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used work theAs a copywriter, you may not often get the chance to write radio ads.

Usually, the client or the radio production house will write the script. Can you write radio ad copy? It seems simple enough. Keep in mind that there are different ways to write a radio ad.

Click here to listen to a sample radio ad. I wrote this for an advertiser selling computers to those with bad credit.

Write for 60 seconds. Radio ads are generally 30 just click for source 60 seconds.

The sample radio ad breaks down roughly like this: Just the offer and call to action would fill up a second spot. Use a simple announcer format. Yes, you hear all sorts of funny, entertaining radio ads.

Remember, people are How To Write Radio Ads, driving, cleaning the house, and doing all sorts of things in less than ideal listening conditions. The most successful ads tend to be simple. Most of the ads I write are nothing more than an announcer talking directly to listeners. This has the added advantage of being more personal and less expensive than spots filled with funny actors and dramatic sound effects.

Identify and solve a problem. The solution is getting a new computer for a low price and without a How To Write Radio Ads check.

Not all radio ads are problem-solution. But problem-solution works well because it directly addresses the needs of your audience. Make a dramatic promise. This strengthens your solution and makes it more appealing. Listen again to the sample radio ad:. A brand new computer for less than six dollars a day? Now you can have a brand new computer for less than six dollars a day!

While the benefits of a product or service may seem obvious, you should mention them anyway. This is true for all advertising, but especially true of radio advertising where your audience is preoccupied and needs a mental nudge.

A computer lets you connect to the internet, stay in touch with friends, share photos, listen to music, watch movies, search for jobs, finish your degree, work from home, help your kids in school, and more. Just as a promise strengthens your solution, a guarantee strengthens your promise. The more here your guarantee, the better.

In this case, you just have to call and you are guaranteed to qualify for a computer for less than six dollars a day without the hassle of a credit check:.

Coke Summer Sound Radio Ad

Build the offer and emphasize a time limit. This creates more excitement and urgency. As we continue with our sample radio ad, the announcer says:. Present a clear call to action. There can be no subtlety about this. If you want a call, ask for it. If you want people to go to a store, tell them.

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If you want web visits, say it directly. Call today to get your brand new computer. Try a vanity phone number or web address. However, while a vanity website URL is always good, a vanity phone number may hurt response.

Radio advertising is a powerful way of reaching consumers in your local What to Say for a Second Radio Advertising Spot How to Write an Ad for an. Radio ads are still a powerful and effective tool to grow your business and revenues. Make the best one possible by following our five tips. So let’s talk about radio ads and how to write a basic radio script. We’ll listen to one of my own completed radio ads as an example. Keep in mind that there are different ways to write a radio ad. I’m presenting just one basic way with a high probability of success. 11 tips for writing a radio ad script. Click here to listen to a sample radio ad. Radio is a powerful medium for direct marketing if you know the secrets. Read this step-by-step guide for writing radio ads that work. Experts say radio advertising delivers the biggest return on investment of all. Find out how to write a radio ad that will drive customers to your business.

I discussed this with a client recently who has tested vanity phone numbers against ordinary toll-free numbers and says ordinary numbers work better. It could be that vanity numbers are easy to remember, but hard to dial. You call and place an order. But in many perhaps most radio ads, the goal is to offer something free to generate sales leads or to offer a free or risk-free trial. From a selling standpoint, humor is hit-or-miss.

And you always run the risk of upstaging the selling message. The tips that you give seem to have great carry-over into several different direct response systems. How to write a radio ad that generates calls or traffic October 28, by Dean Rieck Filed under: Dean Rieck on Oct How To Write Radio Ads, 2: Sharpen your writing skills with the stopwatch challenge on Nov 22nd, 6: Your 10 favorite ProCopyTips posts for on Dec 27th, 2: Martin Williams on Feb 1st, 6: Copywriter Info Center Discover what a copywriter doesjobs availablewriting coursesand more!