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where Sports Illustrated'sOver the last five years starting blogs from scratch and running them, I've developed systems and processes to maximize the chances of blogging success. I created this site to give beginners a fast, foolproof Help Me Write My Blog to starting a blog without having to learn HTML or making expensive mistakes that most people here. So you want to start a blog.

In fact, over 9, people have already setup blogs using this guide! The goal of this page is to help you get started the right way.

So I want you to take the time to thoroughly read this post. While the other blogging platforms are generally all pretty OK, nothing, in my opinion, has ever come close to matching the freedom and customization options that WordPress offers.

So without a doubt, go with WordPress. Especially when you are just starting out. Setting up a blog like this is WAY easier and less expensive than you think. Now to the exciting part!

Domain name — This will be your personal blog address where people find you over and over again. Your new blog domain name will be www. Think of it as Help Me Write My Blog computer hard drive that stores all your content on your blog images, blog posts and so on. There are hundreds of different web hosting providers. I now only use and recommend www.

This helps you to avoid problems later on. At the end of this step 2you will have a fully working self-hosted WordPress blog on your own domain name! Some hosting companies do not have one-click install for WordPress. This discount should be applied go here. Already have a domain name? Just write it in the right box I already own this domain and keep moving to the next step by scrolling down a bit.

Choosing a bad domain name is one of the most common mistakes I see bloggers make. Be sure you choose a domain name that is…. I would take a look at each of these additional services to see if you want any of them.

It may take a Help Me Write My Blog minutes for HostGator to register your account, so be patient. You should get a confirmation email when your account is ready.

Thankfully, this takes just one click!

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In case you missed that notification bar. To log in to your blog, Help Me Write My Blog the admin URL. Congratulations — go here now know how to make a blog using WordPress. As you can see, it was really easy and straightforward. Now that your blog is set up, sign up for my FREE blogging course for tips on how to link readers, earn money, and personalize your blog.

Or read on to learn how to design your blog and make your first post. You can log in to your blog by going to www. If you want to see premium themes and designs like the Genesis Framework, head over to Themeforest. Search engines do not like two things:. One is filled with irrelevant information and the other one is short, clean and neat. Spam comments — Unfortunately, lots of people want to leave automate spam comments on your blog.

To avoid that, make sure you moderate your comments. By now you should have fully working WordPress blog on your own domain name. You can add the title to your blog post in the top field, and your content goes in the big text box below the title. You can save your draft or publish your content live by using the box menu on the far right of the page.

You can even schedule the post to be published later — or make the post private so only friends can see it.

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Linking out to other websites is a great way to build relationships and share interesting content. You can also highlight the text you want to change in your blog post, THEN click on the drop-down menu and select the format you want the text to be in.

You can also bold, italicize, underline and even change the color of your text in a click or two.

What should I write about? What blog should I start? Recipe blogs, fitness blogs, and business blogs are some of the most popular. There are a number of ways including advertising and digital products, but some people just do it for fun.

Which Help Me Write My Blog allegations

I would suggest using your real name because you can change it later. Are blogs social media? Blogs can be considered social media, because they have comments and social interactions.

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However from a technical standpoint, analytics software does not count blog traffic as social media traffic. Over million people read blog posts every month. Blogs might have fewer features than a website and just focus on creating really good content. For this reason, a blog is more socially active, with shares and comments.

Your email address will not be published. Before you start a blog, make sure you have some ideas what to write about. Tip from someone who has been blogging for a while: Choose a domain name that reflects your blog — it should be catchy, unique and memorable.

Just wanted to chime in tell that WordPress is indeed one of the best and most flexible blogging platforms out there. I started out on Blogger, but soon moved onto WordPress.

I want to set up a self-hosted blog on my own domain name MyName. Do I only need a domain name or do I need a hosting account, too?

Usually domain and hosting are bought together. Thank you very much for all your advice and tips! Could you tell me what is really expected to be said in the first post of your blog? I totally Help Me Write My Blog re: Yes, you can use HostGator even Sansa Audiobook Resume your from UK.

I went to hostgator as per your instruction. When I try to register myname. So do I need to buy a new domain name separately before proceeding to hostgator or hosting and domain name come together?

Ah I am really confused, please help!

Where did you buy your domain? If you bought it somewhere else then you need to point your domain nameservers to HostGator IP. You can get it from HostGator. More information can be found here: Would it be possible to start a WordPress blog and than later sign up for HostGater and purchase a Help Me Write My Blog name?

Or can it only be done the other way around? In theory, you can do Thank you for the super-easy guide to start a new blog. Here Help Me Write My Blog my question, can I use HostGator from India?

It seems like you got your blog up and running — congratulations! Just wait a few hours, clear your browser cookies and you should be able to see your blog. If you want to speed up the process, follow this guide: And also I love how you write, easy-to-read and lots of information! Thanks for this straightforward guide. Thank you very much for such a useful information especially for the newbie blogger like me. I had followed your guide and get the result I wanted. I could have my blog instantly setup without any hassle.

Furthermore, the address to the free picture is fantastic. I had been worrying the copyright issue of the picture I took from web. Thanks for the link provided. This guide really proved usefull for me. So to show you my appreciation, I had my first post thanking you for all the help in setting up my blog under my chosen domain name.

It was very easy and even a 6 year old could even build a website out of this guide. Hi Karen this is such a great post.