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The one area of your small business website where you really have a chance to tell your story—who you are, what your small business is all about, and what makes you unique from your competitors. Want to make the most of your "About Us" page? Here are 3 tips and specific examples of small businesses that really have it nailed. It all starts with compelling content and a conversational tone. Instead of treating it like a boring writing assignment, think about how you would tell your story to someone if you were speaking with them face-to-face.

Would your delivery be stiff and academic, or would your face light up with excitement when you talked about opening your doors for the first time? By doing so, they made something as common as a pair of jeans and made them into something more--something that could breathe new life into a small town How To Write A Good About Us Page 4, folks.

You can't help but pull for them Here, Glitter and Grit uses their "About Us" page to share the story behind their nametheir motivation for starting the businessand what customers can expect when Word Essays Npr visit their boutique. I have to admit I have a huge soft spot for any and every small business that takes the extra time to write a unique "About Us" page. Instead of focusing on boring details or just mailing it in, they use their content to capture their small business vibe.

As you create new "About Us" content, always make sure you read it over from beginning to end out loud this is really important to see if everything flows together and if you captured the personality of your small business. Remember, the tone of your content should typically read as though you're having a face-to-face conversation with a first-time customer.

They start off by responding to each one of the mistakes including what they've How To Write A Good About Us Page to try to avoid them. They wrap things up by sharing a summary of their business that's short and sweet--and all under characters. Looking for even more inspiration to get your "About Us" page content flowing?

Death to the Stock Photo ]. Great tips, really helpful. Reading it aloud start to end is a really good idea. How about I send you my About Us, just for a quick overlook? You are off to a great start. At first glance, I'm wondering if the story about your previous business could potentially take the focus away from your core message about your new business.

Instead, you might want to focus more on your process. What makes you different. How you go about crafting your cards. Where you get your motivation. Why your cards are the best way to capture the sentiment. My passion is creating and designing greeting cards you know - those nearly-antiquated paper messages that are delivered to your mailbox by the Post Office?

Even though texts, e-mail's and chat messages are now a part of our daily life, actual paper greetings remain the most popular way to recognize a birthday, anniversary or the arrival of a new baby. Handcrafted, thoughtful "gifts-from-the-heart" will never go out of style. Artful Accents is actually a transition from Jewels by Jan, a year E-Commerce business that I shared with my sister. We "handcrafted" glass and Swarovski crystal beads into an elastic "bottomless shoe" to be worn at beach weddings.

In very few had ever heard of a barefoot sandal;those that had, pictured loops of elastic strung with chunky, wood beads, reminiscent of more info Hippie days.

7 Insider Tips For Writing Great About Us Pages

I envisioned a more elegant barefoot shoe and beach weddings had become very popular. After making a few design upgrades adding sparkle and a centerpiece we set about building a website, hiring a webmaster and started taking orders. We quickly hopped to the first page on Google searches for beach wedding sandals and we were busy! But, as the saying goes "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery",,,,and our "jeweled shoes" were copied.

Jewels by Jan was one of the ideas I'm most proud of. It didn't make us rich but we loved it and we loved helping here plan the footwear for their beach wedding. The Business of Love With Artful Accents I'm still in the "love" business only THIS time my focus is to add a little bit of love to each and every card or invitation, place card, banner, etc.

Hi Jan - Thanks for the comment. Don't continue reading about getting too wordy to start.

Just picture yourself having a face to face conversation with a potential customer and capture what you would tell them in your own words. In my experience, it's always easier to cut your content down than it is to come up with the story. Once you have a draft, let me know. I'd love to see it. I'm using GoDaddy's site builder and currently writing the "About Me" page there IS no US so I'm looking for ideas on how to quickly grab attention and appeal to the emotions of my site visitors.

I have a tendency to get too "wordy" so my challenge is to be brief, yet compelling. I like your suggestion of showing some personality in my text - just not sure how to begin. Hi Shawn, That's an extremely useful article to web entrepreneurs. Definitely I will keep in mind your mentioned tips to make about us page for my site.

Go ahead and keep it up. Click For More info: I think your about page could use more.

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What information do you want people to know? Why should they get excited? Where do you get inspiration for your designs? How are your products made? This is the article for what i was looking to write or you can say re-write my about us page for my clothing brand https: Good luck with the new "About Us" page. Let me know when it's live. I'd love to check it out. This article will be very helpful for my new about us page.

I am planning to write the About us for a new poker news website and need help! I'm glad you found the article helpful. Let me know when the about page is up and I'll be sure to check it out. It is lucrative for writing my page, i wasn't aware of writing 'about us' page, but now its clear Company profile would typically be information about the company.

Size, industry, products and services, year founded, etc. About Us could include the same information but could also tell more of a story--why the business exists. Thank Lord i read this!!! Text for prizes https: What would you like people to know about your story?

How did you get started? What do you live about doing what you do? What makes you different? Thanks for sharing, Karl. I'm so glad you found the post helpful.

I read your bio as well as Adam's. I've found it's always a delicate balance between your personal story and why you are passionate about photography.

How To Write Great About Us Page Content Your 'About Us' page. The one area of your small business website I thought our About Us page was pretty good till I. 8 Ways to Improve Your 'About Us' Page. your About Us page is at or near the top of the list. writing your About Us page feels salesy and self-congratulatory. In this post, my friend and partner Mike teaches you how to write an "About Me" page and shows 3 examples of the best about me pages. Check out this post to learn more about why About Us pages are important, how you can edit them and how you can start with our sample about us page.

I really like how more info answer the "why photography? When we were picking a photographer, style was really important to us. We're not professional models so we wanted more of an editorial look--a photographer that captured our event and all of the emotions as they happened naturally. And we absolutely loved the finished product. Let me know how clients react. Over time, you'll find there are places you can refine the messaging.

Very useful article, I found the whole about us section a very stressful write, I did put in some of the input from this article. I'm happy with what I have now. Check it out, I'm a wedding photographer from Nottingham in the UK.

Thanks for sharing this about How To Write A Good About Us Page content writing article. This article helped me for writing about us code of my website: It looks like Ruslan is ready to rock some customer service. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad the post was helpful. Have you thought about adding some line breaks into your content to give your story some room to breath? It looks like you are off to a good start. Great guide, started to write an about us page with this as a reference.

Personal testimonials build credibility and trust, making the "About Us" page a good home for them. If you have a customer who has nothing but good things to say about your company, hand them the mic and let them do the talking. 7. Refinery29 Why the "About Us" Page Rocks: It lets the employees do the talking. This blog shares step by step ways of creating a good "About Us" page. It's often the best place to start for me when I inevitably struggle to write the About Us. Promote these pages in your About Us write-up to give the prospect a chance to see additional dimensions of your personality or your company’s. It’s also a great way to add followers and turn casual supporters into raving fans. Guidelines for Writing a Good About Page. when writing an About page, About Pages. About Us Information on Websites. Your about page should not only provide information and build trust, but it must also encourage potential clients to get in touch. Don’t make it all about you. Think about why you’re writing your about page in the first place and how you want the reader to feel when she’s done reading it. *Bonus* Write like you speak.

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