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wasSending a thank you -- if done reasonably well -- will definitely not hurt your chances at a job.

Best case, it will improve the impression you left after the interview, making you stand out from your competitors.

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Eighty-six percent of employers view candidates who do not send thank you notes are clearly not good at "follow through" -- which is a big negative. Collect names and addresses -- You need the correct spelling of each interviewer's name as well as their email and postal addresses. If possible, exchange business cards with each person who interviews you. If you can't collect the business cards, confirm name with the correct spelling and contact information with the recruiter or HR staff or someone else on the staff continue reading you leave.

Regardless of how the interview happened -- in person, over the telephone, at lunch, or via an online video -- a prompt thank you note, to each participant, is appropriate. When you get home from your job interview, hang up the phone, or disconnect from Skype, look at your job interview notesdig in, and write your thank you immediately. In most -- but not all -- circumstances, email is acceptable. More How To Write Interview Thank You Notes that below.

Of course, a lot of job seekers think that writing a thank you letter is a waste of time, and hopefully the job seekers you compete with have that attitude -- because it is wrong.

So, you can be pretty sure that sending a thank you note won't hurt your chances at the job.

In the end, you have much more to gain than to lose by writing the thank you notes. However, more traditional people often prefer a hand-written or, even, a word processed thank you.

Your choice of method depends on the click you are seeking, what you feel most comfortable doing, and what you think the people there will prefer. If you use email, do NOT send one email message to everyone you interviewed with. Make each message unique, based on your notes, and send each to only one individual.

Yes, you need to write different letters that reflect the different discussions and points made or not made. Remember, you never know who really holds the influence on the hiring process! Thank everyone who interviewed you. You could do yourself damage if you choose the wrong person, so don't take that risk.

Be very careful, because this can backfire badly if you send it to the wrong person or the wrong organization. If you opt for something clever, make sure that it is suitable and relevant, not just a neat idea.

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A thank-you letter can help you seal the deal after an interview. This sample shows how you can craft thank-you notes to boost your candidacy. Interview thank you note samples: Dozens of examples of exactly what to write after your job interview. After the Interview: Sample Thank You Letters. your note will demonstrate to the employer how well you can write and convey More sample thank-you notes can be. Apr 19, · The thank you note you write (or don't write) after a job interview can mean the difference between landing a job or not.

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Thank you notes, including how to write a thank you note, thank you note samples, and advice on saying thank you after a job interview. How to Write an Interview Thank You Note. Sending a note of thanks to a potential employer is a professional courtesy that can make you stand out from your. Here's how to write an interview thank you letter, who to thank, what to include, when to send it, plus more tips and advice, and thank you letter samples. Laura Decarlo details when, why, and how to write thank you notes after job interviews. Jun 07, · When you first get home after a job interview, don’t begin your thank-you note right away. Tell somebody about the interview, instead! Share as many.

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