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Check out reviews left by other students or leave your own review. You could win a free scholarship. There are many concerts at Pitt, student fairs, festivals, club activities and trips, and volunteering opportunities to make sure the experience at Pitt is enjoyable.

The food options are pretty decent for a college campus. There are many places with healthy and unhealthy food options available to appease any appetite. Depending on one's major, the University of Pittsburgh can either be challenging or very doable. There are a plethora of resources on campus for students to utilize in order to perform well in classes. Come into the University of Pittsburgh with vigor and a determination to work hard. The benefits of getting click here grades and being involved are very much worth the effort of being a good student.

A fun, laid-back campus with a lot to do.

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The University of Pittsburgh has a plethora of passionate instructors who are willing to go above and beyond for their students. Along with enjoyable academics, the university offers a massive variety of recreational student activities that are fit for everyone.

Login to rate or flag the reviews. Anything you can imagine. There is something for everyone here. Seek out and utilize the resources available to you. Professors are there to help you, take advantage of that! Pitt is the perfect balance between a college town and an urban feel.

Academically, you can't ask for a better collection of resources to help you achieve your goals. I can't imagine myself anywhere else. Reviewer is Accepted here and planning to attend soon.

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Reviewer has not been to campus. Getting into the school was somewhat easy, but now I need scholarship money to help me get in. Reviewer is Researching this school. Reviewer has been to campus. Riding a bicycle, dancing, running around the pretty park, etc. Food in or around University of Pittsburgh is great. You can find anything you want to have a try. Trees, flowers, hills and foods there will make you be love in the university's dorm life.

You shouldn't cheat both other people and yourself. Only the true data can make a great progress. Keep the goals and dreams in your mind. There are a lot of chances in this university. The University of Pittsburgh is a beautiful university. The atmosphere of both study and living there is great for students.

I really like to study there. The campus is beautiful and makes me feel at home. But our greek life is still heavily involved on campus offering a wide range of events open to all Pitt students. We have over clubs to get involved with!

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Pitt welcomes all different backgrounds and is open to a wide range of clubs! There are a wide range of options! What is so cool about Pittsburgh are the unique neighborhoods each offering something different.

There are a TON of restaurants, movie theaters, Musicals, plays, sporting events, and concerts and so much more! There are a wide range of food options.

Not only university dinning but you also have places such as chipotle, Qudoba, Essay Im In Lingo Student Use, Noodles, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc I loved my residence hall experience. I met some of my closest friends there and being able to live with your best friends is amazing! It depends what you're looking for! Pitt has hundreds of majors all run and taught by well educated, distinguished facility. It's a great way to connect to campus and feel like you're part of this great University.

The student atmosphere and faculty here are amazing. You also have the balance of an Urban campus with acres of green space 5 min away. The city is our playground and just enhances your overall education, with plenty of job opportunities and internships. Oakland is pretty much the safest place in the city. There are cops everywhere. If you go out and get super wasted, bad things can happen, but as long as you have good friends you should be okay. Greek life isn't very popular at Pitt, but it's a close knit group that seems to have a lot of fun together.

There are over of them so there's literally something for everyone. It is also extremely easy to start your own club, I did it started the Pitt Pennysavers, a club centered around couponing and saving money. All you need is 10 people and you can start applying for funding.

Pre-meds UPMCphilosophy 1social work 1. Having a great philosophy and good poli-sci also makes it great for pre-laws in general. People who want to do research - there is more to choose from than pretty much and school at this price point go here funding through the Brackenridge and other grants is everywhere.

Career-focused, academic, city kids please click for source lots of people come from the middle of nowhere will thrive at Pitt. It's definitely liberal, but there are a few conservatives - just don't be shocked when you see a gay interracial couple kissing in public. Every freshman class breaks an obscure world record - we did most people making an image of the earth by holding up LED lights.

Rubbing the Panther's nose for good luck. Saying Click go Pitt! If you're in-state, you're definitely getting a good deal. Pitt is just as good as private schools that charge twice as much. Obviously the out of state tuition is one of the highest in the country, but I still think it's a pretty decent deal. You get so many opportunities that small schools don't offer. Their Free Visits program includes free admission to lots of local museums and the Conservatory.

Signing up for the Newsletter gives you access to free trips to plays, concerts, dance performances and more, which also include free meals at some of the hottest Pittsburgh restaurants!

Pitt Arts also gives you discounts to other events through their Cheap Seats program. There are over Other big clubs also bring people in, like the Rainbow Alliance brought in Laverne Cox. Read the Pitt News to stay updated on who's coming. There are also a couple cool clubs and bars around the city that students frequent. Again, Essay Im In Lingo Student Use I didn't live on campus I can't say much source the cafeteria.

I personally didn't really like it, but I know it is a lot Essay Im In Lingo Student Use and has way much more variety than most. The meal plans try to scam every freshman, so get the lowest one you can.

The great thing about living in the city is that there are so many other options besides cafeteria food. Just don't tie up all your money in Dining Dollars and Swipes, and you'll be able to take advantage of that.

I never lived in a dorm. Besides that, I never met anybody who had any real problems with their dorms. Most people say it's super easy to make friends in dorms. They're tiny as hell, but that's kind of the idea if you live in the dorm. Still, I would strongly encourage everyone to look into off-campus housing.

You will save a lot of money, and the Commuter Student Association is great at Pitt. They Essay Im In Lingo Student Use lots of free events for you to get to know other commuters, and I met a lot of my good friends there. Rigor can be mixed bag with Pitt. Bio and Chem courses are notoriously hard, and cause lots of pre-med kids to switch majors free tutoring is available, but if you're not totally in love with science you'll probably just give up.

Other than that, you here be screaming your head off to get good grades, but you will be challenged. Looking through the list and going to the activities fair, you will want to do everything. Commit to one or two clubs you really care about, and visit the rest whenever they have big events open to everyone. Pitt isn't the most diverse school percentage-wise, but since it has over kids, it still adds up.

Lots of schools don't offer anything like it, and it's a super easy way to learn about the school, make friends, and get a ton of free stuff, so go to as many events as you can.