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Latest Articles Products Conferences. I tried to incorporate what I have seen on this forum. For my clinical experience I didn't put med-surg the reason being there would be too many hospitals to list and I have done procedures that I did in med-surg in the ER.

I also prefer the ER and OB. Jun 26, '13 by Bayat.

I'm sure this becoming standard advice, but while looking volunteer at a free clinic or local hospital one or days a week. That way you can get some experience listed. Now about your resume: Your clinicals listing is really confusing.

I'm assuming you're listing clinicals from both the Philippines and locally. So the clinical area are grouped with their hours, then the first bullet item would list the hospitals and clinics you performed the clinicals in. Let's see what someone else think of this idea.

Sample Resumes for Nurses SAMPLE RESUME I SAMPLE RESUME III ERIC R. NURSE My clinical experience and volunteer work have effectively prepared me to begin. Review examples of a resume for a nurse. volunteer positions you have held, Nurse Resume Example #2. This sample shows how you can use your clinicals, internships and nursing school classes to build a powerful entry-level nursing resume. Registered Nurse (RN). Is your resume as powerful as it should be? Use this Hospital Volunteer resume template to highlight your key skills, accomplishments, and work experiences.

I also assume you acquired a degree or certification in the Philippines as well as stateside. So you should list that alongside your BSN degree.

In the meantime, this is what turned up. Be sure to review and tailor to your knowledge, skills and abilities: Jun 27, '13 by zerooooo. That looks so much better. I only had clinicals there. I hope this is going make sense. I'll try to get back with the hours for the clinical read article since my exposure in certain areas were done throughout the 4 years not just a certain semester like here in the States correct me if I'm wrong.

I would appreciate your opinion. Jun 27, '13 by westcoastguy. Quote from Bayat I'm sure this becoming standard advice, but while looking volunteer at a free clinic or local hospital one or days a week. Looking for a position in a top-notch facility with a commitment to innovative processes.

Aug 22, '14 by Yozora. I have the same dilemma as you. I have no work experience so click post help me in my own resume. Did you find a job with this? Aug 24, '14 by amzyRN.

How to List Volunteer Experience on a Resume

There are many templates you can look on online. Sometimes it's just that you don't have the experience they How To Make A Resume For Volunteer Nurse. If you are in a highly competitive state, consider relocating for a while to obtain the experience you need. Google, nursing resumes templates.

Then look at key words and nursing resumes and put those in. Take the fancy formatting out of your resume when apply online because I think it goes through a software program that picks out key words. If you have weird font, your resume won't get read. I've been told this by someone who worked in HR before, that you want simple formats and key words. Didn't mean to provide info you weren't wanting, when all you wanted in a critique of your resume, but thought that I could point some other things out.

When you do have your resume done, have a bunch of people read it and tell you what they think. Aug 25, '14 by Yozora.

Use the Best Resume Writer. How to Make a Perfect Resume. Free!. Nursing Resume Sample. To get the best tips on how to enhance an entry-level nurse resume, If you have worked as a volunteer. View hundreds of Hospital Volunteer resume Promotes an exceptional patient experience by abiding to compassion and image standards and fostering excellent nurse. Anatomy of an Excellent Nursing Resume ^ m d. nurse, an effective resume will demonstrate increasing information about any other paid and volunteer work. View hundreds of Nursing Home Volunteer resume examples to learn the best format, verbs, and fonts to use. Nurse Volunteer Resume Samples;.

Unfortunately I cannot relocate, I wish I could. Thank you for all the tips! I will make sure to make my resume simple, direct with important key words. Maybe I'll post my resume here to be critiqued, once I'm done. When Your Patient's Wife is a Nurse.