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someone elseSoumya Singh Author Cyber Security 1. It is a program that is meant for malicious purposes. Trojan horse is a type of malware which once installed in your PC can access everything. Let me give you an example suppose you have got an email from your friend telling you to download an application which seems very useful and you install it.

Once you have installed that application the person who send it to you will have full access to your computer using his Trojan Horse.

How to write a Trojan Virus using MSFPayload and MSFEncode

He is able to view anything on your PC, open any file ,besides he also has the access to your webcam which I believe is scary! That was some basic introduction on Trojan Horse.

There are other Trojan horse also like the famous ones are beast, cyber gate, girlfriend etc. After successful installation you will be able to see the icon on your desktop as you see here in the screenshot.

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After clicking on full editor you will get all the options listed in a user friendly manner. But one thing you have to take care is in this we are making reverse connection.

How To Write Trojan Horse say

This thing is known as Port forwarding. On the right side there will be an option called network settings. Here I have created a Trojan Horse called Facebook hacker ,You can try if your icon works properly or not in a parallel operating system through VMware Virtualization. Now you can wreak havoc on their PC. If you like the guide then do share it among your friends and in case you have any doubts or suggestion then you can comment us below.

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Are you curious to know about how to make a trojan horse on your own? This post will show you how to create a simple trojan horse using the C programming language. HOW HACKERS WRITE A TROJAN HORSE. Hackers have written Trojan horses in practically every programming language, including MS-DOS batch files and BASIC. Mar 25, · This video will discuss the principal of "Script Wrapping" using the example of a simple VBscript / WMI based Trojan Horse Virus. This is presented for. I am going to tell you a very simple exmaple on how to write to write a Torjan Horse. Its is very basic one and is not malicious but you may end up losing unsaved data. How to create trojan horse virus dear, trojan horse virus is dengarous virus. so We make a trojan horse virus. Open notepad and write there: dir pause.

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