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uponYour resume has only one goal: To entice a prospective employer How To Build Great Resume speak with you!

Your resume does not: Use emails, cover letters, and the job interviews to convey those messages. See the video, podcast, or transcript for greater explanation and rationale of all the following sections. In the video and podcast, I provided two dissimilar examples of how to aggregate your careers including a sales professional and hostess examples for illustrative diversity.

In this section, outline the following information.

The video and podcast have substantially more insight to the rationale and details. Employers think in terms of time and chronology.

They want to see career progression within and across companies. Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities. Check the Tips for Work and Life Blog for additional articles on resume writing. I can keep this blog and all future podcasts and videos ad-free and sponsor-free ONLY because you share my work!

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Create a resume in under 5 minutes with our professional online resume builder. Land your next job with unbeatable resume template. Build a resume by using one of many tools available. Build a Resume from a Template. Free Resume Templates. Download as Microsoft Word or PDF. Try Free! This is great advice. I especially agree with the part of using action works and being concise. No one wants to read a long resume, no matter how impressive it is. I’ve reviewed more than , resumes during my career and have developed an optimal resume format that works for 95% of the workforce.

That was an excellent presentation and it has really opened my eyes into doing better. Thank you a lot. Do you have a presentation about crafting a cover letter as well if I may ask?

I would need some help with that one as well. Ezekiel, thanks so much for the remarks and glad you liked it. Interesting you should ask about the cover letter. I am going to have a friends and family opportunity for my blog subscribers! I am a technology professional and I enjoyed watching your video. I tried several times to download your ultimate resume template, however, I never received it.

How To Build Great Resume in my SPAM folder nor in junk mail. I am looking seriously at moving up the ladder, instead of being in the trenches. I can explain more via email. I am also looking at relocation. I emailed you directly. This was an excellent presentation.

I downloaded the professional version of the ultimate template, but cannot seem to type in the areas provided, and cannot remove the instructions. I am a Nurse Practitioner and have difficulty quantifying my accomplishments, as they are most often personal to my patients, rather than to large groups of people or the corporation at large. Do you have any suggestions?

This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download LinkedIn Guide: Build Your Living Resume now. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family. The easiest online resume builder. Walks you through how to write a resume with step by step instructions. Make a server resume in less than an hour using our templates, ideas and resume filler sentences. Jeff Haden is a ghostwriter, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer, and contributing editor to Inc. @.

Hi Ilene, thanks for the nice words. Due to the nature of distributing documents via the Internet, we distribute them in the PDF format for safety and security reasons. You can find free software out there to convert them to word format. I would suggest Googling that!

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Hence, I am struggling a bit with putting my CV together. Is there any difference between your style and the ATS? Hi Andrew, I love all your presentations, tips and tricks. My question is how do I structure my professional experience when the longest job that I have had was 9 months. I am mostly hired on a contract basis. Sometimes more than once for the same organization.

You can title How To Build Great Resume how you prefer Consulting, Sylvie Inc. Thank you for making all your experience available on the internet. Your work has encouraged me on days when, job hunting again after a very long break, seemed completely overwhelming. Your kindness and passion for people is evident when you speak.

Thank you so much. I am really inspired by your videos and webinars, they are very How To Build Great Resume and clear. Now I know how I should outline my resume. However, I have very hard time to write my career profile because my situation is exceptional. In I decided to change my career to the financial industry and I went back to school and in meanwhile I worked as an admin. For family reason, as a single mother with a special need kid, I stayed home to take care for my 2 kids.

Now I am working as Part-time Mathematics instructor in a learning center and I am interesting to work in the financial sector where I check this out apply my financial and accounting skills.

I am looking for an entry level financial analyst position or financial adviser assistant.

I am confused how to write my achievement under my career profile. Please any tips, I already spent 3 days trying to figure it out, but I am keeping changing my How To Build Great Resume and I found it very confusing situation.

I know you have a great payable program that will make my life easier but I wish I can afford it. I am very sorry for the long email. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you get chance.

Thank you very much for your help and time. Hajer, first of all, welcome to my community. The fact you have a diverse and interesting history is not a rare issue.

Play up the abilities and experiences related to your next step. One other thing, in my resume program, I literally give the paragraph structure and sentence structure fill in the blank so to speak for the career profile and highlights. I simply provide more detail and more coaching in those environments. You can find the resume workshop as well as my FREE resume webinar 3 secrets to get your resume noticed on the milewalkacademy.

Andy do you have the complete transcript for this? It says coming soon and has that been finished? I am an award-winning, internationally-recognized Executive Recruiter and Founder and CEO of milewalk, a prominent Chicago-based executive search firm. I have dedicated my career to helping people and companies realize their potential, consulting to more than two hundred organizations and counseling more than eleven thousand individuals.

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Akim Obinali August 13, at Andrew LaCivita August 25, at Hi Akim, you can use my style and extract particular sections as needed to fill into the ATS! Sylvie September 16, at 5: Andrew LaCivita November 6, at 9: Maike9 South Africa November 17, at 2: Hi Andrew Thank you for making all your experience available on the internet. Http:// LaCivita November 20, at Hajer November 24, at Hi Andrew, I am really inspired by your videos and webinars, they are very helpful and clear.

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