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good for media companiesIn this day and era, it is more common to trash in-laws and put down the extended family than to thank God for them.

But, today, I want to thank God for my father-in-law, Charles Haymore.

How To Write A Tribute To My Father the daughters

I thank God for him for many reasons. First and foremost I thank God because he was an authentic believer in Jesus, a real man of God, and a Christian gentleman, and I recognized this even as a teenager. I always expected my preacher to be a man of God, but when I saw others—like Charles—live the faith in a genuine way, I was highly impressed and encouraged. He lived his faith in the way he treated people, in the way he did family, in the way he did business, and in his love for the church.

I thank God for the way he led his family. I was around him a lot because I fell in love with his daughter, and I spent a lot of time in his home. He led his family in the right way. He go here his wife deeply, and it showed in the way he treated her.

He cared for his six children far beyond the ordinary. He loved them, disciplined them firmly yet gently, worked hard to provide for them, had fun with them, taught them, laughed with them, modeled the Christian faith to them, and played games with them.

He was the best possible dad and a great example to me. I thank God that his love was not limited to his own family. Most of the times I was a guest in his home, there were others present. He would invite a widow to share a family meal, and then to become part of the family. Airmen from out-of-town were adopted into the family and given a place off-base to stay. And there were always boys like me who spent as much time as possible at his house, because he had and still has five pretty daughters.

We were fed, loved, and treated as part of the family. If we were around in the evening, we were also included in the family prayer times. I thank God for the way he treated me.

He treated me as a son and accepted me into the family. When Dawn and I had some marital issues, there were no condemnations or accusations thrown my way.

A Tribute to My Father. Here I’ll start with my late father. I want to pay tribute to him. And I don’t mean that in any kind of simple, celebratory way. A Tribute to My Father: What a special tribute to your father. Want to write or submit a post to The Good Men Project?. Tribute To My Dad I need a sweet tribute message to my dead dad who died on the my mother and I were going on vacation to London when we met my father at the. Feb 15, · My dad had two rules: Don’t sit on his couch Don’t touch the remote My dad looked like he belonged to the Italian Mafia. It was always great when a. Fathers-In-Law: A Tribute to Mine. You don’t hear too much about Fathers In Law, but I must say that mine was one of the best! What made him so special in my eyes.

He loved us both, continued to treat me as a son, and encouraged us to work things out. But when he made a mistake, he admitted it to his family. I remember getting a call from him when he made a poor business decision.

For anyone who has lost their dad :(

He called me, told me the truth about what happened, and accepted the responsibility for it. I admired him for his honesty and integrity even when he made a mistake. And, mostly, I thank God because of the daughter he raised.

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“My father was the happiest man I ever knew. One of the reasons for this was his singing faith. To feel the significance of this, you need to understand that he was. A Tribute to My Dad. My father died on January 15, I used your write up as the basis of my tribute and even as I write cannot read your tribute without tears. A Tribute to My Father: What a special tribute to your father. Want to write or submit a post to The Good Men Project?.

She is in many ways like her father. From him and from her momshe learned honesty, integrity, gentleness, the value of hard work, the importance of family, and the need to live life as a Christian in all ways.

But I can and do thank God for him! This entry here posted in Family Blogs. Proudly powered by WordPress.