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whichAre you sick of the hot takes yet?

Of course you are.

If there is one thing the election of Donald Trump has proved, it is the human need for rationalisation. When faced by a powerful yet unexpected event, we humans seek to make sense of it. To place it in context.

To explain it in terms that allay our fears, and help our understanding. And so the hot takes have washed over us, as the world has reacted to the astonishing US election result of November 9, in never-ending waves of half-baked analysis.

It was the White Working Classa demographic we formerly neglected, but that now deserves its own three-letter acronym. It was the triumph of authoritarian appeal. Or it was the revenge of a forgotten Americaangry at the way they had been left Buy Top University Essay On Donald Trump by cosmopolitan elites.

The beginning of fascism? The triumph of fear over love? There is a grain of truth in all of these analyses, but none seem really satisfying. Clinton won the popular vote. This makes her only the fourth candidate in history to win a majority of votes, but lose the electoral college. And, to be fair to the Americans, it can also happen here: It is likely to be in the millions, once all the votes are counted. She may well win the popular vote by more than one per cent: In other words, Donald Please click for source does not have a popular mandate.

He owes his victory first and foremost to the electoral college. Another point worth making is that Clinton lost by an agonisingly small margin. Analysis by the Washington Post concludes that the electoral college was lost by a margin of justvotes in three states.

Only when the results started to go his way in Michigan did it become clear that Trump would triumph.

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One of the key here appears to be low voter turn-outespecially for Clinton. Particularly in the mid-west, fewer voters turned out to vote for her than voted for Obama in and This might have made the difference in Pennsylvania. That is little solace to Clinton and the Democratic establishment. Nor will it halt the outpouring of grief and anger from liberals and the left.

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Clinton led in opinion polls by wide margins for much of How was Trump allowed to get within striking distance? How did Clinton manage to run such a poor campaign? Why were click like Florida and North Carolina targeted, while the mid-west and Great Lakes were ignored?

Everybody now has an opinion, or several opinions, and the Monday-morning quarterbacks are lining up to pronounce their diagnoses. How could there not be, given all Buy Top University Essay On Donald Trump the things he has said and promised?

Click did worse than Obama four years ago in a range of demographics, including, almost unbelievably, amongst Latinos. In fact, the biggest predictor of the election result was not race at all.

Clinton won handsomely with university graduates. But she suffered disastrously when it came to voters without degreesespecially in the industrial north. In Wisconsin it wasa swing of 20 points; in Michigana swing of 17 points; in Pennsylvaniaa swing of 12 points. WHAT were these Writing Beauty Essays reacting to? On some level, surely, race. There is no point denying it. Just as surely, gender played a part too.

This was indeed the prediction of filmmaker Michael Moore, and it was echoed by plenty of anecdotal evidence from reporters who got out from behind their computer screens and travelled extensively in the American heartland. Guy Rundle also found plenty of support for Trump in the post-industrial mid-west. In July, Saunders filed a long essay, since updated. In characteristically knotty and perceptive prose, Saunders teased out a patch-work quilt of disaffection and grievanceunited by a vague but powerful feeling of cultural decline.

They loved their country, seemed genuinely panicked at its perceived demise, felt urgently that we were, right now, in the process of losing something precious.

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He is less patient: Most of all, Trump voters want respect. They want respect for their long hours of work that risks their bodies, for the hands caught in vices, backs wrenched by weights, and knees torn. They want respect because they are doing dangerous work, but their pay has been flat for here. When they turn on the TV, they see their way of life being mocked and made fun of as nothing but uneducated white trash.

As the exit polls suggest, a key dividing line was education. Arnade writes that the gap between Americans with tertiary education and those with a little high school is now so great that the two classes barely interact with one another. A version of the school room front row kids versus back row kids. If I Buy Top University Essay On Donald Trump to find Clinton, or Jeb Bush, or even Rubio voters, I would go near a university, or go to the wealthier neighborhoods near tech companies, or near headquarters of global corporations.

But few media organisations had the resources to send a Chris Arnade into the field for a year. Even those that did, like the Guardianlargely ignored his predictions. The media excoriated itself for missing the obvious, for so uniformly dismissing Trump, even while giving him blanket coverage, and for writing off his chances, even while devoting more attention to his campaign and persona than any single policy issue.

Perhaps it was the fault of the electoral college. Or perhaps the voters themselves were to blame. The cacophony source despair reached its crescendo with an article by Giles Fraser, also in the Guardianwhich surely takes the cake for the article source worst analysis of the entire lot.

The media is certainly culpable. Trump was seized upon early as the most mediagenic element by far of the presidential campaign, and he dominated news media channels, particularly Fox News, virtually from the beginning of the Republican primaries. He was shown to be a sexual abuser, a liar, a business failure, a tax avoider, a real estate shyster and a racist. In or even inthis might have been the decisive factor in killing off his primary race, long before he got anywhere near the Oval Office which he has now visited, meeting Barack Obama.

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Inthe US mediascape has fragmented beyond recognition, such that the anti-Trump hostility of liberal media organisations such as the New York Times and the non-Fox television networks made little difference. The world has changed. Our increasingly digitalised and mediated lives are splintered and narrowcast.

Vast swathes of the American population get their news almost solely from fly-by-night partisan news outfits churning clickbait through the social media networks, especially Facebook. Exhibit A in the trend is Breitbart News. Breitbart News is openly sexist, white supremacist and conspiratorial. Having someone of his ilk in the White House administration marks a step-change in American conservatism. It is impossible to imagine such a figure in a senior role in George Here. What does it mean that 44 per cent of Americans get their news from Facebook?

One of the things it means is that bespoke falsehoods have become part of the wallpaper of everyday digital lives. More than a million people shared a fake story claiming that Pope Francis has endorsed Trump. Many of my friends have shared the fake Trump quote with me on Facebook. And in the sharable world of online content, links and memes and factoids all seem alike.

Some these pages have millions of followers; many have hundreds of thousands. In October, a BuzzFeed investigation showed how this cluster of hyperpartisan alt-right clickbait factories was able to push thousands of fake articles onto the Facebook platform to audiences in Buy Top University Essay On Donald Trump millions.

BuzzFeed claimed 38 per cent of them were mostly or partly false. In the final months of the election campaign, fake news items were shared more commonly than real ones. Just to take one example: They found that inaccurate posts were more widely spread than accurate ones. This misled the public on important public health information. The dark recesses of the alt-right hatesphere are just one manifestation of a fragmenting media environment that appears to be changing some of the fundamentals of politics itself.

As Jill Lepore pointed out in a prescient essay early in the primary season, political parties are as much creations of the media as they are representatives of political interests: Mark Zuckerberg even posted about it, musing in a Facebook post that:. While some hoaxes can be completely debunked, a greater amount of content, including from mainstream sources, often gets the basic idea right but some details wrong or omitted.

An even greater volume of stories express an opinion that many will disagree with and flag as incorrect even when factual.

I am confident we can find ways for our community to tell us what content is most meaningful, but I believe we must be extremely cautious about becoming arbiters of truth ourselves.

Zuckerberg maintained that Facebook had not influenced the election. But this barely begins to address the influence of Facebook on the modern political landscape.

By its very design, the Facebook algorithm sorts our online lives into bubbles of like-minded opinion and thought. We only see and hear what we like. The company has already carried out experiments on the news feeds of its usersand presumably tinkers with the algorithm in small and unannounced ways continually.

The point of all this is to sell online ads, from visit web page Facebook makes billions of dollars.