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machines eliminate the needYou picture yourself as a successful blogger, and you believe that blogging is everything you need.

But as soon as you start writing your first blog post, your feelings change. You can skip directly to that section here. Struggling to find interesting blog post ideas? Use these first blog post examples for inspiration. If this list is not enough for you, then check out more blog post ideas from Sumo. The most How To Write More Blog Posts rule for your first blog post is to help your target audience.

In a quiet place, think about what you already know and what topics provoke passion in you, as well as what your colleagues and friends frequently ask you about. Your best idea might be read more help other, more successful bloggers, or even experts.

Now, people tend to get rid of sidebars in order to make their readers focus on one thing. Just conduct a Google search of the questions and keywords that pop up in your mind, and watch who appears in the search results. Move on to the next stage and continue your list of ideas for future blog posts.

Pay attention to the Top Pages section. In Ahrefs, you should be able to do up to 5 free analyses of your competitors each day. Make it a habit to find 5 new competitors each day and save the results in a spreadsheet.

You can cancel your subscription later, when the trial period is over. Act based on what the other person needs, not on what you need.

Want to write the perfect first blog post? Click to read and you’ll get 16,word guide, 57 best ideas and insanely practical tips from 64 bloggers. Blogging is a battle. A war to get your ideas the attention they deserve. Your enemy? The dizzying array of online distractions that devour your readers. This battle. Do you believe, Longer content means more SEO traffic and good rank in Search engine or it’s just another myth? I often write longer blog post but always try to. Writing a blog can be fun, but if you don't know the dos and don't of how to write a blog, you'll never attract a bigger audience. Here are 12 essential tips. May 18,  · If you are creating word me-too blog posts that get read by no one, you are completely and absolutely wasting your time. It's not your fault.

Make sure to use your abilities, skills, and an element of surprise while you do so. I just did what I do best and what I like doing.

I just love analytics. When a person sees your sincerity, you will always be thanked for what you do. You are going to need friends, especially while your blog is taking its first steps.

These are the people who will help and support you later down the road, when you write them a personal email and ask them to evaluate your blog posts. Vote for them in communities and share their work on social media. So I started my search for online friends source. Then I started to devote 15 minutes a day to subscribing to those whose interests matched with mine.

Crowdfire and ManageFlitter will help you with this. If Facebook is your favorite social media platform, then you should definitely join the communities. Here you can download the list of the most popular groups. Make How To Write More Blog Posts that you read this post!

Preparatory analytical work is compulsory, both for the success of your first blog post and for the blog as a whole. According to the latest research by Tim Soulo Ahrefsbacklinks have the greatest influence on the ranking of your page.

You can easily use them if you really have something to say on the subject. This figure shows the number of Google AdWords advertisements in the search results, as well as their complexity.

If you just recently launched your blog, you need to get as many quality backlinks from other sites and blogs as possible. The number of internal links is also used to calculate PA. Your goal is to use words and phrases that are relevant to the topic of your keyword in the content of your blog. Choose words and phrases that users will be searching for. Will Blunt put together a nice selection of tools for keyword research. Definitely search for relevant phrases on Quora and Reddit.

Input the primary keyword in the search field and study the words other people use in the questions and answers. But the best way is to simply analyze those who hold the first positions for a specific keyword. You can always use phrases that Google considers relevant. When I was just starting out, I spent How To Write More Blog Posts time creating the outline than I did writing the post itself. You might have heard that when you start writing a draft, you should get rid of all the sources that might divert your attention.

I love keeping track of my time in order to increase my productivity. It helps me see what projects I spend most of my time on. To track my time, I use Toggl timer. When I was just starting out, I made check this out following mistakes which I urge you to avoid:. Now you need to start editing and formatting. The title of your post should include the primary keyword, preferably at the beginning.

How To Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content Creation

Your headline H1 tag might be the same as your title tag. However, you can change it and add more words. Jon Morrow gives some genius advice in his Headline Hacks: Make sure to include a CTA to make users want to click. Optimize the images by reducing their size to speed up the loading of your page. The URL of your blog post must only include the primary keyword.

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It can also be a relevant See more or a synonym. I decided to add this section so that you can make How To Write More Blog Posts everything is ready before you release it. Remember that writing your blog post is only one half of the process. There are many hidden obstacles waiting for you on your journey toward becoming a blogger, and I would like to protect you from them.

If you missed out on one of the points, please fill in that space:. In my opinion, those listed go here are the best! The last and most important thing: Start list building from the first day! Create some additional material for your blog post.

The gist of it is to answer the questions your readers might ask. If you run into difficulties deciding what content upgrade to create, use the ideas in these articles:. For my first blog post, I used three types of content upgrades. When you address people who are interested in your topic, the results will come quickly. Nevertheless, he makes millions of dollars a year selling his online course. In the sphere of online marketing, those are some amazing results. Input the keywords from your list of prepared phrases.

As soon as you find them, send an email asking to create a link to your post on a particular page or phrase. As you strengthen your bond, your friends will be creating external links to you, inviting you to participate in roundup posts, and asking you for interviews. The power of relationships is invaluable! I love Twitter very much. I began my promotion on Twitter, and Twitter is where I first started making new friends.

The same goes for Instagram. Find some interest groups by using the search in those systems. The best way would be to check out those who the influencers are subscribing to. If your blog is devoted to blogging, the following Facebook groups will come in handy. You can download them here.

I recently discovered Pinterest after one turn-up. My infographic went viral, and I started receiving thousands of visitors on one of my niche blogs. I recommend that you read the following articles:. Your goal is to find the places that your target audience loves the most. The places where they spend the most time communicating and helping one another.

Always make a note of engagement in these communities. Use SimilarWeb for more information on the sites where they get the most of their traffic. At one point, when strangers would reach out to me, I experienced a great deal of anxiety. First, just try to make friends. Express gratitude for work or an amazing article, and do something for another person. Secondyour message has to contain a specific request that will have maximum results.

Nowadays, Buzzsumo is the most popular tool for this. For your first blog post, find at least 50 of these people using the commenters search and Twitter.

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Article writing tips proven to work and easy to implement. How to write an article in 20 minutes. May 18,  · If you are creating word me-too blog posts that get read by no one, you are completely and absolutely wasting your time. It's not your fault. Blogging is a battle. A war to get your ideas the attention they deserve. Your enemy? The dizzying array of online distractions that devour your readers. This battle.

Find new friends for every post, especially among your fellow bloggers. Maintain and develop your relationships with them. Every time you publish a new post, ask your old and new friends to support you.