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Priority Shipping RussianLearn from the most common mistakes that indie authors make and save yourself time, money and heartache in today's show with Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy.

In the introduction, I mention my thoughts on the Independent Publishers Guild autumn conference and what we can learn from print-focused retailers. Plus, Audible expands into a Canada-specific siteSiri gets a new translation function in iOS 11, Google's article on how publishers can use machine learning for translation of articles, and Google also launches a micro-payment app specifically for Indiawhich I'm excited about as it bodes well for the expansion of direct-to-consumer sales via mobile.

Today's show is sponsored by IngramSparkwho I use to print and distribute my print-on-demand books to 39, retailers including independent bookstores, schools and universities, libraries and more. It's your content — do more with it through IngramSpark. Ricardo Fayet is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Reedsya marketplace for writers to find vetted professionals for editing, marketing, design, ghostwriters and more.

You can listen above or on iTunes or Stitcher or watch the video here, read the notes and links below. Here are the highlights and full transcript below. Whether demographics or psychographics are more important for authors marketing their books Tips for Write Internet Ads How To freelancers like editors and book cover designers How Reedsy vets the freelancers in their marketplace Publishing mistakes to avoid The big thing authors get wrong about book marketing You can find Ricardo Fayet at Reedsy.

I'm Joanna Penn from thecreativepenn. Ricardo is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online, a marketplace for writers to find vetted professionals for editing, marketing, design, ghostwriters and more. And it's a fantastic service, and we'll be talking about that. The lovely accent…thank you for saying that. It's a mix of French, Spanish, sometimes Italian. It depends on my mood, and it's due to a mixed European background, basically. And now, how I got into publishing, well, it's been a long story.

It was with a friend of mine, Emmanuel, who's a co-founder, and we are very early Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online of the e-reading format, so he lived in France and he imported his Kindle from across the States because they weren't selling them in France back then. I was one of the first people to read on the iBooks app, so I'm one of these weird people who read on their phone.

Older books, I know. He started thinking about what learn more here meant for publishing in general, for authors, for publishers, for agents.

So he started learning about self-publishing, and he told me about it, and one of the questions we had is if you self-publish, I mean, writing is only a part of it, so who does the editing? Who does the design? And so we came up with the idea behind Reedsy and Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online started, we jumped right into it and here we are two years, three years later, pretty happy about it.

Yeah, and it's interesting because, like you mentioned, you're mixed European and Emmanuel is as well, and he's actually coming on the show to talk about futurist stuff, which is gonna be cool, in November. One of the interesting things about France especially, I think, is that it's not an early adopter culture, technologically. So how do you feel?

In the entrepreneurial space we often hear coming out of America vs. France is very traditional, and the people who stay in France are very traditional.

Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online morning

We moved to the UK. There's a lot of French people with start-ups in the US. There's a huge French start-up ecosystem, the only thing is that it's not necessarily in France, though it's developing in France right now with the Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online president. I think there are a lot of good things going on. It's a lot easier to raise funds right now for start-ups in France than it was when we started out, so two, three years ago.

So things are changing. Now on the early-adopter side of things, it's true that, yeah, French people tend to be quite traditional and not early adopters, so even though there are start-ups in France, they might have to look for their Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online customers in UK or the US, which is what we did.

Yes, and we click point out that everything you do is in English, right? We'll hear about that another time. Okay, so today we're going to talk about some of the top mistakes that indie authors make, because you obviously deal with a lot of different authors at Reedsy.

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You have a bird's eye view, I think that's how we can put it. I'm often blinded by my own artistic side, but you http://cocktail24.info/blog/essay-on-self-help-is-the-best-help-wikipedia-film-in-2017.php see more. I think it has to do with really knowing what their goals are and what their definition of success is. Success can be many things. And obviously it evolves around time.

I think your definition of success right now is different from back when you started any publishing. I don't know if with the publisher or myself, and I want to reach as many readers as possible. It's not really a real goal or a definition of success because that could be said http://cocktail24.info/blog/top-blog-post-editing-sites-for-university.php any author in the world.

Any author wants Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online reach as many readers as possible. A definition of success would be becoming a professional author, so making a living out of writing, so quitting your day job and being able to self-sustain yourself only with your writing activities, which link what you've done.

That can be the definition. But you need a clear goal in mind so that you can draw a path towards that goal. It sounds very abstract like that, but I think it's really a mindset thing.

And before even you take the plunge and decide to publish or make really any decision Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online your book, you need to know where you wanna go. And actually, I think, even further than that, it needs to be based on time periods. Say for example, lots of authors end up making a million dollars with their books, but for some people, it might take 30 years and other people want to make, say, a million dollars in a year.

Now, you and I both know authors who do either of those things. And also, making a living is very interesting. I think we have seen authors who make a living for one year, and then they can't sustain that over time.

So you know, again it might be, well, to actually consistently do this over time, so I think that's really important too. I think that's the second big problem I encounter. My first question usually is what do you wanna do with your book?

And then the second one is who's your book for? On one hand, more info not realistic, so you're setting unrealistic expectations, so you're going to be disappointed. The same point as with the success thing. And on the other hand, when you finally publish your book and you wanna start finding your first readers, if your ideal readers can be anyone out of 4 billion people, it's going to be near to impossible to find a first reader.

So there's like two problematics there with not having a very, very clear target audience. First one, you are setting unrealistic expectations, and then when time comes to market the book, you don't know where to start. I think demographics, say, women aged 30 to 45 can sometimes be less helpful than psychographics as in, like you and I both read books for entrepreneurs, right? There are books that I know that you and I will read that other people who also read Steven King might not read.

I think it's a lot more powerful. I Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online, demographics I wouldn't pay that much attention to them unless they're really tied into the psychographics. I think to define an audience, there's like a few things. That's a way to define an audience. Or by comparable titles or authors. That's an interesting niche. I think, yeah, these are two things. Amazon categories and comparable titles or authors.

They're probably the best way to define who you wanna write for. Going back to thinking about what Reedsy does as well. You have editors, you have cover designers, you Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online professionals who work with authors. For the cover designer it's absolutely vital because you are at that stage where you want to give your book the first impression on the reader.

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And if you are aiming your book at a certain market or a certain niche, the cover needs to clearly identify the book as part of that niche. For an editor, it depends on the type of editing of course. You can do what they tell you to do or you go another direction. But at the editorial stage, I think you have got more leeway and you don't Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online to be absolutely certain what market you write for.

At the design stage, Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online absolutely do because otherwise you won't be able to guide your designer.

Both you and I know that doing it all yourself and just doing self-publishing, you'll end up with a product that is not the best it can be. There are two sides for doing everything yourself. The first one is around quality of the product, as you mentioned. I think self-publishing…it's a bad term. We have been trying to use author publishing, a lot of us have tried but it didn't work, it didn't take. So, well, we're stuck with self-publishing now. link

But a lot of professional people, a lot of professional circles around self-publishing, your podcast, our blog, we try to make it clear that there's a lot more than writing the book in the process — there's Letter Ghostwriters Websites Online editing, there's the design, there's the production, there's the marketing — and you cannot do everything yourself.

Cover design is another yet completely different set of skills, and both are very different from writing. Editing could seem so much you're writing but it's not. And design is obviously completely different. So while I think authors should do the lion's share of the marketing and really learn how to market, there's, like no way around that right now. Editing and design, they shouldn't learn how to do it.

They should trust other people to do that. So that's for the quality part of the product.