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Sign Up Sign In. Only available on StudyMode. VandalismGraffitiBanksy Pages: Both sides have a very good argument but before we are able to take any side. We must first know what exactly are graffiti, art and vandalism?

According read more Essay On Graffiti Art dictionary p graffiti is ''defined as markings, as initial, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a sidewalk, wall of a building or public restroom''. Now vandalism defined by Webster's dictionary p is ''deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property.

Now we ask this question again is graffiti art or vandalism? Well based on the definition of these words I say Graffiti is in fact Art. Now some may ask if the definition of the words alone tell you it is art why is it such a debate? Well that question can simply be answer with it just depends on were the graffiti is placed. Vandalism is only vandalism when it is mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property.

If for example someone was to spray paint there bedroom for decortications proposes that is graffiti as art not vandalism because they did not do it for a mischievous or malicious destruction reason or to damage the room. They did it as self expression to make the room beautiful in there own way which is exactly Art. I feel the reason people say graffiti is vandalism is because they just simply don't know what the words mean.

Essay On Graffiti Art graffiti is vandalism if done on public property out of a mischievous act but if graffiti is out of this context it is not vandalism. Also in both cases graffiti is still art weather it's done as a vandal or positive act because art is perceived Show More Please sign up to read full document. Graffiti Art or Vandalism?

What do people think of when they see graffiti? Is it artvandalismor could it be both. Graffiti is a relatively new and developing art form that presents a lot of controversy due to its involvement Essay On Graffiti Art illegality. Graffiti includes any images or letterings painted, scratched, or marked in any matter on property.

It can appear as simple words and range to an elaborate art masterpiece. Graffiti has existed since ancient times dating back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The term graffiti comes from the Italian word graffiato, which means scratched. Modern graffiti art originated in the late s, specifically in New York, and has been developing go here since.

Graffiti is not readily accepted as being artlike the kind that is in Graffiti Art or Vandalism Essay Sam Cowey Graffiti has been around for more than half a decade and practiced worldwide. However there is debate between whether it is a form of art or vandalism.

A graffiti artist can have the simple desire to become recognized, or to create a piece that speaks to their audience as a form of self expression. Because graffiti is associated with gangs and acts of destruction to some many cannot see the history and importance graffiti can have on a worldwide scale. Due to the fact that graffiti is usually produced illegally, meaning it is on private property without permission, means that it is vandalismbut this does not take away from the overpowering factors that make graffiti a legitimate form of aesthetically pleasing art.

Youths would write their names along with the street number they lived on all across New York. This was directly related to gangs to mark their territory. Law enforcement quickly began apprehending graffiti writers, or taggers, and did Essay on Graffiti Art or Vandalism The individual is often faced with uncertainty when the topic of graffiti arises.

The public often portray graffiti as a destructive act towards his or her surroundings however; graffiti Essay On Graffiti Art also be considered a form of self-expression. Many questions can be made pertaining to the graffiti movement, but the main question is graffiti a crime or an art?

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Graffiti portrays contemporary sub-cultured art through its source and bold attractiveness on the communal grounds. The graffiti era began with the simple use of characterized letterings which sooner evolved to creatively embellishing large murals. Its daring and unique presentation captured the attention of the competition so as the audience expanded, so did graffiti.

It has progressed from a competitive Essay On Graffiti Art for street credibility to an expressive form of street art. The mastery of graffiti has become a part of subculture with its raw and defiant nature presented within the streets and the media Graffiti is a true art with different meanings that involves many styles and risks that can damage artists physically and socially.

Graffiti is an artnot a simple tagging on a trash can or an alley wall but an actual mural that represents meanings in Essay On Graffiti Art detail, style, and even every color. How many times have you seen a graffiti mural and asked yourself: One person who does graffiti in a meaningful way is Obey, who creates communist propaganda. He expresses how he feels and how many people feel about communism. The acceptance of graffiti as an art form Essay I believe that Graffiti is most certainly a valid art form.

Graffiti Art: An Essay Concerning The Recognition of Some Forms of Graffiti As Art. George C. Stowers Prof. Goldman. Title Length Color Rating: Graffiti: Art or Vandalism? - Art: the ultimate form of self expression. But, what constitutes an art. And, who decides. Free essay sample on Graffiti art in Los Angeles, example research paper on Graffiti for students. You can order custom essays, research papers and term papers on Art. Graffiti is just another way to express yourself as being a form of a artist. So what I’m trying t. Graffiti is a true art with different meanings that involves many styles and risks that can damage artists physically and socially. Graffiti is an art, not a simple.

The question as to whether any forms of graffiti can be considered art is a controversial area. Is it vandalism when it is placed on the side of a building or a car and art when it is on a canvas on someone's wall or in a gallery- what is the difference? Graffitiin its more complex forms, can be considered art because it clearly contains artistic elements, it communicates the artist's expression to the viewer, and the traditional art community has already accepted it.

The objective of this essay is to explain how graffiti art overcomes the concerns of illegality and vandalism and can be considered as a true Essay On Graffiti Art form. Graffiti has been around for Essay On Graffiti Art long time; its birth goes back to the beginning of human society. It has been found in prehistoric times in cave drawings and on the uncovered in ancient Egyptian monuments Stowers.

The actual word graffiti is derived from two different words. First the Greek word "Graphein," meaning "to write" and secondly, the Italian word "Grafficar," which means "drawings, markings, scribbles, patterns, or messages that are painted, written, or carved on a surface" Dennant.

More recently, in the early 70's, modern day graffiti began to develop in the They portray quirky, humorous artworks and provide a political voice for the lower class read more of the world. It is the art that has attitude and makes every surface of a city an installation that brings people together and provokes thought about the world as it is. A largely popular quasi-anonymous graffiti artist that is supposedly from Bristol, England is Banksy.

As his artworks were considered criminal he ensured that his real name was not discovered by the media and to this day remains anonymous. Is Graffiti an Art? The topic is graffiti and the debate is whether it should be seen as and art form.

Many individuals will argue that it is not art and that it is uninspired vandalism. However these people do not understand the true meaning of graffitiand what it means to be a graffiti artist.

It is costing Auckland ratepayers 5 million dollars this year to fight a losing battle against graffiti in the streets. If people take the time to appreciate graffiti and the artists it is a battle that will not have to be more info. The facts, figures and benefits of recognising graffiti as an art form and taking action to encourage legal graffiti vastly outweigh the disastrous effects of not doing so.

Firstly it is of utmost significance to outline what graffiti is and is not the reason being that the majority of people are oblivious to the difference, viewing any indecent here on public or private property as graffiti and an illegal act of vandalism.

However they are mistaken. There are three that must be separated. It is when the artist writes his name in By Rebecca Hewes In the recent past, graffiti has been used as visual symbol of resistance, an image indicative of group identity, and finally, viewed as an image that promotes an individual identity in and out of the art gallery as well as in the corporate social world.

However, this thesis has failed to identify the present use and purpose of graffiti today. This current form of graffiticreated primarily by the artists, is one, which is grounded in the "challenge" of constructing an artistic and aesthetically pleasing piece in the public environment.

Roman graffitiwithin Pompeii, by unknown writer, estimated to be from 79 C.

Modern graffitifrom New York, by an unknown artist The purpose of graffiti artists integrates all of the "faces" that graffiti has worn in the past; there is an indication of resistance, artistry, group and individual identity, and a purpose of advertising combined in the creation of "Graff" today.

Graffiti is no longer is a click here with a history completely independent to that of the dominant culture and so, it is now common to see how graffiti artists as well as the Please enter an email address: Have a great research document you think will help inspire other StudyMode members?

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