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click here Ethics, libel, freedom of the press Also linked to here--resources on: Media watchdogs, privacy, plagiarism, freedom of information FOIA.

Borders Knight First Amendment Institute In response to a Knight Institute FOIA request, the government released a page spreadsheet containing over complaints from travelers whose electronic devices were searched at the border. The Trump administration asked a judge to dismiss the case Ghassan Alasaad et al. Customs and Border Protection, and U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Explains how VPN encryption and protocols work and how they can protect your internet connection.

Reviews best VPN systems. VPNs add a layer between your computer and the internet, forcing your connection to go through another server before going out onto the internet, and hide your browsing habits to your ISP. Google In Private Thomas Claburn, Information Week, Disconnect app delivers search engine privacy, with "pay what you want" pricing. Tanya Rivero interviews Georgia Wells, WSJ video, Advocacy groups allege that Internet-connected toys, including several children's dolls, pose a privacy risk to consumers.

Is Genesis Toys recording children's voices Esl Literature Review Ghostwriting Websites For University what they say, without parental knowledge or consent?

The first step is for journalists and media organizations to privilege the use of HTTPS websites and services as much as possible: Schulz from the Center for Investigative Reporting. This is first part of a four-part series examining your digital trail and who potentially has access to it. While not always obvious, websites commonly allow other companies to track user behavior.

Experts say no but warn we are moving in that direction. All it takes is a subpoena, which any attorney can do. Former Nixon administration attorney John Dean and a North Carolina divorce lawyer warn that if you think you have nothing to hide, think again. Using bits of data from social network sites, researchers gleaned names, ages and even Social Security numbers.

Check out what they know about you, your household, your education or income or purchase preferences.

Is it possible to be truly anonymous in the digital world? Most users could do more to safeguard themselves, but no software or service can protect them fully from determined government agencies, criminals or hackers. Schrems was intrigued and somewhat rattled.

Rather, he felt a vague disquiet about what Facebook could do with all that information about him in the future. Privacy and Invasion of Privacy. What is happening to academic freedom? But many within and without higher education are not well-versed in all the protections it does provide. This statement is designed to help clarify both what academic freedom does and doesn't do. For example, academic freedom means that both faculty members and students can engage in intellectual debate without fear of censorship or retaliation.

Academic community fears chilling effect of honoring subpoenas for sealed oral history transcripts. Those close ties are one reason the college has been waging a court battle against a US government subpoena, requested by British authorities, which seeks testimony from a sealed oral history project about the war in Northern Ireland.

Katie Zezima, NY Times, In papers filed in court in Boston, this web page college said releasing audio tapes and other materials connected to the confidential interviews could jeopardise the safety of former paramilitaries who were interviewed, the two former paramilitaries who conducted the interviews, and college staff involved in an oral history known as the 'Belfast Project'.

Each day, the boundaries of appropriate social media usage shift a little, and my requests for some clear written guidance are rebuffed. Best practices for government communications directors This section was assembled before Trump was elected. My guess is the rules will change.

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Bias in journalism vs. Explaining that Decision in Oregon Eric P. Topic areas from from RCFP press release include: Free speech, freedom of expression, and censorship "Congress this web page make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the Esl Literature Review Ghostwriting Websites For University of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Martin Luther King Jr. Daily Alert on Rights and Expressionan excellent daily-curated roundup of the most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today, from the U. See also the PEN America Digital Archivean archive of resources for and about literature and advocacy for free expression.

Liberals were more likely to support firing for racist beliefs and so on; but conservatives were more likely to support firing for political dissent such as flag-burning Speaking of flagrant violations of the First Amendment, nearly half of Republicans would favor a law banning the building of mosques in their community All of which is to reiterate that democratic values are under threat from many more sources than just socialist year-olds.

Trump and Trauma, Threats and Tribalism: Art Censorship and a Divisive Presidency Source Mintcheva, National Coalition Against Censorship, Protests opposing alt-right and other controversial speakers have turned violent on college campuses, museums face threats of violence, artists call for the destruction of work by other artists and outrage is replacing reasoned debate that apparently outdated darling of liberals.

A new culture war? Carter Journalism Institute launched this online resource that "goes beyond the headlines to provide much-needed coverage and context to the debate over freedom of expression. Indiscriminate spam-blocking software would spot those words, ignore the context and group my newsletter with unsolicited e-mails from purveyors of smut. When disputes about free speech are adjudicated not according to broad principles but according to who has power, the left will mostly lose Luckily, if they ever do come face to face with forces determined to shut them up, the A.

Five years ago, in a decision that has led to a Supreme Court showdown, he refused to use his skills to make a wedding cake to celebrate a same-sex marriage, saying it would violate his Christian faith and Esl Literature Review Ghostwriting Websites For University his right to express himself But when the Supreme Court hears the case this fall, the arguments will mostly center on a different part of the First Amendment: In Charlottesville, Virginia, that line was smashed.

What started as a seemingly lawful, yet emotional and heated, protest exploded into a full-blown riot with chaos, three deaths and neo-Nazis, KKK and other white supremacists clad in helmets, brandishing shields and weapons.

First Amendment Esl Literature Review Ghostwriting Websites For University to speak, assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances are fundamental, but not absolute. Showing up to a protest with armor and weapons crosses the line and the rioting loses its constitutional protection.

The town had staged counterdemonstrations to dissuade these pilgrims Violent struggles, on the other hand, often repelled people and dragged on for years. The NFL hoped Colin Kaepernick would go away, but they couldn't keep him off the field Adam Kilgore, National Post, Donald Trump's caustic remarks and tweets left players with little choice but to respond.

Many took their cues from Kaepernick. Corey, Patheos, " This video is the best 5 minutes you will see on the NFL protests. German Lopez, Vox, Nick Wright: Are you angry about the form of protest? Or what is being protested? Kneeling IS a form of peaceful protest.

The players have been uniform that they have been using the anthem to protest inequality, police brutality, and racial injustice. Trump and others have hijacked the protest and made it about the anthem. Common traits of hate speech: Moral condemnation, not legal suppression, is the appropriate response to these despicable ideas. Glocks, after the popular handgun.

The Florida law was the first in the country to try to restrict the First Amendment rights of medical providers to discuss the safe storage of guns with patients, and the court click will probably make it more difficult for other states to pass a similar measure. Under the law, doctors could Esl Literature Review Ghostwriting Websites For University their licenses or risk large fines for asking patients or their families about gun ownership and gun habits.

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Yet, as implemented, these privacy protections fail to comport with the procedural protections required under the U. May the government use the speech of a public employee as the basis for discharge or denying promotion? A few interesting cases. Here's one, from Oyez: Combining original behavioral experiments with sharp observations of contemporary battles over ideas, secrets, and skill, Lobel identifies motivation, relationships, and mobility as the most important ingredients for successful innovation.

Practices that threaten free expression and fair use: The State of Washington. He tried to make the point, telling the crowd: Suzanne Nossel, Op Ed, NY Times, "Some of the most potent threats to free speech these days come not from our government or corporations, but from our citizenry.

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Pitched battles being waged at Yale and the University of Missouri pit speech versus speech in a contest of who and what is entitled to be heard. Adler, WaPo, Taking it down, wrong.

Allowing expression of an opposing opinion, right. Or listen to the So To Speak podcast. The words to avoid: But how are law enforcement and the administration responding to the very real threats coming from white supremacists like those who marched earlier this month on Charlottesville? That law, which allows citizens, the media and other groups to request access to information held Esl Literature Review Ghostwriting Websites For University the federal government, does not apply to congressional records The full report go here not expected to offer evidence of previously undisclosed interrogation techniques, but the interrogation sessions are said to be described in great detail.

The report explains the origins of the program and identifies the officials involved, and also offers details on the role of each agency in the secret prison program.

Reckonings tend to take a while to form, as Nixon and Agnew learned. Kick's site has been good about saving items deleted by the Trump Administration including Trump's error-filled Tweets. Conversely, 69 percent of Democrats find the news media truthful, while a whopping 91 percent of Republicans consider them untruthful.

Independents consider both untruthful," according to a poll conducted by Emerson College.