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fewArt marketing experts including Carolyn Edlund, Alyson Stanfield, Jason Horejs and Barney Davey agree that an artist newsletter is a powerful and important tool.

But how do you find the time and skills you need to effectively begin? I began publishing a monthly artist newsletter in and have experienced a long learning curve.

If the task seems overwhelming, I suggest this web page you start a file of topics you could share. Begin very simply with one painting in each issue and a few sentences about the painting. Add links to your website, blog, and social media. I work two or three months ahead to make sure that I am not struggling for content at the last minute.

I copy my current newsletter and make changes for the new month. During the year I am learning and refining my layout. In the past I had my Calendar section at the top, followed by an article or story with my art as illustrations. Now, I put a large image of a painting at the top of the letter above the fold and follow with my story which relates to the images. Next, I list my Calendar of shows and events and add standard blurbs and links which seldom change at the bottom. I decided to showcase larger images of my paintings which are the whole purpose of my news.

Now a large image is visible above the fold when the letter is opened; and I moved my headshot to the bottom of the letter. I plan to vary my use of images as they relate to the focus of each letter. Your subject line must spark interest in your reader in order for them to take time to open and read your news.

I often use titles of shows or events in which my art is featured. Think about one specific collector or friend and imagine what they would like to know.

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Rich content may be created when a high profile person praises your work. Ask them if you may use a quote as a testimonial; then use the quote in your marketing efforts. Each individual mailing needs to have a single and clearly stated call to action. When you have several actions you want to include, you need to prioritize and schedule these out to future newsletters.

Your readers will respond more when you vary calls to action; and make sure that you are not asking them to buy something every time. Ask them for a response to a question related to the content in your letter. Try to engage them in conversation by asking them to comment. Lately I am working on writing as if I am speaking to one special person and am excited to share with them.

My efforts to share from within my heart and spirit seem to emotionally touch my audience. It is important to express gratitude and appreciation for collectors and supporters of your career. My newsletter ties in with my other marketing efforts. Press releases may be used as newsletter content with a little editing.

Blog entries may be the same or similar to newsletter articles. My social media sites also relate consistent content in varying presentations. My click is recognizable across all of my marketing channels.

Topic ideas for an artist newsletter - your artwork, inspirations,art shows, studio space, artistic successes, life, and more. This article is written by Ruth Soller, a successful painter from Colorado, who explains how to create an artist newsletter that gets real results. How to Write Art and Artist Press Releases, newsletter or blog or magazine editors, I write for artists all the time-- statements. Artist newsletters are often dull and pointless. Here we take at how you can use some good old fashioned soft-marketing techniques to increase engagement. How to Write a Good & Effective Artist Biography. An effective artist biography Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter.

An excellent article Ruth, thank you for sharing. Thanks for this post, I can really use this info at this time. Im going to get my pen and pad out today and write some ideas down. This information really helps! Carolyn, Thank you so much for publishing and promoting this article to all your media.

The article looks great and I am sending out links on all my sites and groups. I appreciate all that you do to support artists! Click you for providing a clear plan of action.

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I spent quite a few years doing pre-press work, so layout and design has never been an issue for delaying the inception of a newsletter. With the start of a new web site, that newsletter has become crucial.

How To Write An Artist Newsletter article has given me a clear focus on the content. The procrastination ends today! Ruth, your column is so helpful and so well-timed! Thanks for the inspiration, Ruth. Business of Artmarketingstrategies. Comments Ian McKendrick says: October 24, at 9: October 24, at 8: Ian, I appreciate your kind words and wish you the best in your marketing efforts.

October 24, at October 24, at 6: Click 27, at 7: Nancy de Flon says: October 27, at October 28, at November 6, at 9: Excellent, very well thought out and conceived advice. November 12, at 4: Nourish Your Network of Art Collectors says: October 8, at 1: Trying to Find Something?