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four ridersA teacher in Italy wants to keep his students on their toes during the summer break, but probably not in the way their parents were expecting. Cesare Cata, who teachers at a secondary school in the central eastern region of Le Marche, listed 15 things for his students to accomplish this summer.

The top of the list is to "walk along the seashore alone" in the morning. Cata shared a photo of the list on his Facebook page and he's garnered more than 4, "likes" and it has been shared more than 3, times. Of course, Cata plays the role of a teacher by instructing in Homework Holidays In Italy three: The teacher's "Homework for the summer of " lists the following, translated from Italian: In the morning, at times, walk along the seashore alone.

Look at how the sun reflects off the water, thinking about the things you love most in life and feel happy. Try using all the new words you learned this year: Read, as much as possible. Not because you have to. Read because the summer inspires you adventure and dreams.

Read because it is the best form of rebellion. Avoid all things, situations and persons that make you feel negative and empty.

Look for stimulating situations and of friends who appreciate and understand you for who you are. If you feel sad or scared, do not worry.

The summer, like all great things, puts the soul in harmony. Try keeping a diary where you can write about your feelings. Dance — without feeling ashamed. On the street near your home or in your bedroom.

Jun 09,  · An Italian teacher has decided to forgo setting the usual holiday homework for his students and has instead given them a list of life advice. Most. Back to School: 10 Things You Should Know About the Italian end of the summer holiday season in Italy, lessons to help children with their homework. Jun 09,  · Though most Italian students put pen to paper for scholarly pursuits through their summer holidays Among the 15 tasks on his homework who Italy's. Worksheet - Homework - Holidays in Italy PowertPoint - Homework instructions Lesson 4 - To find out about the physical differences between the north and south of Italy. A teacher in Italy wants to keep his students on their toes during the summer ABC News Features; Lifestyle; Check Out One .

The summer is a dance. It would be a shame not to be a part of it. At least once, got see a sunrise. More info there in silence and breathe. Close your eyes, grateful. If you see a person near you in life, bestow on them your gratitude. No matter if he or she understands. Otherwise, the summer of is a great time to walk together. Watch movies with dialogue that is poignant, particularly in English.

This will help you improve your language skills and your chance to dream. Live the experience all summer. During the daylight or at night, dream about what your life may be like. During the summer, summon the strength not to give up and do everything you can to pursue that dream.

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