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but just seems likeThey were right — at least half of the classmates I know if not more are at a different job 18 months out than they had when they left school. Which makes me really question what the career services team gets graded on in terms of performance….

But people STILL chase those jobs coming out of school like their life, status, and future happiness depend on it for the transferable skills of course.

It taught me how to see a big problem and make snap decisions on what should click done.

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The expectations are SO much higher — at work, from friends, from myself, my family, would-be employers. Would love to hear from you! Really refreshing to read this. I was one of the few that after going through the MLT process and receiving several admissions from my top choice schools, decided to pass on the MBA experience.

I wrote about it a while ago here: Despite some small successes, I still wonder if life would have been that much sweeter had I gone through with the MBA, even though I know the truth: Thanks for reading April! Your site looks really fun — I love traveling too and never thought about writing about the adventures for a living.

Looking forward to more posts, I signed up for notifications.

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Well, I have done my Business Honors Degree recently but my case had been different, I worked full time with full time evening studies for four years. Http:// once I finished my Honors, I already had four five years work experience along and and trainings held by my companies.

I am thinking of going for Esl Blog Writers For Hire For Mba or any master degree. Upon receiving my Honors degree, it did not really change much of my life as everything goes same except it opened doors for me towards jobs with mandatory requirements for a degree and I have got such one job partially because of my degree and mainly because of my work experience. What continue reading i wish to establish is that to get a degree, its a personal passiona sense of achievement one must see it more in personal development term either financial terms.

Try to think out of box. Degree could mean that you read article educated but its on you how to use the knowledge learnt. Life is too short to depress it with loans for sake of education and later pay off them with degrading health, dim prospective for Esl Blog Writers For Hire For Mba etc.

Wish you all the best. So, mba executive is a better choice after some years of experience or should we do a regular degree course as i am so confused because i am pursuing bcom hons from du and i am planning for mba so i just want to know what the better option is.

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Although I was scared of being scammed, I was compelled by my situation and then I Esl Blog Writers For Hire For Mba to look online and ran into their phone no: So I promised myself that I was going to make this known to as many that are in financial stress to contact them and not fall victim of online scam in the name of getting a loan. Hi, honestly, i tried googl-ing as i was grappling with similar questions.

I did my MBA 6 years earlier and now i feel lost. But is it a skill, i or anyone for that matter would have done those logical tactics without an MBA. For all i know, this MBA made me scared more scared day by day. I dont even know any of you, infact i am not from same continent but i want to tell this to you and everone here coz i wont be able to confess it to people around me.

But yes, it made me scared, i am not able to take risk, i want to quit this job but i cant coz i am doing well economically and socially. I want to start something more meaningful but i cant coz i am stuck with responsibilities. Nevertheless, i am of the conclusion that an MBA makes one a employee and to be employer one needs everything else that an MBA doesnt teach.

I have 4 months left before I get those letters attached to my name. What the hell do they actually do there? Lately, I had the same revelation… Months and months of sleepless nights and papers to write but what can I actually offer the world? And yes, expectations are way high.

At least that is a clear skill. MBA life can be so pretentious sometimes. I work in finance and my job is ridiculously easy, and I stay on the job because I like the people I work with and it pays my debts. But the second I started feeling empty what click here I do, really, other than help make rich people richer?

I started volunteering to figure out what I like. I volunteered at hospice, with animals, cancer patients, as a mentor to kids, etc. I was in the same boat as you and worrying about what my peers had to say was making me miserable. Now I do what I want without regrets.

Maybe you can open your own botany store later, and the MBA might come in handy. Thanks once again for writing ur thoughts. Thanks for this blog. I really have no interest in corporate and I already feel bored in engineering after practising for 4 years.

I do hope to be able to have a lucrative business in the near future so I can afford a life of travel and adventure. Could anyone recommend an area of specialisation in MBA that would complement my engineering background?

Victoria, I really like what you said in your post. Letting go of worrying about what people will say is extremely difficult, but I am working on it. Unfortunately, business is all about wondering what everyone will think of you… so an MBA brings up conflicting emotions.

Do you mind telling me what area in finance you do? I am a BBA Esl Blog Writers For Hire For Mba and I am extremely confused on what to do when I get out of school, it is very confusing and I always thought of getting an MBA but this blog and all these reviews have started to change my perspective. I have had 3 internships under my belt in fortune companies and although I was excited on the first day, it starts to fade in the following day, when I see frustrated people punching the clock just to pay debts and I see them and all I can think of is that I dont want to have this corporate frustrated life, be a corporate slave with the company tag around my neck as a leash.

Not everyone is Jobs, Branson, Gates or Zuckerberg. I am not gifted and I havent figured out what I want to do. I am in the same boat. All my schooling is totally not serving the purpose. All I am busy with is link excel functions how to weed out some charts for our leadership.

I have experienced the same and still going through this after graduate school. I am not kidding! Drop me a line. Hi, If you wanna work as a florist you need to get started now. Start work as a florist as soon as possible.

You are educated so you should know how to make a decision. The decision is you should start work as a florist.

Otherwise you are wasting your life. Get started as a florist as soon as possible. YOU might have to relocate. Go visit some florists and listen to them. There are customers out there waiting for you. Give them what they do not expect to receive which is customer service. I know you are not lazy. Do not procrastinate any longer.

IT IS refreshing to hear someone knows what they want to do. Hurry up and get started.

Best wishes from greatamericanopenroad. I completely agree with you. I am in the MBA program now and I graduate in November of this year but I am starting to regret my decision in pursuing this degree.

I feel like I was set up in a sense.

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My friends are all doing really well in their jobs as Social Workers, Nurses, etc. I was thinking about going back to school for nursing, which was my original major in undergrad. I realize that nursing is my true passion. This article has touched my soul and I thought I was alone out here with these same feelings.

I received my MBA in I was working for a nonprofit when I obtained my degree.

People with only high school diplomas and trade school certificates where advancing to management level positions. I left there and had a string of other jobs, but none were fulfilling. I felt lost and depressed. So now I am preparing for a career change for nursing. I feel as though I wasted money and time that I can never get back.

Actually, I was thinking about something similar.