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annuity calculator determine annuitiesI loved it from the first time I fired it. Carrying it, though, is another matter.

I carried the Compact. My wife has a. I needed one of my own.

I was a man on the verge of buying a Ruger LCP. But the thought of a 9mm carry gun in a. Browsing through my favorite gun shop, I caught sight of the Diamondback DB9 resting comfortably in the display case.

My eyes and her rear sights met and I found. They were a huge improvement over the rudimentary sights on my.

Still, the fit and finish is fine. The DB9 forgoes an external safety in favor of a revolver-like long, heavy trigger pull. I have large hands; I can only get my middle and ring finger around the grip. I plan to buy an extended magazine giving me room for another digit and an extra How To Write Five Hundreths in the bargain. And the rear sights are adjustable for windage.

As with any small carry pistol like the DB9, shooting the gun involves one major consideration: Whether or not that interferes with accuracy or practice time is often a matter of experience, hand-size and pain tolerance. But make no mistake, this is a tiny firearm. I fired rounds through the gun — twice. Or they may not. Potential buyers should determine if they have the hand strength needed to reliably rack the slide.

Fiocci JHPs were too long to allow the breach to close fully; the bullet wedged tight into the chamber sticking up the slide. Independence FMJs worked flawlessly for rounds. Federal grain JHP cycled just fine, too. Dropping a round into the chamber end of the barrel revealed that the problem ammo was sticking out a How To Write Five Hundreths deal further than Write Me Geometry Proposal ammo the DB9 fed well.

Test-firing the gun, I shot from a Weaver stance, then one-handed from both strong and weak sides. I limp-wristed a left-hand shot and was rewarded with a stoppage. Meaty-handed people will want to mind how they grip the weapon. Of course, slide burn would be the least of my worries if this gun is ever needed in an actual self-defense situation.

I was able to turn in respectable groups firing one-handed from both my left and right sides. The gun is jumpy enough that I needed to readjust my grip within a six-shot string, often after getting a bite from the slide. I also noticed that the tip of my finger would get a little snap; probably the meat of my finger getting a mild pinch between the end of the trigger and the trigger guard.

Like all the tiny 9s in its class, the DB9 is a close-range gun. God forbid I ever need to. Field-stripping the DB9 can be something of an adventure in frustration. The takedown detent is small and well-recessed. You drop the mag and clear the weapon, pull the trigger and move the slide back about half an inch up. Wash, rinse, repeat—and not in a good way. Cleaning the DB9 is a breeze.

I only dropped the slide over the side of my table shooting the springy parts to the end of the range once. Thanks to the nice range officer at Sovereign Arms for his help. Once I identified the ammo the Diamondback DB9 likes to cycle, the gun functioned beautifully.

After 50 rounds, the rear pin worked its way out on the right side of the gun. I was able to push it back in place, but it walked its way out again after more range time.

For a shooter employing fair fundamentals, the DB9 can find center of mass all day long at seven yards. Once I identified the ammo it liked, it worked just fine. I tried the Kahr Arms piece in the showroom.

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Nice firearm, and I am sure I would have been happy with it, but it was almost another bucks. I am a Scot, after all.

Same sort of issue with the Walther. But you said it was trustworthy. If you had to defend your life with it and it failed you, would you still be concerned about that bucks?

I put it in my back pocket with a pocket holster and it looks like a wallet. Neither are what I consider long range handguns but the DB9 fits in my back pocket perfectly without a holster. I pitty the fool who demands my wallet. Yes, the LC9S with striker firing is as smooth as butter for a small 9 trigger. Most subcompact 9s are a hassle to break in, and none of them are much fun to shoot The DB9 will at How To Write Five Hundreths leave some room in your wallet for plenty of break-in ammo and range time.

Unlike some other tiny How To Write Five Hundreths cough Kimber cough. Not that this is news. Now it shoots anything. Those dimensions place them all FAR outside the realm of what I consider a pocket gun. Seems to digest about any ammo, which the price allows you to choose your load. Oh, slide locks back too. Not much fun to break down though. The P11 is still too big though. The P11 and anything larger. The P11 and other such guns start around 4. Hi HSR47 Just some information for whatever it may be worth.

I have carried a Springfield XD I carry it this web page my front pocket.

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I live in Texas and most of the year my causal attire consists of a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. The untucked shirt tail covers the pocket opening. It is very obvious that the pocket is full but it is not obviously a gun. Not one time in nine years has anyone questioned what I was carrying or shown any concern. When it is appropriate to do so my wife carries a Kahr K40 Elite in a Don Hume Front Pocket Holster and has done so for the past nine years without incident of any kind.

The Kahr is quiet a bit flatter but still fills the pocket. How To Write Five Hundreths to let you know it is possible to carry a. I am sure we are not the only people to do so. Don Hume has been selling his form fitted Kahr pocket holsters for at least nine years that I know of.

The DB9 makes for a good concealable 9 choice, a way better choice than a. The DB9 is making rounds in my brain…. My P11 is an ugly but reliable piece, though, so I would keep it as well. Why did you edit the picture of the round in the barrel? I find this highly deceptive as you only pasted the upper half showing the 2 different rounds onto the same image of the barrel.

Why did you not use 2 real images to display the ammo not seating all the way in the How To Write Five Hundreths. Did you make this up or is it a real issue because your image is a fake. I never said it was. I said the 2 images are not 2 different images.

The barrel is repeated twice and the round is pasted in.

I am in no way associated with this site or the author of this article. I am however a professional graphic designer who is frequently required to photograph products. The similarity in to two pictures can easily be explained. If the barrel is in a set position i. I see that Mr.

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I understand why he would choose to not respond. It is not in his best interest to get into a pissing match with some dude that has his sights set on discrediting a very informative article. But ask yourself this question… What would Mr. McNabb stand to gain from trying to deceive us with the photograph anyway?

He is simply pointing out that especially with a finicky gun, you need to test out the ammo that you are going to be defending your life with.