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Reynolds picksThis time he writes about doctoral level programs PhD degree in Biomedical sciences. I assume that the readers are already acquainted with the field of Biomedical Science s and are considering doing a PhD in the field. For not so informed readers and those who are a little bit confused whether to do a PhD or an MBA, please refer to the earlier article Biomedical Science professions.

I had already discussed the advantages for doing a PhD read more the earlier blog. To summarize — as a biomedical scientist, you are supposed to deal with the most complex machine in the universe — The Human Body.

You will be working on the mechanisms and functions of genes, proteins, molecules, cells and Do My Zoology Thesis Statement in health and disease.

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The human biology is ever evolving, and lots of new diseases come up every year, as new bacterial and viral strains get in to the act because of adaptation and evolution. To successfully diagnose and deal with those diseases, a biomedical scientist needs to have in-depth theoretical knowledge and excellent technical skills. A doctoral degree a. PhD is just the paving stone towards a research career in that field.

Even if you are thinking about a Marketing role at the top in a Pharmaceutical giant, or wish to start your own biomedical or biotech company, a PhD is not only handy but essential in most cases. It is not that there are no good research institutes in India. But, to have good career opportunities within the bio-medical research sector academia or industrya Do My Zoology Thesis Statement from abroad is highly desirable.

In the academia, there are lot of prestigious and generous fellowships for foreign-return PhDs and Post-docs. The same goes for the prestigious universities and colleges. Another factor is that the number of good institutes to provide quality PhD education and training is still limited in India in comparison to the number of PhD aspirants in the field of biomedical sciences. A PhD is of course not about earning big bucks.

Then you will also have better exposure to training, facilities, funding and guidance. Last but more info the least; overseas education has its own advantages.

Usually you will need an excellent track record throughout your Bachelor and Master studies. To get in to the top universities in the US and Singapore directly after Bachelors you will ideally need — in Verbal, — in Quantitative and 4. In Europe, a Masters degree is essential to get in to a PhD program irrespective of the length of your Bachelors degree.

GRE is not mandatory for European PhD programs, but they do ask for more extensive research experience. Top institutes like Max Planck or Oxford favor candidates with 2 4 years of research experience excluding the project experience during Bachelor or Master Thesis project and 1 — 4 quality publications. When it comes to publications, candidates get more credit for two quality publications e.

One of the important issues Indian students Do My Zoology Thesis Statement when applying to PhD programs abroad is the availability of funding to cover their tuition or bench fees, living expenses and research consumables.

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These programs, also known as Structured-PhD, come with automatic funding for students irrespective of their nationalities, and cover all the expenses. The PhD students get supervised by some of the top-notch scientists in more than one lab due to the rotation programs and extensive collaborations. But, please bear in mind that these programs are also extremely competitive. On an average — candidates compete for 1 position.

Some of the best programs have been listed below along with the links to their respective pages. It would be also useful to keep looking for the advertised PhD positions. Unlike the structured programs, the advertised positions are available all year round. The best thing would be to keep looking at some useful search portals and sites regularly.

Once you find a suitable position, try to deal with it as a job advertisement. Read some of the related papers on Do My Zoology Thesis Statement project and even those not published by that lab or supervisor. It would also be a good idea to contact the supervisor via email, and try to get further information. That could help your application after you have submitted the application.

One of the most effective ways of finding a PhD position abroad is sending open applications to the Principal Investigators, Group Heads or Professors directly. Basically, you start with browsing through the research profiles of professors and shortlist the ones you find interesting to Do My Zoology Thesis Statement with. Then you send the PI short email containing your brief profile and research interest along with your CV as attachment.

In this case, it will be critical to shortlist only those scientists who are working in the area where you already have some idea and you are really passionate about. It will be a bad idea, and even useless, if you are from Molecular Pharmacology background and you approach someone working in the field of Developmental Biology. You will also need to read some of his research papers and get an idea of the lab profile as well. Professors usually receive a lot of emails with such requests.

So, do not feel low if you do not hear back from them. This approach could be very effective if you have work strategically. There is no point of sending the same CV and email to professors in a single day. Suppose you have got experience and interest in protein biology.

Rather than just sending a vague or generic interest, it would be great if you write that you would like to work Do My Zoology Thesis Statement post-translational modifications PTM of proteins since the modified proteins click be novel biomarkers and drug targets.

If you are from Chemistry background, you could approach PIs who are working in the field of peptide therapeutics or drug designing.

Alternatively, as a Molecular Biologist you could also approach a lab that is working on drug screening and you could propose to work on drug target validation and setting up assays.

Other examples would be — with a background and interest in Immunology, you could target a group working on Cancer Drug Discovery and propose Do My Zoology Thesis Statement work on Immuno-modulatory Therapies.

Likewise, if you know about Molecular Modeling and Docking Studies, you can join a Biology or Pharmacology lab who is working on drug discovery. The idea is that you should try to stimulate the PI with your ideas. Mere expression of interest of doing a PhD is not going to work in such cases. After all, PhD is all about working on your own and new ideas under the supervision of an expert in the field.

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Effects of teaching practice on student teachers in tertiary institutions in Nigeria - Oluwafemi Bolarfinwa - Script - Pedagogy - Job Education, Occupational Training. Very interesting article. I will not get into my opinions on “dominance” but will say this. Dog are not humans, and humans are not dogs. To try and mimic what a. Admission tips and advice if you are applying for a PhD in Biomedical / Biological / Life Sciences.

This could be very tedious and lengthy in nature. But, the chance of getting a great project and avoiding stiff competition like in the case of International PhD Programs are very high. Being clear about what you want and impressing the PI with a concise and nice CV will help you to get replies after sending 10 emails.

It is all about contacting the right person at the right time. So, you will need a good strategy. Do your research and get familiarized with the techniques in the lab. Sometimes, you also waste your time and energy if you target a wrong lab while following the Open Application approach. It is very unlikely to get a response from a Proteomics lab if you have not got solid knowledge about Proteins and hands-on experience with Mass-Spec.

Article source currently works as a study abroad consultant with MeetUniv. Please post your queries on — Biotechnology careers advice. Read these related posts: I am currently doing my final year BSc Biotechnology from Hyderabad. I want to take up either Genetics, Do My Zoology Thesis Statement sciences or Biomedical genetics.

However, I was very keen on going abroad to study. Unfortunately, since my course is a three year one, US universities seem to be ruled out the good ones at least. And if yes, what would the procedure be like? I look forward to hearing from you.

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I would suggest you to Do My Zoology Thesis Statement your Masters from one of the top institutes if you intend to do it from India. Go for MSc in the UK. In the UK, MSc will be 1-year. It will give you good enough knowledge, exposure and credentials to be able to apply for a PhD program in the US.

UK and US universities collaborate extensively; so you might get some useful reference during your Masters. Personally, I would advise this option. More importantly, getting two degrees from two different countries in fact continents will help you in a long way to get a good PhD position in the US. An MSc degree from any of the top UK universities will help your cause. However, a Masters from the UK will be expensive w.

Read more am currently pursuing bsc. Also i know B1 level german. Knowledge of B1 level German will be of great value during application and to socialize after you reach there. As far as my experience goes, students apply to German programs either without any knowledge Do My Zoology Thesis Statement German language or maximum A1-A2 level.

So, you will definitely get some serious attention. That will be a tremendous advantage. Which subject should i take for mtech or should i go for mba for a better career.

The topics of choosing a subject for M. Tech or choosing between M. Tech or MBA have been discussed in the earlier blog where you initially posted your comment. My suggestion would be keeping a balance between your own interests and career goals. I want to get placed in a good company. Which among the two have better future scope and career? Please suggest me the right career options. Even if you opt for Fresher MBA, no one is going to ask you anyway. You need to justify your decision in your Personal Statement or during Skype interview.