, in Masters Editing Website Usa form of Icycore's Lisa Oliviero and to do without keyboards for the moment.

The Italians signed a new deal with Masters Editing Website Usa Music Products and, inreleased "Portrait Of The Abyss Within", on which they succeeded in portraying all the various stages of the band's creativity and history, and one which was enthusiastically welcomed by fans and the press alike.

Before setting off on an extended Italian tour, John Crystal replaced bass player Lisa Oliviero, because of conflicts in the calenders of Eldritch and her other band, Icycore. Once again they present a mixture of aggressive and progressive parts, comprising genuine killer riffs and unforgettable melodies, allowing tracks such as 'Still Screaming', 'Bless Me Now' and 'Come To Life' to become compact, timeless masterpieces of metal.

And the two additional bonus tracks plus the video just click for source to 'Save Me' make this limited edition digipak to a must-have dessert for the gourmets of Masters Editing Website Usa metal!

The 15 songs are extremely catchy and the music is still aggressive as the previous work. During summerafter the Gods of Metal and the Sweden Rock fests, the band decided to replace the drummer Dave Simeone with the young and explosive Raffahell Dridge.

This due to personal reasons between the band and Dave, but in a friendly way. In November the band finally released their first official live in this case a double live album plus a dvd of the entire 2 hour show and some raritees.

Another European tour as openers for the greek go here gods Firewind from November to January and then other shows in Italy till the end of the year… another bit of Italian headliner shows Masters Editing Website Usa the whole and then the band entered the recording studios The lyrics are a concept about global warming effects, climate change and whatever has to do with Mother Nature and our planet.

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The new official keyboard player is Gabriele Caselli ex Dominewhich is giving the new album a really progressive and modern touch! The band now is a 5-piece. The reviews so far are more than amazing!!