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raftcheck this out size-full wp-image-134" width="220">The following article is authored by Rukshan Karunanayake, a grade 9 student at Bandaranaike College, Gampaha, in Since his Development Sri Lanka Essay more than tribute him some people were forced to destroy his valuable compositions.

Even though still his fans are with him forever. Clarence Wijewardane born in Brampton Estate in Haputale on 3 rd of August and started his music career after he settle down in Rathnapura. Then the following mentioned members joined this band. Clarence Wijewardane did an experiment as The Beatles did by taking a Sithar player for the Moonstones. In very first beginnings Uncle Clarence harmonize the songs sung by Annesley Malawana. In Indrani Perera joined the Moonstones as the female vocalist and later Srima joined the band as the female vocalist.

Moonstones was the first band that used electronic technology for local music scene. The last era of the Moonstones, Clarence Wijewardane who performed as a composer and Development Sri Lanka Essay director became a singer. His first song was Dileepa Podi Puthu that was written by late Mr. Clarence Wijewardane was practiced to compose songs in a sweet manner by catching the real happenings. For the first time for a recording he used a guitar wah wah pedal for the song Pemkathwawa.

For the first time in Sri Lanka he used the blocked guitar tone for the song Kusumalatha. Due to the success of this musical show they formed a new band.

At this time Clarence Wijewardane found a professional lead guitarist at a wedding. He was the maestro Dixon Gunaratne. Soon after Lankika Perera joined for the group as the female vocalist also Anil Bharathi as a male vocalist.

Clarence composed a song for the son of Mr. Karunarathna Abeysekara became an instant hit.

This song was vocalized by Anil Bharathi and Lankika Perera. At that time most of the popular songs have been created. Also the first film that was music directed by Clarence Wijewardane was Sikuruliya and the music was supplied by the Golden Development Sri Lanka Essay and there was a scene that Clarence Wijewardane and the Golden Chimes are plying during a party in the film Sikuruliya. Also for the music of the songs of Sikuruliya film, Clarence Wijewardane used western musical instruments as well as eastern musical instruments.

The song Wasanthaye Mal Kekulay Development Sri Lanka Essay was composed by Clarence Wijewardane which visit web page in film Sikuruliya was the first song that consists 5 lines in the chorus part of the song.

And revolution of the Sri Lankan music field has been happened during that time. Clarence Wijewardane showed his outstanding skills during this time. Former Prime Minister Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike arrived as the chief guest for the opening ceremony of Ceramic Cooperation. Also Super Golden Chimes supplied music for that opening ceremony.

Clarence Wijewardane certificated as the most popular composer in Sri Lanka for the years and by a pop poll conducted by Pop and Teen Fanfare. Also Clarence was the person who composed most number of songs for Kataragama God. Also he used a traditional dancing pattern for the song Udarata Niliya played by the Lead guitar. Also for the first time he used western drums foot breaks for the song Gamen Liyumak.

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Also I have seen in many papers that young musician has said that his songs were featured in BBC for the first time from Sri Lanka but I thoroughly say that Clarence Wijewardane was the first person to featured along in the BBC in Then Clarence Wijewardane started to sing for the Sinhala films under other music directors. As a new job he redirected music for the songs of Rukmani Devi. That was Development Sri Lanka Essay Raja Dahane with Milton.

Also he redirected music for eight songs of the Chitra Somapala. Also he directed music for 6 songs of C. Fernando which were vocalized by Priyantha Fernando and he directed music for six new songs for Priyantha Fernando. As well as the song Nalawenawa Ma Ukule which is sung by T.

Jayarathna and Neela Wickramasinghe is also used to sing in pre-school concerts. He pioneered to introduce the first Cassette Tape to Sri Lanka. After that he joined the Sing Lanka Ltd. Sing Lanka recording studio was the first recording studio in Sri Lanka that the recordings were done with multi tracks and Clarence was the pioneer to introduce this recording studio. During that time he directed music for number of artists in Sri Lanka.

During his lifetime he directed music for artists more than According to my knowledge he has been directed music for more than songs. Also he has composed and directed songs for more than artists. If any of the artists in this list get in to stage to perform, definitely the audience will request a song which is music directed by Clarence Wijewardane.

During that he composed and directed music for number of songs. Also he vocalist songs under other music directors as well. Also he vocalist songs which was composed by other composers.

Rocksami ViolinV. When the Sri Lankan Cricket team got the chance to play for the test cricket matches in Clarence Wijewardane produced a cassette tape that contains 11, Kazakhstan My Motherland Essay Reynolds regarding Cricket.

Also Clarence Wijewardane produced a cassette tape that contains songs regarding with art stories which were published in art stories papers. Once he provided music for the Colombo North Thotalanga pandal for the Vesak festival.

He was the composer and the music director for all the six songs of Susima tele drama. During this time he got a special chance. That he was Development Sri Lanka Essay to compose and direct music for Pandit Amaradewa.

Culture of Sri Lanka - history, people, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social Sa-Th. The Sri Lanka Guardian is a non-profit web portal founded in August by a group of concerned Sri Lankan citizens including journalists, activists, academics and. Sri Lanka News Reports, updated regularly. Jan 17 (FT) The report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the CB bond scam will only be tabled in. Meditation Centres in Sri Lanka by Andrew Quernmore. There are many meditation centres throughout Sri Lanka, most of which offer tuition in Sinhala only. Environmental Protection And Sustainable Development In Sri Lanka. There can be no economy when there is no efficiency -Benjamin Disraeli-Letters.

Also he composed and music directed a song which says about child abuse and other prohibited things happen in present society. It was vocalized by the Ananda Perera who was the leader of the Siha Shakthi music band.

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Also Clarence Wijewardane became famous for his melodious and catchy jingles. Also Clarence has composed and directed music for number of songs for the daughters and sons of his friends and relatives.

Also Clarence has composed and directed music for number of Christmas songs. Because of that I think if Development Sri Lanka Essay will be a strong and a sustainable memorial foundation for Clarence Wijewardane in the future the rest of creations that are created by him in hard manner can be protected.

But today some Medias have failed either to broadcast or telecast these evergreen songs through their channels. But up to date there is no website which contains the auto biology of this master music maker. So it is very difficult to get much information about Clarence Wijewardane especially for his fans living overseas.

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The world had only one Clarence Wijewardane and I think the future will also be the same. May his soul rest in peace! Tuesday, June 2, Meya tamunge wayasata wedi yamak karala tiyenawa sangeetha loke rajatuma wenwen.

Clarence is the greatest musician ever.

All the best for your future son. My email jayanthag7 gmail. I wish you good luck!!! He is the golden voice of sri lankan pop music.