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and Luke's mother, KimThe summary section of your essay should be no more than words.

Your concluding paragraph should restate your critique thesis, with the wording slightly changed. You will then find a way to exit gracefully from the paper. For this assignment you should not quote more than a phrase at a time, and you should only quote words or phrases when there is no good equivalent available; no quoting of complete sentences is allowed. Gay marriage is the same sex marriage among men.

It involves men engagement in marriage relationships whereby men eventually end up marrying each other. Together with homosexuality, gay marriage has induced many vies and demonstrations since time immemorial.

There are some nations which have legalized gay marriages. Such nations include Canada, Netherlands, Belgium and the U. Two authors, Andrew Sullivan and William J.

Bennet have come up with arguments concerning gray marriage. Andrew Sullivan, a political conservative and blogger author, discloses his views arguing for gay marriages.

So, according to Sullivan, gray marriage is a right to any interested person hence should be legalized. Bennet, a spokesperson of the American Conservative, argues against gay marriages. As per him, gay marriage is a marriage relationship that should not be legalized but illegalized.

In Andrew Sullivan's article, "For Gay Marriage", he is a man on a mission. He appears to be so fully committed to democratic values that he seeks to extend equal 3/5(1). In Andrew Sullivan's article, "For Gay Marriage", he is a man on a mission. He appears to be so fully committed to democratic values that he seeks to exten. As same-sex couples march down the aisle in N.Y., Andrew Sullivan reflects on his own pursuit of happiness. Jun 26,  · Read the essay that helped start the gay marriage movement Andrew Sullivan wrote a the gay marriage movement before Sullivan's essay. Check out our top Free Essays on Summary For Gay Marriage By Andrew Sullivan to help you write your own Essay.

From For Gay Marriage Andrew Sullivan Essay analysis of the essays written by Sullivan and Bennet about gay marriages, we are informed that gay marriage is a strong argumentative debate that requires strong reasons to back it up.

Therefore, gay marriage is a marriage engagement that should not be legalized. This is because the real meaning of marriage will lose sense. Also, gay marriage is a form of sex misuse since sex was never meant for such purpose.

In addition to that, gay marriage goes hand in hand with homosexuality which has side effects that are devastating compared to man-woman marriage relationship. From the analysis of work written by authors Sullivan and Bennet, there are many reasons given click to see more to support and defend their arguments. Sullivan feels that gay people should be considered as human beings and granted equal rights.

He says that gay people have feelings like other people as they develop feelings to people of their sex instead of the opposite. Getting married to same sex people is a right they are entitled to thus they should not be denied. The main reason he is bringing out is that gay people develop feelings to people of the same sex hence getting married to them. Sullivan does not produce solid evidence to convince the reader and precisely show his direction as where he is emanating from.

Factual evidence, which is lacking in this article, should have given the latter clear convincing information to grant to the reader. Sullivan goes ahead to utter that homosexuals would be granted hope by gay marriage. By legalizing, gay marriage, homosexual couples will be given the opportunity to adopt children The author did not ask himself some questions before expressing his views and arguments in writings.

Bennet has powerful arguments against gay marriage. He puts across his views to. According to him, the marriage institution will lose meaning with the legalization of gay marriage. He defines marriage according to the western definition which does not favor every individual from the rest of the world. In his arguments, he includes cultures accommodating marital activities such as homosexuality and adultery. He writes views which disclose him as a person who feels that the world contains men and women with similar feelings of attraction.

Both articles have vivid reasons on whether or not gay marriage should be prohibited. Nevertheless, they lack precise explanations as to who clearly define marriage. They are not able to tell if it is the religious books, constitution or the people who are to define marriage. Some other concepts are not understood by these authors. They do not know if the real meaning of marriage is destroyed by gay marriage or another meaning is brought in play.

Inclusively, they have no idea if gay marriage is encouraging homosexuality among the children and youth or not. These are some of ideas that should be addressed by these authors to make informed decisions and opinions. In conclusion, the clear argument concerning gay argument has been For Gay Marriage Andrew Sullivan Essay by these authors.

This is because they do not support their arguments accordingly. They also exclude significant and important ideas regarding gay marriage.

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The essays have strengths in that they have points to argue effectively. The only weakness connected to the passages is the inadequate facts to support the points that are written by these authors.

Gay conservative debate @ Cato: Andrew Sullivan, Maggie Gallagher, Nick Herbert

The debate of gay marriage has not reached a solution at this point. Therefore, due to the fact that no answer has been found to gay marriage, this marriage is a marriage engagement that should not be legalized. Reversing the Moral Collapse of the American Family, For Gay Marriag e. An Argument about Homosexuality4th edition, Free Table Of Content.

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