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Jaw crusherWhether Buddhism is, or is not, a religion depends upon how the word " religion " is defined.

Lots of people have their favorite definition; some think that theirs is the only valid meaning for the term. Buddhism presents a transformational goal, a desire to improve one's situation, and a distinct moral code. Buddhism is a religion. Originally, Buddhism was not a religion, but now it has become one.

We can no longer deny that there is a 'Buddhist religion' because everywhere we look, Buddhism is displayed as a religion. Unlike the monasteries in the past which held eight-hour classes per day and provided another eight hours for self-cultivation, today's Buddhist 'temples' no longer uphold such a perseverance of the Buddha's Teachings.

Today we mainly see people offering to the Buddha statues and praying for blessings and fortune. In this way, Buddhism has been wrongly changed into a religion. Many groups recognize Buddhism continue reading a religion:. Buddhism is not what we call a "top-down religion" -- one in which a deity reveals religious and spiritual truths to humanity. It is a "bottom-up religion" created by humans as an attempt to express spiritual concepts.

However, at its core Buddhism is a non-theistic religion and, unlike other world religions, Buddhism is not a doctrine of revelation.

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The Buddha did not claim to be the bearer of a message from on high. He made it clear that what he taught he had discovered for himself through his own efforts.

It is often debated in the religious community whether or not Buddhism is categorized as a religion or as a philosophical teaching. The answer. Whether or not Buddhism is a religion revolves around the contestation of whether or not it is a philosophy instead. This presents myriad problems of logic, as even. Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion? Sam Harris expressed this view of Buddhism in his essay "Killing O'Brien, Barbara. "Buddhism: Philosophy or Religion?". Buddhism: Religion or Philosophy? Becoming confirmed at the local church was not so much something I wanted to do as much as it was for my mother. Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? About its visitors on whether Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy or to prepare and update the above essay.

He was a human who achieved the ultimate in development of his human potential. The Buddha taught that this achievement is within the reach of every human being, and he spent his life teaching a practical methodology which, if followed with purity of mind and great diligence, would enable others to reach the same objective.

Understanding Buddhism:10 Reasons Why Its Not A Religion

In other words, he taught a method rather than a doctrine. When questioned about the validity of his teachings, the Buddha did not refer to the higher authority of a deity.

He explained that his teachings were based on his own direct personal experience, and he invited all who were interested to test for themselves whether the method he taught was effective. The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay.

The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today. Go to the previous page, or go to the click the following article menu, or choose: Buddhism Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? Lack of standard definition of "religion: Some definitions required a religion to include belief in the existence of one or more deities ; this would classify most expressions of Buddhism as a non-religious since it is essentially a non-theistic religion.

Other definitions do not require religion to include belief in a deity; these would probably include Buddhism as a religion. Wikipedia once defined religion as: It involves moral codes, practices, values, traditions and rituals. More recently, Wikipedia have adopted the definition of the late Clifford Geertz, an anthropologist from Princeton: Wallacea North American anthropologist who specializes in Native American cultures, suggested a definition as: Robert Bellah, professor at the University of California, Berkley, in a legal declaration concerning the nature of transcendental meditation TMdefined religion as: Menken, 20th century editor, person of ideas, satirist, and Agnostic defined religion's " The Drepung Loseling Institute, a center for Tibetan Buddhist studies, practice and culture, fully accepts Buddhism as a religion.

The Late Ven Dr. A number of countries recognize Buddhism as their official religion: Kalmykia, a republic within the Russian Federation. Tibet Government in Exile. Sri Is Buddhism A Religion Or A Philosophy Essay recognizes Theravada Buddhism as occupying "the foremost place" among its religions.

Census offices and public opinion pollsters generally include Buddhism as one of the world's major religion. Books that describe the religions of the world generally list Buddhism as a religion along with ChristianityIslamHinduismetc. Even the Boy Scouts of Americawho systematically root out and expel AtheistsAgnostics and homosexualsaccept Buddhists as members. The Government of Canada denies registration of religious charities unless they teach the belief in one or more Gods or Goddesses. However, they allow Buddhist faith groups to register.

They also register Unitarian groups even though they do not teach the existence of a deity. For what it is worth, " Hey Monkeybrain " conducted a poll of its visitors on whether Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy or both.

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