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was ton talk aboutAs the holiday season approaches, chari- ties are adjusting to meet demands associat- ed with the downturn of the Central Texas economy.

Peter Frumkin, a professor at the Lyn- don B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, said that the recession has put a lot of stress on nonprofits and increased the need for necessities. Last year, Orange Santa served Austin families.

So far this year, applications have been received.

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Clagett said that people donate in a myriad of ways, whether by giving a toy or work- ing at the store. The volunteer positions are currently filled.

The InCommon Federation, an organization that streamlines access to service Web sites, will act as a liaison for all UT System universities and Web sites that want to article source their services available for students and faculty.

It creates a terms-of-use poli- cy that both parties agree to, and students will not have to release personal information to each indi- vidual service. The goal of the partnership is to improve privacy and security for people who use service Web sites, said Lois Brooks, director of Academic Computing at Stanford University and chairwoman of the In- Common Steering Committee. The user will no longer have to divulge person- al information such as social security numbers, ad- dresses or dates of birth for services like the Nation- al Institutes of Health.

The service will eventually give students complete control over what pieces of their identities will be released. Instead of creating separate account information for the NIH Web site and those of other services, students will be directed to a general page which re- quests the University-issued ID and password.

He said this is important because research foundations Luis Greg Fausak The Fourth Resume to award grant money based on how well the university system can collab- orate with other institutions. The new infrastructure created by the partnership already exists, and each UT System campus will be able to take advantage of it.

The ranking is the most recog- nized by employers and univer- sities, said James P. UHS may receive approxi- mately 1, doses by Dec. Toney Burger Center Source: His position as an Austin public librar- ian made him eligible to get the vaccination. Davis is the second UT football play- er to be arrested this month. Arrested football player possessed 4. The department has been re- ceiving shipments of the vaccine since late October and is expect- ing to receive around 7, more doses sometime in the future, she said.

The department will hold four H1N1 flu shot clinics in Decem- ber. The shots will be available link appointment only for all un- insured or under-insured Travis Country residents whose health care provider does not have the vaccine.

The clinics are available to those who are pregnant, those between six months to 24 years and those who are household contacts or caregivers to infants less than six months old.

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People who are 25 to 64 years old with a chronic disorder or disease are also eligible. The Texan regrets the error. Forty new members joined the club this year. All articles, photographs and graphics, both in the print and online editions, are the property of Texas Student Media and may not be reproduced or republished in part or in whole without written permission.

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Individual campuses can begin implementing the system at their discretion. New technology fosters collaboration across universities From page 1 2 Visit: We have a better option. Right now, PPD is looking for men and women for Luis Greg Fausak The Fourth Resume post-surgical pain relief research study of an investigational medication.

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The discovery added new ur- gency to the manhunt for Mau- rice Clemmons as police can- vassed the neighborhood with search dogs and hundreds of of- ficers were deployed around Se- attle for any sign of the suspect. Police had been positioned overnight at a Seattle home where they thought Clemmons was holed up and spent hours trying to communicate with him, us- ing loudspeakers, explosions and even a robot sent into the house. But when the SWAT team went inside, he was nowhere to be found.

Troyer also said people who know Clemmons told investigators he Luis Greg Fausak The Fourth Resume been shot in the torso in his bloody struggle with the officers. Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel said there was evidence Clemmons was on the property at one point, but officers could not determine whether he was in the house itself.

At one point, what sounded like gunshots rang through the neighborhood, but Kappel said no shots were fired. Troyer said warrants for first- degree murder have been issued against Clemmons in the killings of read more officers from the Tacoma suburb of Lakewood who were gunned down in a coffee shop Sunday morning at the start of their shifts.

Clemmons has a long crimi- nal history, including a long pris- on sentence commuted by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee nearly a decade ago, and a recent arrest for allegedly assaulting a police officer in Washington.

Authorities allege he killed Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39, and offi- cers Ronald Owens, 37, Tina Gris- wold, 40, and Greg Richards, 42, as they worked on their laptop computers at the beginning of their shifts. Clemmons is believed to have been in the area of the coffee shop around the time of the shooting, but Troyer declined to say what evidence might link him to the shooting.

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Source would not say what type of weapon it is. Investigators say they know of no reason for gunning down the officers, but court documents in- dicate Clemmons is delusional and mentally unstable. The bullets hit their targets. The Greek-flagged tanker — traveling from Saudi Arabia to New Orleans — had no es- cort when it was hijacked Sun- day because naval warships are stretched too thin.

The problem has been further exacerbated be- cause pirates Luis Greg Fausak The Fourth Resume expanded their operations to hundreds of miles out at sea. The hijacking, one year after the seizure of a Saudi supertank- er led to heightened internation- al efforts to fight piracy off the Horn of Africa, has highlight- ed the difficulty of keeping ships safe in the region — particularly oil tankers.

The Maran Centaurus was about miles off the coast of Somalia when it was hijacked with 28 crew, said Cmdr. While some ships traveling in the region have been outfitted with high pressure water guns and piercing noisemakers to re- pel pirates, even this is shunned on oil tankers for fear of trig- gering a response from pirates armed with guns and rocket-pro- pelled grenades. There is also the threat that an accident or gunfight could lead to a leak that would devastate thou- sands of miles of ocean or coast- line.

Expense and legal worries rule out armed escorts on a separate ship, Gibbon-Brooks said, sug- gesting the best way to evade at- tack was for tankers to Luis Greg Fausak The Fourth Resume speed and steer the ship 30 to 45 degrees either side of its course.