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keep marchingAll of these interesting and challenging embedded system applications could be accomplished by integrating the Ethernet protocol which is formed the basic of the communication protocol used in the internet into the embedded system.

Currently there are several approaches for this solution but basically they could be divided into two categories wired e. The other reason is because the Wiznet chip has been around for a few years in the market and has already being matured.

This chip is used in many commercial applications such as the Arduino framework on their standard Arduino Ethernet shield as shown on this following picture.

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Ok, now lets list down the necessary electronics components and supported software for this tutorial and make sure you have the AVR ATMega microcontroller datasheet near you:. The Wiznet W chip come with three method of controlling its internal registers; this first two is to use the parallel direct or indirect bus, the last one is to use a well known embedded serial data transfer known as the SPI serial peripheral interfaceon this tutorial we are going to use the SPI to control the Wiznet W chip.

The SPI protocol need at least four signal i.

Use the serial terminal such as Hyperterminal, puTTY or Tera Term and configure it to accept the serial connection with baud rate, 8-bit data with No Parity Check. All the Wiznet W registers address has bits wide and the register it self is 8-bits wide; because we use 8-bit AVR ATMega microcontroller SPI, therefore in order to perform write or read operation we need to pass the first 8-bit MSB most significant byte and follow by the 8-bit LSB least significant byte of the W register address.

The Wiznet W support up to four simultaneous channels or sockets, each of the channels has its own registers address to control the operation. All of these channels is supported by 8 KB memory of the transmit buffer and learn more here KB memory of the receive buffer. The following is the summary of how we initialized the W register.

For the complete information about the W registers please refer to the Wiznet W datasheet consider it as your best friend in this tutorial:. With this understanding now we are ready to continue this tutorial and make our first simple embedded web server.

All you need is to use any standard browser that comes with your personal computer operating system or gadget to How To Write Avr X to your embedded system.

To configure and control the Wiznet W as the HTTP server basically we need to write and read to and from the Wiznet W Socket Control Register and the TX and RX buffer memory; for the purpose of this tutorial easier to understand I only implement one channel socket 0 of the four available channels socket 0, 1, 2 and 3 supported by the W chip. But once you understand the basic principal of how the W work on this tutorial it would be easy to implement the remaining channels.

The Wiznet W socket 0 control registers start at address 0x to 0x04FF, the following is the list of W socket 0 control registers with the 2 KB of TX and RX memory buffer used to make the HTTP server in this tutorial again please refer to the W datasheet for detail information.

Now fasten your seat belt as we are going through the code algorithm behind this W HTTP server program! The following diagram show of how we could achieve this objective:. From the diagram above after we initialized the W i.

The listening routine is implemented in the listen function. Now the Wiznet W is ready to receive the request from client browser. If the received data exist in the RX buffer memory then we continue to read the RX memory buffer content which is implemented in recv function. The reading Site Essay Us Best Writer Best is accomplished by first calculating the received data physical address location at the 2 KB or 0x in hex notations RX memory buffer boundary and then start to read the data from this location.

The following picture show of how we determine the physical address of the received data. Next we use this address result to retrieve the data from RX memory buffer as shown on this following C code:. After copying all the HTML response to the application buffer data bufnow we are ready to send the response to the client. This function is implemented in the send function. After examining this register we are ready to send data in the application buffer and use the same principal as receiving data to determine the actual TX buffer physical address as shown on this following diagram:.

Next we use this address result to put the data to TX memory buffer as shown on this following C code:. To comply with the HTTP protocol requirement, after sending the HTML response to the client we need to disconnect and close the connection with the client. Next the infinite loop routine in main program will start opening and listening to the new client request and the whole process is repeated again. Using the tenms counter variable, we reduce down to How To Write Avr X ms to make the LED display appear nicely in our eyes and at the same time we do the ADC conversion from the National Semiconductor LM35DZ precision centigrade temperature sensor.

The whole C code in this project is designed How To Write Avr X be just a single file i. Now you could enjoy the embedded web server project video on this tutorial.

In this video I used both acer aspire notebook and BlackBerry Javelin smart phone to access the embedded web server which is connected to the Linksys Wireless-G 2. Actually the W socket driver for the Atmel AVR microcontroller families has been provided by the Wiznet version 1.

This driver version 1. Brilliant Article, worked down the the T and can easily be broken into functional. Yes this is an original and only could be found here. Most of the ethernet C code out there use the wiznet driver or modified version of it e. Arduino Ethernet Shield Library. I would be glad if you want to referencing this article in your blog. Thanks for posting this. I have discovered something that may be a bug.

After some investigation I have discovered the following:. User sets one of the radio buttons in the browser then clicks submit. Occasionally this code is executed before the entire page has been received so neither string is found. The result is that the LED state is not updated and the old state gets reported back to the browser.

As this is intended as a sort of tutorial perhaps changing the code is not really warranted. But I encountered another problem. I have two ds18x20 sensor that works perfectly, but my program still appears Temp [2], but I should have it written out Temp [1], temp [2] on the Web server. What is wrong in my code? But UDP has the advantage that How To Write Avr X allows mutlicast. Visit web page can receive data from multiple client, but the problem is that UDP How To Write Avr X not check whether the information was successfully submitted.

As TCP checks, but does not allow multicast. On the PC would only transmit the data measurements for the file in mysql database and then review the data. For example when I used microcontroller and WIZJ to control the turnstile gate connected and verified by database on the PC server I will use TCP because I need to open the turnstile gate when the barcode ticket is verified reliability.

I followed the code as above and when I try to ping my board it get replies only half the time. My connection doesnt seem to be reliable.

What should I be looking at? What did you mean by half the time? Try to use direct connection cross cable between your board and computer, make sure you use a good quality How To Write Avr X UTP connectors and cable. I get response for only 2 pings out of 4! I am not sure if its the cable problem or some sort of loose connection. I was using a cross over cable and connecting it directly to my PC. I guess my PC dint like that.

I am now connecting the wiznet board to a wireless router and talking to the router wirelessly from my PC. This set up works fine for me now. Thank you for the exceptionally well written and documented guide!

Experience state-of-the-art surround sound with the AVR-XW channel Dolby Atmos AV receiver, which delivers breathtaking immersive surround. Setting up AVR-GCC Toolchain on Linux and Mac OS X. Windows users have been enjoying various awesome tools to help with their AVR . Official Atmel AVR development tools and evaluation kits contain a number of starter kits and debugging tools with support for most AVR devices. 1 Installing. Installing PonyProg depend on the system you have. With Windows95/98/ME or NT//XP just run the and follow the instructions. lwIP TCP Example: How to write a TCP echo server (telnet) UltimaSerial. Windaq Add-ons. UltimaWaterfall XChart. FFT

I really appreciate the continue reading demonstrations, and the diagrams. Can I pay you for a license? Thanks a million, going to port over for w using wizio and a atm Thanks a lot for excellent project, saved me a lots of time.

I found an issue though, most of the time I got server connection reset from Firefox and always empty page from Chrome I use Atmegap at 4MHz. I found that after commenting some lines in your code it works well under both FF and Chrome:. Not sure why you added extra ones but it seems to cause web server resetting connection, at least in my environment. Perhaps it is in header code of some function? Nice project and it works perfectly. Question, can this be modified to include a client that can push data to a server?

You need to use the W client connect mode instead of server listen mode presented in this project. Are there any code samples that demonstrate the use of the connect mode? Is there reference material on the web that explains this? I wanted to introduce Ethernet to my ATmega system. This article has been of link help, but I encountered quite some problems.

But still then, the operation was not smooth. Sometimes the whole thing hung. It has cost me some time, but in the end I click the interrupts for the duration of the SPIwrite and SPIread functions and How To Write Avr X solved it. The operation is now solid. The next step for me is to connect a SD-card to the SPI interface and turn this into a small fileserver. However, 2GB maybe small today but it wasn't 5 years ago.

Thanks for this excellent tutorial. I have a doubt. You could read the wiznet application note for DHCP implementation from their website http: This project foresee a local in house only connection from client to web-server; can I to connect my IPhone client i. And, if yes, how to make it?

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Basicly, first you need the public IP address, i. Next you need to configure your router to route this IP address to your local IP address used by your devices such as your microcontroller small webserver.