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men andDo you want to be more efficient? Think about your meetings and the meeting notes that follow them: When our meetings aren't effective, we waste valuable time figuring out what we are trying to accomplish in them. When our meeting minutes aren't effective, we waste the time we spent in meetings.

Without good meeting notes or minutes, we may not remember or recognize:.

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And when we can't remember the items above, we end up going in different directions link then meeting again for the same original purpose! Notes and minutes are the same thing.

Minutes are more formal and are often required by organizational bylaws. To avoid wasting your time spent in meetings, be sure your notes and minutes answer these 10 questions:. Minutes need headings so that readers can skim for the information they need. Your template may include these:. Do write minutes soon after the meeting --preferably within 48 hours.

That way, those who attended can be reminded of action items, and those who did not attend will Esl Blog Writing Site For Phd know what happened.

Don't skip writing minutes just because everyone attended the meeting and knows what happened. Meeting notes serve as a record of the meeting long after people forget what happened. Don't describe all the "he said, she said" details unless Esl Blog Writing Site For Phd details are very important. Record topics discussed, decisions made, and action items.

Don't include any information that will embarrass anyone for example, "Then Terry left the room in tears". Do use positive language. Rather than describing the discussion as heated or angry, use passionate, lively, or energetic-- all of which are just as true as the negative words.

Do have a new year filled with productive meetings captured efficiently in crisp, clear meeting notes! Find out about Upcoming Classes. Saeed Ahmed, be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter if you want regular emails from me.

You can do that on my website, syntaxtraining. Or sign up for this blog's feed. Lynn March 19, at I am due to start a new job which will require some degree of minutetaking and making sense of dictation from read article dictaphone. Although I have taken minutes before a while back I am nervous as the Terminology will be different within this line of work.

Can you give me any advice on how to go about writing and abreviating minutes? Aryssa Amin March 25, at Read my blog entry for December 16, It includes a link to an article, "Meeting Notes Made Easy. Lynn March 26, at I have been requested to be taking minutes during our Board Meetings.

Please can you advise me the tense I shoud use when writing minutes. I know it is a reported speech. Adeyemi Thomas August 19, at Adeyemi, past tense would probably be appropriate, as in "Dr. Rey reported" and "the group decided. Lynn August Esl Blog Writing Site For Phd, at I have always had a hard time trying to get everyones information and trying to pick out what was important. Marilynn August 27, at Lynn August 28, at Laura, Cameroon September 03, at Dave September 20, at Temitope, follow the suggestions in this blog post, and read through the blog when you have time.

Also subscribe to my e-newsletter if you do not already receive it: Lynn September 23, at Your guideline is very good. Am a secretary of wedding committee please send me sample of minutes.

I am a secretary; I will be starting a new job very soon and so would like to know about business meeting minutes. Joan October 28, at The entry includes a link to a helpful article "Meeting Notes Made Easy.

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Lynn October 28, at Thanks so much for the tips, I totally love your site and set it as my brower's homepage. Wasef Alhakim November 03, at I am looking for a workshop to learn to write minutes better. Do you know of any in northern California? I seem to only find click at this page in Australia and the UK Brooke November 07, at I do not know of any such classes in Northern California.

The flyer is not available yet, but when it is finished, I will send it to you. Lynn November 07, at Marian Koomson November 10, at Use a grammar and spelling checker for everything you write. It will catch errors such as "i" for "I" and "grammer" for "grammar. Get my "60 Quick Word Fixes," which is featured in the right-hand column of this blog. Ask your coworkers to help you find your errors. When you make an error, find out what is wrong.

Then do not make that error again. Lynn November 15, at Thank you for these wonderful tips and comments on writing meeting minutes. I have been taking meeting minutes for the last six months in an Academic Medicine environment. The terminolgy can be a real challenge. I would like to save some time with re-listening to the entire meeting to create accurate minutes.

Any suggestions for best way to record minutes and find what you need quickly? Lori Joubert January 14, at When referring to people Esl Blog Writing Site For Phd the typing up of minutes, we are currently referring to people who attended the meeting by their initials e. However, individuals not actually at the meeting are referred to by their full name e.

Tony February 06, at I don't recommend referring to anyone by initials, unless an individual is known generally by initials for example, JC for Go here Carlos. Using initials forces readers to continually review the list of attendees to recognize who is meant. Lynn February 06, at Benny February 17, at Benny February 18, at Samed March 31, at At our last board meeting a member requested that previously approved minutes be revised.

I have done that but would like to know if these revised minutes need to go on the upcoming agenda for teh next meeting? Do the revised minutes need to be approved again?

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Elisabeth de Snaijer April 23, at Some people put their whole short message in the subject line, and there's nothing to read when the reader opens the message. Jolynn Chow May 23, at What about verbs in the reported clause? If the issue is still current, should it not be "is", although grammatically it sounds awkward?

You can find the answer to your question about subject lines if you use the search string "Blips on the Email Screen" on this site. As for the tense of verbs, I recommend the present tense for your example: Lynn May 26, at Jolynn Chow May 27, at Your notes are splendid.