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milling machine toolMirrors are a part of life. It has no life but plays an important role in discovering ones identity.

The queries and curiosities of the outer world can be answered by surfing Google or Wikipedia or an encyclopedia but the inner curiosities are to be dealt within self.

Mirror do reflect our soul and so is our best friend who walks along us during dark times too!!!! I am a mirror. I don't know how I was born,but what I learnt from students talking about me is that I came check this out existence by amalgamating silver and mercury. So I would rather call myself an invention than a discovery!!

People start knowing me right from my place of birth which is no way a hospital!! S cientists once asked me if I could help them for viewing far off objects and I blessed them with telescopes.

Now the world has viewed the farthest planet known. They saw my potential and soon started using me in cameras,lens,lasers and others useful things for mankind. I have also succeeded to appeal creative minds and because of this I am also a decorative piece of art.

I enhance the beauty of a building when I am given an opportunity to have a make over!! People fix me in beautiful frames and I become an elegant showpiece. Am I not so adorable!!! Besides that ,there is no single person I know who doesn't know me.

Yes I am that popular. I am even more famous among the feminine mass,they just love looking at me and I love the spark in their eyes. They take me along wherever they go. Besides telling the crowd how brilliant they look, I can also tell them what is in their mind.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Mirror and

In case if you frown a nd I come across you,I bet you will pick up a better expression for yourself. I can make people laugh. Well,that is not all I can do. I am also an essential part of the vehicles for easy view of the traffic and help people from unwanted dashing on the streets. Sometimes I wonder if I were a reincarnation of God because I Essay On Autobiography Of A Mirror lives too!! O n a funny note, apart for all my significant usage, I am often believed to capture ghost images which is impossible with naked eyes.

Movies do stress upon this!!! Enough have I boasted about how people think about me,I think I should now tell you about how I think about people. Since time immemorial, I have been keeping hidden secrets of a person's mind because its me in front of whom they speak their heart out. I am the reflection of the soul,therefore I can see the truth behind tears. I have been with them in times of joy and despair;love and hatred.

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People have shown me their best and worst forms portraying their inner consciousness but for me things just come and go. A lion roars at me but I never roar at it,a child dances with me but I never dance with him.

I show them the truth of their existence,I show them the reality. And the worst part is I am hated for this. People show their anger by throwing things at me and breaking me into pieces. I still ask God what on earth did I commit wrong that people blame me for? Given a chance to speak up,I would ask you to see the beautiful reflection of life.

For instance, the beautiful sun rays that enlightens lives rather than the pebbles on the ground that blocks the way. Either choose a better version of life for yourself or keep accusing me for showing you the ugly truth!!!! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Amazing way of expressing the feelings of a object Pallavi mirror really it's a valuable in everyone's life I'll always remember your words while checking my appearance in mirror!!

Amazing and very nice You wrote so well!! Your writing helped me go here lot with my school project.!! Its was very helpful fr me as my daughter is participating in fancy dress as a mirror I was just thinking for a wonderful topic for my project. I got it here Thank u mam. Next time i woud see into a mirror ,definitely gonna remember this What a great way of showing how a mirror sees us!

This was awesome and a great start to your writing here, welcome to hubpages! Nice idea to write about the mirror. The "mirror" is the other one of ourselves and reminds me of times I've seen people jump when they unintentionally see themselves in a mirror they didn't know was there. Very well done, Pallavi, very creative, original and a unique hub, Keep writing, God bless.

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The Autobiography of a Mirror!!!

How to write a short essay on "Autobiography Of A Mirror", Essay autobiography mirror Essay autobiography mirror, brennan report bill of rights. Lucy Grealy's Autobiography of a Face that is reflected in a mirror and an Margery Kempe's Autobiography In her essay "Professions for. Free autobiography of mirror papers, essays, and research papers. this autobiography of"the mirror" is very helpful for me i like ur vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvnice and excellent autobiography of a mirror.

Updated on October 19, Mould me into a circle or square, and I will show u things you are not aware!!! The autobiography of the mirror has really motivated me. It's really very good article N I luv d reflection of d soul concept. Books, Literature, and Writing.

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