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added some freshA large collection of strange, inspirational and unique life stories exist.

For this article I have selected ten biographies that examine check this out wide range of topics and Interesting People To Do A Biography On.

I chose individuals that provide intriguing facts and unparalleled life experiences. Some of the cases are mysterious, while others are humorous and shocking. These people were selected without any strict guidelines, and from a wide range of areas. Please feel free to contribute your own interesting life stories. Edward Mordrake was reportedly a young man that lived during the 19th century. At birth, Edward was stricken with a bizarre medical condition.

He was born with an extra face on the back of his head. The face could laugh and cry, but not eat or speak. However, no doctor would attempt it. Sadly, Edward Mordrake committed suicide at the age of It is hard to establish the true facts behind his condition because of the lack of reliable medical records. His birth was not recorded and conflicting accounts exist regarding his suicide, as well as the placement and position of his extra face.

Much of what is known about Mordrake is based on oral retelling. Craniopagus parasiticus is a medical condition in which a parasitic twin head with an undeveloped body is attached to the head of a developed twin, giving the impression of two heads. There have been ten documented cases of this phenomenon. However, at least eighty different accounts have been written about in history.

Barry Bremen was a West Bloomfield, Michigan insurance and novelty goods salesman. He is known in the sports world as The Great Imposter. He also posed as an Emmy Award accepter. This is my act. At the World Series, Bremen dressed as an umpire and walked out to home plate with the actual umpires before he was discovered. Inhe posed as a line judge referee at Super Bowl XV. At the U.

He returned for an encore at the U. Open, where he played so poorly in a practice round that a spectator asked the United States Golf Association how such a lousy golfer had made it through qualifying. He served in the Tennessee State Senate from until his murder source Born in Cookeville, Tennessee, Burks was one of the most conservative Democrats in the state legislature.

He opposed the teaching of evolution in school science classes, legal abortion, gamblingand a state lottery. On October 19,Burks was assassinated by his Republican Party opponent, Byron Looper, less than a month before his likely re-election. Looper was found guilty of shooting Burks in the face outside his Tennessee farm.

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Charlotte Burks became the first Tennessee State Senator to win as a write-in candidate and one of few American politicians to accomplish the feat. Charlotte Burks was reelected in and with no substantive opposition.

Inwhen Republicans picked up many seats in the General Assembly, Burks won re-election to a 4th four-year term by a margin of just votes over her Republican opponent, Gary Steakley. He became chief of the Gestapo, which was the political secret state police of Nazi Germany, and was involved in the planning and execution of the Holocaust. He was highly involved in the Holocaust and responsible for the extermination of the Jews in Europe.

He is the most senior member of the Nazi regime whose fate remains a mystery. However, when the Soviet Union collapsed in and their secret archives were opened, no new evidence emerged. He is best known for promoting the Bosnian Pyramids theory.

How to Write a Biography How to Write an Interesting Biography A biography is a written Examples of interesting details: Some people believed that Lewis. Biographies for Kids,Famous Leaders for Young Readers, biographies of famous people written for elementary age children, activities for Black History Month. Feb 26, · • Biography: In this piece, you will be writing about someone’s life. Remember a good biography provides personal and human touches to show what the. Explore biography resources. Writing a biographical essay? There are thousands of interesting people to learn about, from world leaders and scientists to artists.

The theory states that a collection of cluster formations near the Bosnian town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo, is the largest pyramid valley on Earth. The hill named Visocica became the focus of international attention in October following a media campaign promoting the idea that it is human-made. The meter ft Visocica hill, upon which the old town of Visoki was once stood, is shaped like a pyramid. Two other structures have been identified, the Pyramid of the Earth and the Pyramid of Love. Newspaper reports have quoted Osmanagic as saying the pyramids were constructed by ancient Illyrian inhabitants of the Continue reading from 12, BC to BC.

The scientific community has completely dismissed the Bosnian Pyramids theory. A collection of click the following article archeologists and historians have come forward to say that the so-called pyramids are nothing more than natural formations with no sign of human building.

Additionally, scientists have criticized Bosnian authorities: According to Semir Osmanagic, the Bosnian pyramid complex consists of five main structures. They are each about 1. It was also discovered that the very top of the Pyramid of the Sun emits a continuous energy beam at a frequency of 28 kilohertz ultrasonic frequency in a radius of 13 feet. Even more astonishing is that tests showed the intensity of the focused energy beam gets stronger at higher elevations above the top of the pyramid, this seemingly contradicts our physical laws which state that the energy should be stronger closer to the source.

Edwin Booth was a famous 19th century American actor who toured throughout the United States and the major capitals of Europe, performing Shakespeare. He was a celebrity during his day and some historians consider Edwin the greatest American actor, and the greatest Hamletof the 19th century. However, he is usually remembered today as the brother of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

After John Wilkes shot President Lincoln in Aprilthe infamy associated with the Booth name forced Edwin to abandon the stage for many months. Interesting People To Do A Biography On the time of the assassination he was feuding with John Wilkes and disowned his younger brother after the event, refusing to have his name spoken.

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A list of famous people, mainly from the 19th, 20th and 21st Century. Includes famous actors, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, religious people. Biographies for Kids,Famous Leaders for Young Readers, biographies of famous people written for elementary age children, activities for Black History Month. Explore biography resources. Writing a biographical essay? There are thousands of interesting people to learn about, from world leaders and scientists to artists.

The event occurred while a group of passengers were purchasing their sleeping car places on the train station platform. The platform was about the height of a car floor, and there was a narrow space between the platform and the car body. As the train moved, Robert Lincoln was pushed into the open space and Edwin grabbed him by the coat collar and pulled him to safety.

Upon turning to thank his rescuer, Robert recognized the man as Edwin Booth, whose face was well known. Ricky McCormick is a man that died in St. His body was discovered on June 30, continue reading At the time of his death, Ricky had a collection of encrypted notes in his pocket. On March 29,the FBI issued an appeal for help from the public in obtaining the meaning of the messages.

Ricky McCormick was a high school dropout who suffered from chronic heart and lung problems.

Learn the life stories of your favorite famous figures with our extensive collection of biographies. A list of famous people, mainly from the 19th, 20th and 21st Century. Includes famous actors, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, religious people. It’s always interesting to read about people that have made an impact on history. Top 10 Strange, Interesting, Our newest biography website and YouTube channel. Historical biographies written for kids. Learn the life story and biography of influencial people: US Presidents, World Leaders, Inventors, Women, Artists, Civil. Are you looking for an interesting person to write about? How to Write an Interesting Biography; Grace. "Famous People for Biography Topics." ThoughtCo.

He was unemployed, on disability welfare, and 41 years old at the time of his death. News stories in did not mention anything about the cipher messages, which were not announced until 12 years later.

According to members of his family, McCormick created encrypted notes since he was a boy. Nobody had the ability to decipher the codes and McCormick would not speak about them. The FBI has received a large response from the public and has set up an extra Internet page to handle the traffic.

Aristotle Onassis was a prominent Greek shipping magnate. During his lifetime, Onassis was involved in a wide variety of business operations, including the exportation of tobacco and whaling. On October 20,he married Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of U. It was reported that Interesting People To Do A Biography On offered Mrs. A large collection of rumors exist surrounding the life of Aristotle Onassis.

The documents propose that Aristotle Onassis, Joseph P. Kennedy, and other prominent figures were involved in various schemes to forward a vast global conspiracy, involving the Mafia and corrupt politicians, oil and drug cartels, and rogue military operations.

It posits Interesting People To Do A Biography On early inAristotle Onassis had Howard Hughes kidnapped from his Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow and Hughes suffered a massive brain injury during the event. The papers claim that Hughes was subsequently made a virtual prisoner by Onassis on Skorpios Island and was regularly injected with morphine. Meanwhile, Onassis took over the operation of his financial affairs, including airlines and U. One controversial aspect of the Gemstone File is the accusation that Aristotle Onassis was the man behind the election of John F.

However, his role was that of a patsy. Kennedy decided to run for the Presidency inthe Gemstone papers say that Aristotle Onassis had him murdered. A man named Sirhan Sirhan was allegedly hypnotized and set up to be the shooter. According see more the documents, the real shooter was Thane Cesar, a security guard at the scene.

The story of his accomplishments is impressive. The vehicle contained German communication equipment and secret German Army codes that were valuable to the Allied attack.

Days later, Leo killed four German soldiers in an ambush. During the event one of the Nazis managed to ignite a phosphorus grenade and Major lost one of his eyes. Despite strict orders, he refused to be evacuated. In the summer ofMajor single-handedly captured 93 German soldiers during the Battle of the Scheldt in southern Holland.

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In Februaryhe was involved source an accident when a military carrier he was traveling in got struck by a tank mine. Major claimed to remember a loud blast followed by his body being thrown into the air and smashed down on his back. He broke his back in three places, shattered both ankles, and four ribs. A week later Major left the hospital and soon joined up with his old command.

InLeo Major played a large role in the liberation of the city of Zwolle, Netherlands from Nazi control. Leo Major died inbut he is still remembered as a hero by Canadians, Dutch, and pretty much anybody who can appreciate a war hero. The people of Zwolle continue to teach the story of Leo Major in their public school curriculum.