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fanggaofeng The swingIMAGE World map coloured according to percentage of English speakers by country from Wikipedia Today, English is the second or third most popular mother tongue in the world, with an estimated million native speakers.

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It should be noted here that statistics on the numbers around the world who speak English are unreliable at best. What level of competency counts?

Does a thick creole English-based, but completely incomprehensible to a native English speaker count? Just to add to the confusion, there are at least 40 million people in the nominally English-speaking United States who do NOT speak English. In addition, the figures, of necessity, combine statistics from different sources, different dates, etc.

You may well see large variations on any statistics quoted here. But best recent estimates of first languages suggest that Mandarin Chinese has around click native speakers, while English and Spanish both have about million each.

Following on, Hindi speakers number million around million, or possibly much more, when combined with UrduBengali million, Arabic million, Portuguese million, Russian million and Japanese roughly million.

In fact, among English speakers, non-native speakers may now outnumber native speakers by as much as three to one.

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In terms of total population, in a source approaching 7 billion, the top three countries by population are China 1.

Even Nigeria may have more English speakers than Britain according to some estimates. These are largely ex-colonial countries which have thoroughly integrated English How To Write Anglo Saxon Boasts its chief institutions. The next most popular official language is French which applies in some 31 countriesfollowed by Spanish 25Arabic 25Portuguese 13 and Russian Although falling short of official status, English is also an important language in at least please click for source other countries, inluding several former British colonies and protectorates, such as Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

It is the most commonly used unofficial language in Israel and an increasing number of other countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany. English is the most widely taught foreign language in schools across the globe, with over countries - from China to Russia to Israel, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, etc, etc - teaching it to at least a working level. Over 1 billion people throughout the world are currently learning English, and there are estimated to be more students of English in China alone than there are inhabitants of the USA.

A report by the British Council suggests that the number of people learning English is likely to continue to increase over the next years, peaking at around 2 billion, after which a decline is predicted. IMAGE Top ten languages in the Internet from Internet World Stats Any number of other statistics may be quoted, none of them definitive, but all shining some light on the situation. However, absolute numbers aside, it is incontrovertible that English has become the lingua franca of the world in the fields of business, science, aviation, computing, education, politics and entertainment and arguably many others.

Up to half of all business deals throughout the world are conducted in English. Many international joint business ventures use English as their working language, even if none of the members are officially English-speaking. Switzerland has three official languages German, French and Italian and also, in some limited circumstances, Romanshbut it routinely markets itself in English in source to avoid arguments between different areas.

Wherever one travels in the word one see sees English signs and advertisements. Anglicisms such as stopsporttennisgolfweekendjeansbarairporthoteletc, are among the most universally used in the world.

But a more amusing exercise is to piece together the English derivations of foreign words where phonetic spelling are used.

German has invented, by analogy, anglicisms that do not even exist in English, such as Pullunder from pulloverTwens from teensDressman a word for a male model and handy a word for a cellphone. Norway and Brazil have recently adopted similar measure to keep English out, and this kind of lexical invasion in the form of loanwords is seen by some as the thin end of the wedge, to be strenuously avoided in the interests of national pride and cultural independence.

IMAGE English words derived from different sources from Wikipedia After centuries of acquisition, borrowing and adaptation, English has ended up How To Write Anglo Saxon Boasts a vocabulary second to none in its richness and breadth, allowing for the most diverse and subtle shadings of meaning. No other language has so many words to say the same thing consider the multiplicity of synonyms for big which are in daily use, for example.

It is often considered to have the largest vocabulary of any language, although How To Write Anglo Saxon Boasts comparisons are notoriously difficult as an example, it is impossible to compare with Chinese, because of fundamental differences in language structure. Just how many words there currently are in the English language is open to conjecture. The Global Language Monitor a Texas-based company that analyzes and tracks worldwide language trends claims that the English language now boasts over a million words, but in reality it is almost impossible here count the number of words in a language, not least because it is so hard to decide what actually counts as a word.

For instance, how are we to treat abbreviations, hypenated words, compound words, compound words with spaces, etc?

This includes some scientific terms, dialect words and slang, but does not include more specialized scientific and technical terms, nor the large number of more recent neologisms coined each passing year. Some studies suggest that just 43 words account for fully half of the words in common use, and just 9 andbehaveitofthetowillyou account for a quarter of the words in any random sample of spoken English.

The English lexicon includes words borrowed from an estimated different languages. Attempts have been made to put in context the various influences and sources of modern English vocabulary, although this is necessarily an inexact science. None of the studies is considered definitive. Nevaleinen "An Introduction to Early Modern English" As we have seen, English has throughout its history accumulated words from different sources which act as synonyms or near synonyms to native or traditional words, a process which started with the early invasions by Vikings and Normans, and continued with the embracing of the classical languages during the Renaissance and the adoption of foreign words though trading and colonial connections.

Many of these developed different social connotations over time. For example, introduced Norman French words tended to be, and often still tend to be, considered classier and more refined than existing Anglo-Saxon words e.

The sheer number of English synonyms can make for a rather unwieldy and untidy language at times, though, and its embarrassment of riches can sometime seem a little gratuitous and unnecessary. This is particularly evident in the large number of redundant phrases composed of two or more synonyms which are in everyday use, e.

Also, despite the sheer volume of words in the language, there are still some curious gaps, which have arisen through quirks in its development over the centuries, such as the unused positive forms of common negative words like ineptineffabledishevelleddisgruntledincorrigibleruthlessdisastrousincessant and unkemptmost of which used to exist but have died out for unknown reasons.

As in any language, meanings have shifted over time, sometimes many times, but in some cases the same word can has even ended up with two contradictory meanings contronymsexamples being sanction which has conflicting meanings of permission to do something, or prevention from doing somethingcleave this web page cut in half, or to stick togethersanguine hot-headed and bloodthirsty, or calm and cheerfulravish to rape, or to enrapturefast stuck firm, or moving quicklyetc.

Seuss plays on the oddities of English spelling from Amazon Largely as a result of the vagaries of its historical development, modern English is a maddeningly difficult language to spell correctly.

The inveterate borrowing from other languages, combined with shifts in pronunciation see more well-meaning reforms in orthography have resulted in a language seemingly at odds with How To Write Anglo Saxon Boasts.

There are a large number of possible spelling rules up to by some countsand a large number of exceptions to those rules, and the language continues to confound both native speakers and foreigners alike.

Often, the desire to standardize the language, such as occurred with How To Write Anglo Saxon Boasts introduction of the printing press, has itself led to anomalies and inconsistencies in its spelling, or has at least frozen click the following article inconsistencies in place. Spelling reform, which took place at various times, both in Britain and particularly in the United How To Write Anglo Saxon Boasts, has further complicated the picture, despite a professed desire for simplification, and we now have many differences between American and British spellings to add to its intrinsic difficulties e.

There is a whole catalogue of silent letters in English, often letters that were added to spellings during the English Renaissance out of a misplaced desire for etymological authenticity, or existing letters that have ceased to be pronounced for one reason or another.

There are too many to detail, but some examples include: English has many words which are identical in meaning but different in spelling and pronunciation, otherwise known as synonyms. But it also has homophones or heterographs words with different spellings and different meanings, but identical pronunciationsuch as hour and ourplane and plainrightwrightwrite and riteetc; homographs or heteronyms words with identical spellings, but different meanings and pronunciationssuch as axesbassdefectdesertrecordtearetc; and true homonyms words with the same spelling and the same pronunciation, but different meaningsuch as stalkbankflukeetc.

Simplified Americanized spellings of lite for light and thru for through have arisen in recent years, largely due to advertising campaigns. The How To Write Anglo Saxon Boasts variety of English spelling is formidable.

There are words with five consecutive vowels queuing ; words with technically no vowels rhythmpygmy ; words with six consecutive consonants catchphrasewatchstrap ; words with alternating vowels and consonants overimaginitiveversimilitudes ; words with triple letters headmistressshipbulllike ; words that include eight of the same letter possessionlessness ; long words which use none of the same letters e.

World map coloured according to percentage of English speakers by country from Wikipedia. English as a Lingua Franca.

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Top ten languages in the Internet from Internet World Stats. English words derived from different sources from Wikipedia. Seuss plays on the oddities of English spelling from Amazon. Some confusing words in American dialect 4 sec from alt.