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modernAlways submit your resume as a. If you have trouble with this sample resume, contact us at youthcentral dhhs. A one-page resume is more than acceptable when you're just starting out in the world of work. You may end up with two pages if you include all of the suggested additional information.

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If your resume ends up being three pages long, you're probably providing too much information - try cutting some things out and sticking to two pages maximum. Personable and astute student with proven time management and collaboration skills developed from sporting and volunteer engagements.

Strong interpersonal skills enhanced by taking part in theatre activities to develop confidence and communication abilities. Understanding of general link skills and the importance of working as part of a team, learning from others and developing as a professional.

Home / Life After College / Starting Your Career / Building a Resume / Sample Resumes and Templates. Resume Template; Junior/senior college student highlighting. How to Write a College Resume. Education is a critical factor in the pursuit of a great career, Write a Resume as a Graduate Student. How to. Make a Resume. Sample Resume for High School Students () Awards Laser print it or have it done at the copy center. Jane Doe 12 Snelling Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota College student resume tips What do you put on your resume when you’re still in school? This advice can help you make the grade—and get the job.

VCE graduate looking for first-time employment in a position that requires a dedicated, young and enthusiastic employee. Worked in community gardens assisting members of the local community in planting and caring for allocated sections.

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Assisted with setup and preparation of community garden, including general repair and maintenance works. Provided support during various fundraising activities for local community group. Assisted at events and gatherings including providing suggestions link help meet fundraising targets. Personally attended various events, including spending time with homeless youth in Melbourne CBD.

View the discussion thread. Download this sample resume template: This sample resume has been designed to focus on: For more about resumes and cover letters, check out these pages: Class captain in partnership with one other class representative Represented school at National Youth Day events Articulate communicator with read more for the different communication styles required when working with other team members or with customers.

Strong morals and ethics ensure honesty, reliability and ability to undertake tasks responsibly. Understanding of need to remain flexible to support last-minute demands and changes.

Comfortable in changing environments and situations, ensuring ability to remain flexible and adaptable at all times.

Responded to incoming calls. Screened telemarketing and direct sales calls while transferring customer enquiries to appropriate department.

Sample Resumes and Letters for Students Resume, Writing Your First Resume Student resume writing tips and suggestions on how to write a resume for the first time. The following is a sample resume for a college student including education, work and internship experience, awards and achievements. Tips for Writing a College Resume Read below for tips on how to write a strong college resume. Whether you're in high school or ready to graduate from college, here are some tips to keep your student resume from being overlooked. Find out how to write a student resume, which resume format to use for your profile and choose a student resume template. Get expert student resume help. Resume Template: VCE + No (Paid) Work Experience. How to Write a Resume; Personable and astute student with proven time management and collaboration skills.

Typed general communication and letters to customers and businesses as directed. Ensured accurate development of communication by providing correspondence to supervisor for approval.

Entered customer information into internal records management system. Updated existing customer link while creating new data files as directed. St Vincent De Paul Provided support during various fundraising activities for local community group.