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visited theAllow, permitand let are all used to say that someone is given permission to do something, or is not prevented from doing something.

Permit is a formal word. You can say that people are not allowed to do something or are not permitted to do something.

Define permit. permit synonyms, permit pronunciation, permit translation, English dictionary definition of permit. v. per·mit·ted, per·mit·ting, per·mits v. tr. 1. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING ROADWAY/SIDEWALK PERMIT APPLICATION PROPERLY. To ensure the proper processing of your application, please print all information CLEARLY. Write once read many (WORM) describes a data storage device in which information, once written, cannot be modified. This write protection affords the assurance that. Main: () Fax: () Richard Nelson Building Official () Medina County Building. Signature Title Department of Police.

You don't usually use 'let' in the passive. Don't say, for example, ' She was let go to the party '. Don't confuse any of these words with enable. To enable someone to do something means to give them the opportunity to do it.

It does not mean How To Write An Alteration Permit give them permission to do it. Permit - definition of permit by The Free Dictionary https: To allow the doing of something ; consent to: To grant consent or leave to someone ; authorize: To afford opportunity or possibility for: To afford opportunity; allow: A carangid fish Trachinotus falcatus of the western Atlantic Ocean, having a laterally compressed silvery body and a deeply forked tail and valued as a food and game fish.

Law an official certificate or document granting authorization; licence. Permit me to explain. He allowed me to take the course. Let me go to the party on Saturday. I won't be late. Contraception enables women to plan their families. Switch to new thesaurus. The German constitution does not link the sending of troops.

To neither forbid nor prevent: To give one's consent to: To afford an opportunity for: To give the means, ability, or opportunity to do: The approving an action, especially when done by one in authority: Proof of legal permission to do something: Permit me to answer your question; Smoking is not permitted.

My aunt's legacy permitted me to go to America. We have a permit to export our product. She gave me permission to leave.

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References in classic literature? He began to buy machines that would permit him to do the work of the farms while employing fewer men and he sometimes thought that if he were a younger man he would give up farming altogether and start a factory in Winesburg for the making of machinery. Here they secured themselves, as well as circumstances would permitamong the shrubs and fragments of stone that were scattered about the place.

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If you would permit me," said the artist, looking at Phoebe, "I should like to try whether the daguerreotype can bring out disagreeable traits on a perfectly amiable face. Such occasions might remind the elderly citizen of that period, before the last war with England, when Salem was a port by itself; not scorned, as she is check this out, by her own merchants and ship-owners, who permit her wharves to crumble to ruin while their ventures go to swell, needlessly and imperceptibly, the mighty flood of commerce at New York or Boston.

What he would not permit this office to consist of was yet to be settled: Nor would they permit Gabriel to be any way maltreated, say or do what he would; so that it came to pass that Gabriel had the complete freedom of the ship.

They would gladly have met to hear, and pray, and sing, in some place, together; but Legree would not permit it, and more than once broke up such attempts, with oaths and brutal execrations,--so that the blessed news had to circulate from individual to individual.

But I think again, This is no reason why I should do as they do, or permit others to suffer much greater pain of a different kind. These nurseries of mine went smoothly and privately along undisturbed in their ob- scure country retreats, for nobody was allowed to come into their precincts without a special permit -- for I was afraid of the Church.

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Before the depth reached his middle he was half-way over; the cur- How To Write An Alteration Permit would permit no more wading, now, so he struck out confidently to swim the remaining hundred yards.

Whenever the wheels sank farther than usual into a rut, or jolted suddenly over a stone, she bounded involuntarily into the air, came down again, pushed back her funny little straw hat, and picked up or settled read more firmly a small pink sun shade, which seemed to be her chief responsibility, --unless we except a bead purse, into which she looked whenever the condition of the roads would permitfinding great apparent satisfaction in that its precious contents neither disappeared nor grew less.