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lateA beautiful woman with a wonderful sound, compelling artistry and innate musicality. Offstage, she is a national icon, inspiring perfume and desserts and even guest-starring on Sesame Street.

Debuts with other major American and European houses followed, and Fleming soon established herself as a major star. Fans of Fleming may link themselves prepared to bask forever in the sheer loveliness of her sound, but it seems the soprano herself is more restless.

Her increasingly adventurous career combines article source with rarities: Lately, Fleming has moved into genre-defying territory on record, including a collection of songs by artists as unexpected as Mars Volta and Leonard Cohen.

With a career of such endurance and artistic integrity under her belt, she has surely earned the right to live a little dangerously. And she does crazy so well! Both on stage and on disc, Dessay seems inclined not so much to dig out obscurities as to revolutionise the mainstream repertoire. If her repertoire choices are mostly conservative, however, her interpretations are anything but.

Dessay flaunts her coloratura frills and emotional depth in a selection of favourites and rarities. Russian-born Anna Netrebko has two pivotal strengths: Netrebko, who regularly turns up on the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fairrose to fame in style. To this day, her fame is greatest in the German-speaking world. Petersburg to collaborate with her mentor Valery Gergiev. Ironically, she used to wash the floors there while a student.

Her true lyric voice, while it lacks the agility to shine in bel cantohas a dark, velvety quality well suited to romantic repertoire. There is also a certain low-rent glamour to Netrebko which makes her perfect for the title roles in Manon and La traviata. In an LA production of Manon this quality was exploited to the full, as Netrebko was made to dress in skimpy underwear and pole-dance like a porn starlet.

If any soprano read more today could be called a superstar — and La Fille Du Regiment Dessay actually desire that label — it is Netrebko. Her most satisfying solo disc. Eccentric, fearless and exceptionally passionate, she occupies a unique position in the operatic scene.

She is an opera singer better known for her esoteric recordings than her stage performances; a mezzo soprano who now sings mostly soprano roles; and a musical — not to mention commercial — force to be reckoned with. Rising to prominence at an unusually early age, Bartoli won global recognition at a point where most mezzos are still slogging through conservatoria.

More remarkably still, having risen so quickly to the top, she has established herself as a trailblazing operatic adventuress, unearthing long lost jewels of baroque and Romantic opera and turning them into improbable chart-toppers. With the clout now to sing and do exactly what she pleases, Bartoli has practically abandoned opera performance in favour of her recording projects and attendant concerts — a move which might seem more self-indulgent were her dedication to the music not so effusively apparent.

Her messa di voce is exquisite, her phrasing lyrical and sensitive; but her coloratura, while fiendishly precise, is berated by some for resembling machine-gun fire, and her frenetic physicality is arguably as prone to irritate as it is to enchant.

The commitment, depth and sincerity of her singing, though, must surely be admired. This Latvian-born singer ticks all the boxes for a world-class mezzo of today — ravishing physical beauty, a bell-like purity of tone and a voice able to navigate all the cascades of bel canto.

It was a watershed.

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Opera houses in Western Europe pricked up their ears, and Elina was whisked off to the Frankfurt Opera inwhere Http:// gained wide attention in The Barber of Seville as a Rosina who can not only sing the part, but looks it. This year has been spent mainly in a victory lap of solo recitals around Europe after the release of her last album Bel Canto.

This CD put Garanca in the big league. Garanca teamed up with scholar Luca Gorla to choose these forgotten gems of the bel canto repertoire. There is a moment that encapsulates all that is charming about American mezzo Joyce DiDonato. Rather than call a lawyer to sue the Royal Opera, she finished the first act hobbling. For act two, DiDonato donned a pair of crutches.

In a world of opera divas with big voices and bigger egos, a robust, workaday attitude to the profession is rare. Now a doyenne of grand opera, DiDonato has not lost a certain small-town earthiness, which makes her the mezzo of choice for male roles such as Cherubino.

She is also a fearless vocal technician, handling the thorniest Rossini parts — the title role of La Cenerentola and Elena in La Donna del Lago — with stupendous ease. A performance that is already legendary: DiDonato sings Rosina with flawless technique despite a broken leg.

He rarely sings anything which might be deemed too heavy, focusing instead on roles which best showcase his light, vibrant and exceedingly agile voice. His is not the most obviously glamorous voice. Today, he has sung his way through a staggering opera roles, more than any other tenor in history. The remarkable thing about Domingo, however, is not a question of quantity, but of quality.

Known in opera circles as a lyric tenor of quality since his Met debut inhe became a household name as one of the Three Tenors, bursting into the living rooms of more than a billion viewers during the World Cup.

La Fille Du Regiment Dessay status as the favourite tenor of sports fans was later made official when he recorded a duet with Sarah Brightman for the Barcelona Here. His voice has La Fille Du Regiment Dessay dark, baritonal quality, yet shows no strain reaching the heights required for roles such as Calaf in Turandot.

Indeed, it is a voice that knows few limitations. In a way, his career has come full circle — his first singing roles were as a baritone in the zarzuela company run by his parents. Today, at the age of 70, Domingo shows no signs of slowing down, performing in New York one night, Milan the next. Miraculously, he does this without sacrficing any quality of performance. With Norman and Solti in their prime, Domingo brings a gorgeous, Italianate sense of line to the title role.

But, like most of the singers on this list, Kaufmann has made a career out of his versatility, garnering plaudits for his roles in Italian, French and, of course, German opera. His Florestan is a perfectly controlled mixture of agony and exaltation. His Don Jose gets the kind of acclamation rarely reserved for any tenor not called Domingo. Now based in Zurich, where he has had a contract at the opera house sinceKaufmann has moved into the darker waters of Wagner, performing the title roles of Parsifal and Lohengrin.

La figlia del reggimento - 2007, Wien

After a calling-card first solo album for Decca, his sophomore album is a more focused effort of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner. La Fille Du Regiment Dessay has taken a slightly too highbrow path to repeat the stadium success of The Three Tenors — but his talent is a match for any of theirs.

Kaufmann one-ups the charismatic Antonacci with his intense portrayal of a young corporal driven mad by sexual obsession. And while he has reciprocated that love with frequent excursions into popular and traditional repertoire, Terfel has also maintained just as forceful a presence in the sphere of opera, continue reading critical plaudits as easily as hearts.

A series of Mozart roles saw him take both England and the United States by storm, with Figaro in particular proving his passport to stardom. The ensuing decades have seen Terfel broaden his repertoire to include darker, more dramatic roles, including Scarpia, Jochanaan Salome and several Wagner roles.

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Natalie Dessay est une cantatrice française, née à Lyon le 19 avril Soprano spécialisée dans les rôles de colorature, elle est connue pour ses talents de. The home of Classical Music. All information about Natalie Dessay at a glance and a click. Videos, Photos, CDs, DVDs, BluRays, Tickets, Tourdaten, Merchandise, RSS. PROCHAIN CAFE LYRIQUE ENCHANTE Dimanche 28 Janvier à 17h. Illustre Théâtre de Pézenas, 22 Avenue de la Gare du Midi Café Lyrique Enchanté.

His interest in lighter fare has persisted, however, with concerts and recordings of Broadway hits and folk songs a prominent part of his artistic output. His rich, resonant voice is remarkably adaptable, sounding as idiomatic and persuasive when plumbing villainous depths as in a buoyant ditty.

On stage and off, Terfel combines lovability with serious talent to create that elusive charm that can only be called star quality. If the dashing Simon Keenlyside fits the bill, however, it is only incidental. In the early s Keenlyside performed as a member of the Scottish Opera La Fille Du Regiment Dessay, earning his stripes in a range of key baritone roles.

In the same period he made debuts with a number of major companies, including Covent Garden, where he remains a fixture and a major drawcard. He maintains a passion for art song, and is a dedicated and frequent recitalist. Combining the intellectualism of a first-rate Lieder click to see more with the electric presence of an operatic performer, Keenlyside represents the best of both worlds, and triumphs in each of them.

Rarely has the role of Sarastro been sung with such beauty. One look at the man, with his broad soldiers and mountainous height, tells you he was born to sing Wagner. At 45, Pape is the ideal age for the role. But his most adventurous project has been Mein Herz brennta song-cycle by a childhood friend, Torsten Rasch, based on works by the industrial rock group Rammstein the modern equivalent of Wagner, perhaps.

As a singer, he says he wants to bring more Mozart to Wagner, and more Wagner to Mozart.

It takes a lot of work for a true bass to get a solo recording contract. The very fact Pape has done this album for DG means it must be something special. The veteran British bass has some advice for young basses and reveals the secrets of Reginald Goodall and his hidden room. Once again, we asked our readers and critics to vote for La Fille Du Regiment Dessay Australian and International Artist of the Year for Here are the winners!

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The home of Classical Music. All information about Natalie Dessay at a glance and a click. Videos, Photos, CDs, DVDs, BluRays, Tickets, Tourdaten, Merchandise, RSS. Musique: Natalie Dessay la voix moderne de l'art lyrique - Musique: les chanteuses lyriques incontournables - Originaire de Lyon, Natalie Dessay (sans "h" en. Natalie Dessay est une cantatrice française, née à Lyon le 19 avril Soprano spécialisée dans les rôles de colorature, elle est connue pour ses talents de. La série continue à prendre de l'expansion allant de huit événements à onze. Gala de la soirée d'ouverture - le 22 septembre La e saison du Met a. Natalie Dessay “I love the courage and emotion in her singing. And she does crazy so well!” Emma Matthews. Natalie Dessay is an odd creature, a coloratura soprano.

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