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youThanks to all the guys who have passed down the Gouge CDs, and especially to those who originally wrote most of the Gouge: I like to do the brief in source order.

Each instructor will have a preference on how you should organize your brief. Remember any time you do the 6T's, talk about it.

I found it hidden on a dutch civilian training website in early Just follow the user agreement on installation. Got any questions about HSL? Bring some change for the Junk food. Look over all the pubs a little, also. You'll know click the following article pubs much better later, but for now make sure and get enough sleep- after all, it's your last flight at the HT-'s!

That's me at the controls on my last HT flight. See the top of Ht Make Business Plan page for San Diegoand. Air Force Student Pilots. Knowledge of these documents is considered paramount to flight safety. Any unauthorized use of the information on this page in an actual flight without reference to the official publication is strictly prohibited. Viewing web pages listed above constitutes acceptance of all Ht Make Business Plan for flight safety by you, the user.

The author of this page assumes no responsibility for the completeness of these documents or their use in Aviation training. If you find discrepencies in the information here, please contact me. This is NOT an official Navy web site. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Use at your own risk.

Thanks for all the requests to help offset the cost of running the website. As per your suggestions, here is a Donation button for use with Paypal for your convenience. Good practice on map study is to do the following in order Get all the charts for all the routes at one time from Pubs, preferably at night when nobody is around.

Copy checkpoints from pre-existing charts on the wall, don't forget CHUMs on the corkboard. You can do this with a pencil or the small arrow stickies you may have used for RI's in Primary.

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Take it all home or go to the ready room on a weekend and lay them out on a table. You will need the following materials: Black and red sharpie or other permamnent marker. Yellow and other various chisel tip highlighters. A half-dollar coin or drafting circle stencil.

The Ht Make Business Plan the Patriots' 34-28

The ones in pubs are bent and jagged Good, clean ruler, preferably see-through. I used blue, orange, yellow and red to write over stuff highlighters couldn't.

Mark up the chart. Highlight obstacles in red with black triangles black zig-zags over powerlines.

Highlight funnels, barriers and limiting features yellow. Mark map changeover points in blue labeled "MCP" Mark other items in orange. Bingo Fuel point should be easy to see, preferably with details in a box off the route. Don't write over anything you think you might need. Fold the chart as you would want to have it in the flight. Read article small enough to fit your kneeboard is best.

I like to do this after I make the charts because the checkpoint have been validated, and I don't have to depend on someone else's guesses of how to use the software.

Copy the route card information onto the charts using Doghouses. At least see more a template. You can make one from a 3x5" index card. Just create a textbox using Microsoft Word that will fit the labels you have obviously get clear ones.

Make sure the doghouses don't go over the folds, and make sure to get one doghouse visible on each leg of each fold. Intro to who will be flying and who is navigating, and how the brief is organized: Don't give headings, talk Ht Make Business Plan yellow and red marks only. It should also include. Return portion from the last checkpoint.