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might get thereAnna's slam book really is the "key" to popularityit seems as though everyone in her high school wants to contribute to it. No one can resist the chance to write, How To Write A Slam Book, honest reactions to friends and classmates.

The trouble begins when Anna's mixed-up friend Paige tries to use the slam book to snare gorgeous Gooz. But Paige's scheme backfires, and Gooz starts going out with Anna instead. Hurt and jealous, Paige lashes out at Anna; in retaliation, Anna uses the slam book to embarrass her former friend. Neither girl realizes, until it's too late, the harm they are doing to a fellow classmate. This forceful novel makes its point quite clearslam books are not fun and games.

Although the characterizations of Anna and her friends often seem to center on their psychological problems, the gritty, well-paced plot guarantees that this novel will involve readers from start to finish. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. Grade 6 Up Small-town girl Anna seems to have it made.

She is well-adjusted, has a warm, stable family life, and is popular. She enters high school surrounded by a clique of friendswho, incidentally, represent various origins and societal profiles: Martin has a sure grasp of the games teens play and empathy for the exultation and pain of high schoolers. Character development is rather limited, especially when adult figures are introduced.

The chain of events is dramatic, yet believable.

Don't just learn to write. Learn to write a bestseller. Aug 16, · How to Make a Slam Book. A good rule of thumb is never to write something in a slam book about another person that will upset them or that would. When thinking about good things to focus on while writing in a friend's slam book, remember that what you write can last forever. Words never die, and with the. Mar 07, · please say me some quote n kavithai . i want to write touching thing from that she should not forgot me some heart blowing words. Hi, I am into my final days of my college and my friend asked me to fill her slam book.I have to write something on it about her and I have made some rough copy about.

It's not difficult to fathom the message: Despite faint echos of TV's Facts of Life, this is a highly readable and serious title. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. Hoping here popularity, Anna and her friends start a slam book at the beginning of freshman year, but instead the book begins a tragic chain of events.

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Thank you for your feedback. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Teenage girl humans crank that up to Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Remember The Baby-Sitters Club? If you're a '90's kid, you definitely do.

For those who don't, they were breezy, wholesome stories of junior high aged girls Read every book of hers I could find. Somehow, thankfully, this more info eluded my young, innocent self. It's extremely true to life, as high school goes. The pettiness, the back-stabbing, the gossip, the jealousy; it's all there.

If I had read this as a kid, I'd be terrified of high school. I honestly think this book is even more relevant today, what with cyber-bullying. The Slam Book was truly a precursor to the internet; faceless bullying was it's purpose! Anna, popular in her junior read article set, is scared about starting high school.

Will people from other schools respect and worship her group like her former schoolmates did? Her cousin hands her the solution to being recognized in the ocean of high school: Soon, even other popular former junior high students from other schools are seeking out Anna as the keeper of the Slam Book. Everyone knows her name! High school isn't so bad. Then, her friend Paige writes a lie to snag a boy which, it's worth mentioning the other girls wordlessly witnessand it escalates from there.

There are dire consequences, for some. There's a great line where Anna compares being the keeper of the SB to being rich or having celebrity parents - do people like you for those reasons alone, How To Write A Slam Book because you're you? This isn't the fluff I'd expected, though. There's a drunk parent, negligent parents, underage drinking is hinted at, a drug-addicted brother, and more.

Pretty heavy stuff compared to the BSC. I have to say, I love that we saw the "loser's" point-of-view - I really wasn't expecting that. It made her more human, which I think young readers who've never been bullied need in order to realize they're actually hurting another human being.

But, having said that, why didn't Cheryl shower? Was the water cut off at her house, or was it just How To Write A Slam Book case of "why bother? That'd never fly in any real high school, or else mine was just super brutal.

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Find and save ideas about Slam book on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Wreck this journal, how to write compare and contrast paragraph. SLAM BOOK WORDS Treat your life as a sea, your heart as seashore, and friends like waves. It never matters how many waves are there. What matters is how many waves. What is a Slam Book? It's a place to document the things (music, foods, boys, etc.) you and your friends dig. Here's a real one, in its entirety, from

This should be required reading for junior high and high schoolers. What you see as harmless fun could actually be making your peers' lives hell. The Slam Book situation just drove it over the edge. If it happened to someone more well-adjusted, it'd hurt, but they wouldn't kill themselves over it. The moral of the story, girls, is just be friends with boys. There's so much less drama.

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Plus, friends with benefits. Was it that she had no friends left AND the Cheryl thing? It's clear that she was upset because of Cheryl, but I think she wanted to punish Anna and possibly her own mother by ODing. Also, she never stole in front of people - did she even steal at all, or was that a tactic employed to impress the other girls?

Inquiring minds want to know! I was sure we were going to find out that Randy saw Paige buying something Paige claimed to steal and THAT'S where all their weirdness came from, but, nope, it's just because Randy's black, apparently. This was a huge disappointment. The characters were flat and unbelievable and the book was very "telly," and didn't draw me in. I like her "Baby-Sitters Club" series fine, but I don't think of it as literature.

This is not literature, How To Write A Slam Book I didn't know Martin could do dark as well as she does in this story. Anna is starting at high school, and her cousin shows her a way to be popular - a Slam book, which has kids write their opinion of any kid in a page in the book under their name.

Everything is pretty mellow, until Anna's friend Paige starts writing mean untrue things, and Anna ends up dating Paige's crush. It doesn't help when Paige writes mean things about Anna and Anna's revenge pulls loser Cheryl into the mix.

There's a lot of different plot lines running through this book. Jessie's family life, Cheryl's problems, and of course, what's going on with Anna.

The plot involves drinking, drug use, and suicide. And that's putting it nicely. Okay, it's not quite that bad, but it is not one of her best books. Anna is starting high school, and see more to be sure she'll be in the "in" group. So she starts a slam book, something her cousin's told her about, where people write anonymous comments about other people.

However, the comments start getting not-so-anonymous, and not-so-nice. This book could have been good. It's got an original storyline, and it draws you in.

However, the characters don't have very much depth. Quite a few depressing things happen, and the characters are very dejected, but you still don't get too much of a look into their minds. Plus, the things that occur do not seem very realistic. Someone commits suicide and someone else almost does, and though they had other problems already, it seems unlikely that someone would go quite that far.

Read this book if you are a big fan How To Write A Slam Book Ann M. Martin and what she writes.