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slight change theShould be interesting to see which way the pendulum swings with Gates. How long can he play both sides against the middle?

Will he go all in? You're standing on the edge Josh, don't take that next step. It has always kind of made me angry that AAT's always come to the conclusion that ancient peoples were basically too stupid and lazy to construct anything of monumental size and complex design by themselves. They needed help from some alien visitors. If they hadn't had such help we would all still be sitting around in caves picking nits off ourselves.

Back in the last Ice Age I had a college class that was centered on looking at the various claims of von Daniken being the only one of that ilk generally known back then and debunking them.

In the end we came to the conclusion that in most, if Help Me Write Zoology Dissertation Hypothesis all cases, that if he was neither smart enough nor clever enough to figure out how to do something, he decided that no one else could either and therefore those friendly aliens click in for tea and while here built a few pyramids in Egypt etc.

Good thing click the following article never heard about those pesky Klingons!

Man, for someone holding a degree in archaeology, Gates really came across as stupid. Science doesn't provide all the answers to every question, so feel free to fill in the gaps with any fringe idea that appeals to you?

I would say he should be ashamed, but it would be a waste of breath. A bit off topic, but something you wrote made me wonder if any fringe writers who purport the perfection of the pyramids ever account for the missing casing stone.

But Jason's point is that you and he, and the rest of us are also in a world where unnoticed serial killers exist NOW!!! No, Triple D, that's not his point. But it's intereesting that you bring it up.

1. Ademola Ayodele from FUTMINA said "i like the confidence you guys installed in me. i never knew there are still some good people in Nigeria; my job was delivered. Learn more about biology, paramecium, chemistry, electronics, microscopy (Microscope), Amateur Radio, Photography, Radio Astronomy, Science, Home Learning and much. Rhetoric is the art of discourse, wherein a writer or speaker strives to inform, persuade or motivate particular audiences in specific situations. Tom Phillips, stake president in the Mormon Church, received his second anointing.

Should local police be looking into you? Were you known as the Pet Slayer growing up? Do you like murdering Focker? Looks like Jason can't take criticism at all!

Jason you are a sad little intolerant leftist douchebag. Not to defend Jason, as he can do that well on his own, but you just proved that you, Josh, are the Dbag. If Jason could not stand criticism, he would not allow you to post this Help Me Write Zoology Dissertation Hypothesis "criticism" you have posted. To wit, your "scientific" rebuttal: But then, the internet, was all planned by our "ancient aliens"?

But then I wonder where they, meaning the aliens, ancient or modern, got their own civilizations sparked by?

Why of course, by other more ancient aliens! It all goes back to the Big Bang Who banged who, first?

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When it comes to true knowledge, one very wise Greek, and ancient alien in respect to today's wise heads, used to tell us that God only knows. Then God must be the oldest ancient alien. The mystery of "The ancient of days", the old man with the beard He is unlike any of read article, and He must have sparked all ancient civilizations, whether on this planet, or any other.

So, basically, you, Josh, "are amazed that humans draw simple shapes and prefers not to investigate the origins of ancient sites and instead attribute their creation to mysteries. At least, one can safely argue that the "buck stops with God". Another lame brained moron that has no fame.

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Such a sad little man like Jason. Nope, not buying it. Pretty confident that the real Josh Gates is fairly "leftist" too, or at least that collection of scarves he always wore screamed that. I'm bad at grammar, but even I, dear Josh, or whomever you may be, I can say that, if you knew your grammar better, you could have used the casual "you" with a preceding comma, to make your point clear. Also, "Another Jason sycophant that doesn't even know me! Because you were wanting to express that, "Not the Comte de Saint Germain" was one of Jason's follower, sycophant or not.

You should have expressed it in writing as; Another of Jason's sycophant And regarding your precious go here about, "another lame brain moron that has no Help Me Write Zoology Dissertation Hypothesis, are you not assuming two things?

First you assume that you are a famous person, then you assume that Frank is one without fame. Just what are you famous for, you idiot? Surely Frank would not care to have the kind of notoriety that you seem to enjoy, and which is one of being a self-acclaimed idiot.

And you, Josh, are the Moron, if you give credence to these silly ancient aliens nonsense, and intellectually degrading mankind's ingenuity and know-how. You, Josh, have provided no real rebuttal for Jason's opinions, whether Jason is right or not about what he said about you. Tell us read article about our ancient Atlanteans and how they helped the poor human sycophants build these ancient monumental structures.

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But please, don't defame our dear Plato by using other sources. Because for Atlantis, there is only one source, you idiot! Are you like our Donald Trump, famous and self-acclaimed smart person, but never reads anything worth while other than ratings? Have you read Plato, at least?

You should if you are going to be making famous statements on a radio blog. And by the way, you are not famous to me, as I have never even heard of you until I read Jason's comments here. Bast Please, give me a chance at being less of a moron and point out to us the the real Josh Gates that I may talk to. You are implying that you must know the real Gates, if you state that I was not talking to the real one. But are you the real Bast?

You just may be the real Josh Gates. But if not, just who the hell is Bast? Are you not the real moron here? A careful read of the posts will indicate, if you understand at all, that I never fully accepted that I was dealing with the Josh Gates referenced by Jason.

In fact, I was giving the poster, "Josh Gates", the opportunity to prove his real identity by showing off some of his "famous" knowledge, and provide a real, and substantial rebuttal to Jason's write up, rather than the typical Donald Trump like rebuttal he gave in the first post.

Why do you people get your undies in a wad over this show? It does not pretend to be a doctoral dissertation, it is entertainment based on some history, with some silliness, some humor, some beautiful photographyand some adventure tossed in. Maybe it bugs him that mindless fools believe this crap that is touted as " History" just because it is on the the "History Channel. I'm an author and Help Me Write Zoology Dissertation Hypothesis who has published on a range of topics, including click, science, and horror fiction.

Contents Excerpt Image Gallery. Short Stories Free Fiction. Edison's Conquest of Mars. Native American Discovery of Europe Interview: Who Built the Great Help Me Write Zoology Dissertation Hypothesis Plane of Ether The Adepts from Venus. Pantera, Father of Jesus? Hunt for Extraterrestrials was really boring. It involved host Josh Gates listening to a group of Zimbabweans describe a mass UFO sighting that occurred infollowed by a trip to Rendlesham Forest to listen to yet another iteration of the same routine set of mystery-mongering interviews with the UFO profiteers who have made a thirty-year career out of an alleged encounter with a spacecraft that has been debunked over and over again.

Many quesadillas Help Me Write Zoology Dissertation Hypothesis annuity

We saw this a few months ago on Ancient Aliens not to mention several times beforeand the Science Channel, and Destination America, and some online articles, and practically everywhere UFOs are sold. Gates added nothing to the discussion except to give far too much credence to some fairly dubious claims, to the exclusion of reasonable explanations. But now that fringe is apparently Help Me Write Zoology Dissertation Hypothesis best read more to attract declining audiences in the era of peak TV, all bets are off, and crazy people are the new normal.

Josh Gates" on Spreaker. We all know this, but it is still surprising to hear him admit it out loud. Naturally, Gates also credits Indiana Jones for inspiring his interest in ancient mysteries and adventure. Anyway, Gates said that as a child he would visit a supposedly haunted house and use a Ouija board to communicate with the spirit world.

I love horror but have never been obsessed with serial killers or ghosts, and I love Greek mythology but have never built an altar to Athena. Why does science fiction spawn an obsession with space?

He said he believes that civilization would collapse if the reality of aliens were ever proved because it would damage the religious foundations of most Earth societies. He agreed with Church that archaeologists cannot explain the mystical alignments of ancient megalithic sites with one another, or similar symbols across cultures.

Both Gates and Church laughed at archaeologists for suggesting ways that Egyptians could have carved statues from red granite, claiming that such sculptures are simply impossible for humans to produce. I may be a psychopath, but I'm a very well brought-up psychopath. Not the Comte de Saint Germain. It's not the real Josh Gates, just a long-term local nuisance. Another Jason sycophant that doesn't even know me! I am Josh Gates Idiot. Of course, talking to a fake Josh Gates doesn't make you look like a moron I am a small pathetic tiny dick self absorbed hateful little man!

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