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morning wasBerryKY ph: It's been a while since i've posted any messages about people being cured of cancer.

Sorry, life just gets in the way, and i have been busy. I will try to do better in the future. My friend who sells the hedgeapple capsules told me this miracle story. Someone contacted her to buy the capsules, but said their loved one was on a feeding tube, and didn't have too much time left. They were concerned how they could get them into her body.

She suggested that they take the capsules apart and put in the feeding tube with the sterile water, or other liquid they normally use.

They began doing this, putting the opened capsules in her feeding tube. Within a few days, she started feeling better. After a few weeks, she was able to get out of bed, and soon was able to have the feeding tube removed, and was healthy once again. Please don't give up on your loved one when they are on a feeding tube. When there is life, there is always hope. God put hedgeapples on earth for us to use.

They are a God given miracle.

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I get emails and phone Having Done His Homework He Went For A Walk from people all the time. They are either asking for detailed information on how to prepare a hedgeapple, or they are telling me about miracle cures. The following is a story about a lady from New Mexico.

She called before Christmas to tell me her story. She had been having discomfort in her abdomen and unable to sleep on her stomach, as she always had done in the past. Two different people told her that she http://cocktail24.info/blog/persuasive-essay-global-warming-intro.php cancer in her abdomen. She does alternative healing, so she started seeking out a natural cure for cancer.

Somehow, maybe through my website, she found out about hedgeapples. Someone sent her a couple, and she began eating them. On the second day she started having severe abdominal pain. She went to the bathroom and passed some weird looking objects.

She said it looked like tentacles or fingers, and the commode was full. After this, she no longer had the abdominal discomfort and was able to return to sleeping on her stomach. I have wanted to tell this story for several weeks, but like i said, was unable to get on my website. Thank God, she found the hedgeapples, and is now cured!! How to prepare hedgeapples for eating. People call me all the time about the proper way to prepare hedgeapples for eating.

Folks there isn't an exact science to this. Just get it into your body is the main thing. Here's a few ways you can do it. Gather the hedgeapples, either while they are still on the tree or after they have fallen to the ground. They are effective as soon as they appear on the tree. Even the sap from the limbs are healing. However, it's better to let them grow to full size, which can be as small as an orange, or as large as a grapefruit.

If they are dirty, rinse them off, let dry, and wrap them in freezer paper, newpaper, freezer bags, etc and put in freezer. Let them please click for source solid.

Take one out and use your slaw grater, just as if you were making cole slaw. Grate off one or two tablespoons, twice a day. This makes it real mushy, like applesauce. Simply swallow and follow with glass of water. DO NOT cut the peeling off. Use the entire hedgeapple,peeling, seeds and all. Don't waste any of it. Most people can see a difference within a month's time.

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Most people get the diahrrhea after eating it. In my opinion, this is nature's way of getting rid of the toxins in the body. I have been hearing of some people who have been making a tea by chopping the hedgeapple up into small chunks, putting it in ice cube trays, then they take the chunks out twice a day, and make a tea. I'm not a tea drinker, so this is not appealing to me.

Use your Magic Bullet Food Processor. If you have hedgeapples in your freezer, take one out.

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Let thaw enough to be able to cut into pieces. Then put in your food processor, and grind into mush. Then put in your refrigerator. Take out twice a day and eat at least a tablespoon twice a day, and follow with a glass of water. If you don't like the taste of hedgeapples, mix with applesauce, cottage cheese or something you like. I think they taste something like cucumbers. As i have stated previously, do not throw any part away.

Use the peeling, seeds and all. Sorry the font is so small, but can't get my font to enlarge today. Drying in a dehydrator. Some people are using their dehydrator to prepare the hedgeapple. Amish people are slicing them and putting on top of wood stoves to dry. If you use a dehydrator, first slice the hedgeapple, just like it was a tomato, place the slices on the trays, let dry till bone dry.

click here You then put it in a food processor, such as a Magic Bullet, and turn it into powder. You can then either sprinkle on your food, or put in capsules, found at health food stores or online. My friend who sells the hedgeapple capsules dries hers naturally. She says it's a two year process, by the time the hedgeapple totally dries, then she grinds them up, and puts in capsules.

She feels if you speed up the process, it takes away from the healing properties. I have heard of people who have gone into remission, by doing the dehydrator process, but as she says, it might be better to either eat the fresh ones, or take the capsules that have been processing for two years.

I'm just giving you the different options. Then it's up to each individual as to how you want to proceed. Most doctors don't tell their patients the importance of eliminating sugar in your diet. Cancer cells feed on sugar. I've known this for years, but it was just mentioned recently on TV If you can go on an alkaline diet, you will be helping your body to heal.

Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment. I am not a doctor, nurse, or any type of medical personnel.

A mom buys a 'robot nanny' to care for her bullied son. But then, he feels a chill to the bone.

Use the above information at your own discretion. I am just making people aware of information i have received fro m others who i have either known, or been told that they have improved after using the alternative healing treatments from Hedgeapples.

I have some wonderful news to share with you. The following is an email from a guy in Kentucky. He wrote to share the wonderful news that his mother in law is now cancer free. I might Having Done His Homework He Went For A Walk, he wrote in a seperate email about his mother in law watching some informative films. They were created by several oncologists who no longer are assoicated with the traditional chemo cancer treatment.

They saw too many people die from cancer and they knew there was a cure. I hope this email gives you encouragement to seek out other non traditional cancer treatments. Good afternoon Judy, I wrote you several months ago telling you about my mother in law that had developed cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes.

I sent her your web information and when her oncologist insisted on her taking chemotherapy, she declined and began taking hedgeapples instead. It just so happens that she has around 25 hedgeapple trees in the yard. I am here to share with you, that after being on them for over a month, she went back to her oncologist, and he gave her a clean bill of health.

Now she will have to go back to him every so often to get blood work done, but she and my father in law are so very thankful for gods miracle fruit. I wanted to share source with you, and about 5 minutes ago, I learned that one of our supervisors here at work has a grandson that is very young, and has been diagnosed with cancer.

I just now printed out your web page and laid it on his desk. Thanks so very much for sharing this information with the world, and I hope that my story will bring hope to others. Just for your information, hedgeapples are now on the trees about the size of a baseball.