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theTrump is often wrongbut what matters is that he always sounds right. Trump "does it with more force.

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He does it with more energy. Combine that supreme confidence with simple, intuitive answers that resonate with voters on a deep level.

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The result is a psychologically intoxicating mix. If you support police officers, impose the death penalty on cop killers.

Trump supporters are particularly attracted to his views on immigration. Many of these people blame immigrants for their own poor prospects, since they compete for some of the same kinds of jobs. As my colleague Jim Tankersley writes: Non-college grads have struggled since the turn of the century: Economist Robert Shapiro estimates that incomes stagnated or declined from to for American households headed by workers without a degree, a marked departure from prior decades.

By more than a 2 to 1 margin, Republicans who supported Trump in the poll said immigrants weaken society.

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To get a sense of how those groups overlap, Republicans without college degrees are 19 percentage points more likely to say immigrants weaken American society than Republicans-leaning college graduates. Nearly half of registered GOP voters agree with him that undocumented immigrants should be deported, and that America should turn away refugees.

This is a passionate base.

The more Trump is criticized, the more popular he seems to get. As my colleague Dave Weigel reported yesterday from a focus group of Trump supporters, nothing seems to be able to put them off their candidate.

After one hour of mostly negative questions about Trump, six more people joined that confident group.

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When the press slams him for saying shocking and often untrue things, that only heightens the us vs. There have always been anti-establishment presidential contenders, of course. The fact that Trump been so successful perhaps has less to do with him and more to do with this political moment.

That pent-up frustration may be finding its moment — and its voice — right now, in Donald Trump. Trump, well-rehearsed in the high-key registers of reality television, brings to the race a savviness about what keeps people glued to their screens: Reality TV, like Mr. You need to stand out. Donald Trump wouldn't apologize after questioning whether Sen.

John McCain -- who spent five years as a prisoner during the Vietnam War -- is a war hero. A new video series from The Washington Post.

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