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He inspected the American presidency as an outsider, who had lived and learned outside the country, seen the emergence of nations that were not democracies; it was the opposite of living and reporting from the Bubble. Bubbles can be delightful and diverting, except in times like these, when they can become dangerous.

For reasons cultural, economic, demographic, psychographic, we are divided as a country perhaps not more, but differently than ever before. What were once unifying institutions are declining—Rotary Clubs, churches, even malls.

Unifying values, around speech and civility, freedom and fairness are shredded by rising tribal furies and passions. Seven in ten Americans say we have reached a dangerous new low point, and are at least as divided as we were during the Vietnam war.

The First White President. The foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy. President Donald J. Trump has decided to advance his bogus ban on trans individuals openly serving in the US military beyond tweeting vague dictates on the matter. This essay is adapted from the Theodore H. White Lecture, sponsored by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard on November Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas newspaper. Includes news, sports, opinion, and local information.

Every day, we learn something new about the ways we are doing this to ourselves, through the choices we make, the media we consume, the immensely powerful platforms we rely on whose impact we just barely understand.

And every day we learn more about the ways our adversaries are weaponizing information and markets and new technologies, in ways that strengthen authoritarian systems and weaken democratic ones. So I want to use my time tonight exploring how we got here and what it means, because as far as I can see, where we are going, there are no maps. For years I used to argue that America is much more purple than it seems on cable news or talk radio. Yes, we are a fractious federation full of regional tastes and cultural contrasts and eternal disputes over the proper balance between individual freedom and the common good.

But I believed that the first society in history to be forged more by thought and faith than threat and force was uniquely able to adapt to change.

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That the core American ideas, enshrined in our Bill of Rights, written in the blood of patriots, embraced by generations of restless immigrants, honored by more info and statesmen, tried and tested by hucksters and zealots, were more powerful than any of the forces primed to divide us.

I still believe in those ideals and their cohering power; but we have entered a period of category five disruption, so I take nothing for granted any more. Families of those who have not gone to college are breaking up nearly twice the rate of those who have gone to college. Nothing about current trends suggests this will change. So what defines us?

None of the above. According to polling that Pew Research Center has been doing sinceon ten different issues like immigration and poverty and the environment, we are now far more divided by our partisan identity than any other factor. The divide reflects more than how you vote or whether you own a gun or passport or a collection of Cat Stevens LPs. In the past generation we have sorted ourselves into actual comfort zones. Meanwhile the blowout counties decided by more than 50 points — went from 93 to 1, The share of voters living in extreme landslide counties has quintupled.

They represented different gates to the common ground, and how we entered mattered less than where we landed. Now the gatekeepers face competition from all the outlets that would usher us into a different reality. We see what the algorithms think we want to see, or will want to click on. And Help With My Best University Essay On Donald Trump I am going to pause and offer a qualified defense of Kellyanne Conway. So it became a sly synonym for bald faced lies.

But she later offered a different example: Glass half full, glass half empty. This is not just about information. About what weight and value we assign to different events. So on one day Fox News says the allegation that the Clintons played a role in a Uranium deal seven years ago is the most important story of the day; MSNBC says it is Senator Bob Corker warning about the instability of the president. Social platforms have made polarization easier, but they get a lot of help.

Likewise journalists are all too willing treat politics as sport.

Either the Patriots win this weekend, or the Raiders. Less so when covering democracy. Because it ignores even the possibility of an outcome in which, through conscious compromise, everyone wins. Where is the sport in that? But this too has an actual effect on our ability to make smart policy. Cultural cognition research finds that people tend to be tribal when it comes to certain topics, like immigration or guns or climate change.

You have to disentangle positions on it from opposing cultural identities. In other words, we stand little chance of addressing these questions wisely Help With My Best University Essay On Donald Trump well if we are circled around our separate campfires. So what happens when the single figure who is supposed represent the entire country, uphold the laws that bind us all, command the forces that protect us all, manage the executive that governs us all, seems to have very little interest, for neither practical political reasons nor high minded purposeful ones, in uniting the country?

Decades worth of economic, social and political trends were remapping our political landscape long before we saw Donald Trump coming.

Click it is hard to imagine a political leader more ideally suited to fueling the forces that divide us. And that is an unusual place to find ourselves as a country.

That is not what happened. And in his final State of the Union, President Obama called it one of his few regrets, that the divisions deepened, the tenor of the conversation soured.

No president alone is responsible for the state of the our discourse or sense of common purpose.

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But they occupy our highest pulpit; the tone they use and example they set matter. At 10 months in office, Donald Trump is already the most divisive president in modern history. For one thing, it feels like we see everything. Teddy White once said there were so many reporters doing behind the scenes stories that there was no more room behind the scenes. What would he have made of a president so much the same in public and in private? And the accounts almost invariably have to do with a battle—internal, external, link, extraterrestrial.

The long arc of this astonishingly short political rise to power—remember, no one ever reached the White House with so little link or exposure to the ways of Washington—has been like a boxer Help With My Best University Essay On Donald Trump the rankings to achieve the heavyweight title.

One after another Donald Trump picked a fight that should have flattened him: As his enemies list makes clear, these battles are often not driven by either politics or policy. They by all appearances are driven by rage, and ratings. Some part of this, I believe, reflects his wiring: The visceral sense of grievance he projects is, I believe, sincerely felt: He feels he does not get credit for what he has achieved, does not get the loyalty he feels he deserves.

During the primaries, David Von Drehle traveled with him between events, watching him watching himself on multiple cable networks. Everywhere he looked, it was all Trump, all the time. And that gives you power. That was his insight—that in an attention economy, ratings are power, not just TV but Facebook likes and Google searches and Twitter mentions.

And attention equals influence. Yes, he is indulging his core supporters, and their hostility to elites in Washington and media and this institution that have shaped a culture from which they feel alienated. But I would remind you that this includes millions of voters who are not economically marginalized, not uneducated or undereducated. He is outrageous with purpose: Ever since, love him or hate him, no commander in chief has ever commanded the news cycle like this one.

At times this feels like a strange kind of fixation, a rubbernecking presidency. In this he is a human algorithm, perfectly engineered to say or do whatever you are most likely to watch.

Herein lies one of many challenges to my profession: Trump is not at war with the press, nor it with him: This is a complex and co-dependent relationship. His presidency source been great for ratings, even in ways that are bad for journalism and bad for the country. For one thing, his attacks on news institutions have damaged the public trust we need to function: Now roughly nine in ten Democrats support that role, vs.

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And what if they are investigating all the ways in which our adversaries are waging, literally, a war of words, driving our division, destabilizing our institutions in pursuit of their global agenda. Silicon Valley has delivered unto us astonishing tools, to share knowledge and solve problems and save lives but also, it turns out, change and control us in terrifying ways.

Remember, the ads targeted both sides: Testifying before a belatedly interested Congress, corporate representatives acknowledged that million Americans may have been exposed to Russian content on Facebook, including ads Help With My Best University Essay On Donald Trump were paid for in rubles; Twitter found more than 36, accounts linked to Russia.

Its beams and struts are algorithms that favor news that will connect with us, ideas that affirm our own. Civil discourse suffers both from the echo, which amplifies even small, sordid sounds, and the chamber, which walls us off from diverse opinion, from startling ideas that might disturb us in healthy ways. Google and Twitter and Facebook share enormous responsibilities, even if lawmakers appear at the moment overmatched by the sheer complexity and scope of the threat.

An Axios poll found that a majority of Americans now see social media doing more to harm than help democracy and free speech. And many of them trust neither the government nor the tech companies to prevent foreign interference in elections.

I believe the current division is a challenge beyond the wearying day-to-day partisan brawling. I fear it seeps deeper into us as individuals, and deeper visit web page the seams of our society.

Openness to strong, even authoritarian rule is growing. Journalists are often drawn to the profession as a form of public service: But this impulse can foster a bias against the positive, a bias fueled by the fact that narrative runs on friction; a story without tension feels limp and bloodless. Other than a reporter who outright lies, there is no more derided reporter than the producer of a puff piece.

They are accused of beat sweetening, of source development, of being in the tank. Critical stories are journalism. Anything else is just marketing.