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the <a href=just click for source class="lazy lazy-hidden alignright size-full wp-image-167" width="220">Registered users will receive an email notification to remind them of this requirement.

If your account has been disabled, contact the Federal Service Desk at Monday - Friday 8 a. If your account was re-enabled after contacting the FSD, you must reset your password before midnight on the day of the call to prevent it from being disabled once again.

Training Webinars are now available to assist users in completing and reviewing submitted eSRS reports. Users can also follow the steps in the User Guides listed below to learn how to successfully complete a report and accept a report in eSRS.

This guide will provide fundamental information about the report as well as step by step guidance on how to file the report in eSRS. This guide provides fundamental information about the report as well as step by step guidance on how to file the report in eSRS. In the past this report was filed on the former SF The use of eSRS promises to create higher visibility for federal contracting officials who need to access and review subcontracting reports and introduce efficiency into the process of gathering information on federal subcontracting accomplishments.

This government-wide tool is known as the eSRS. Business Plan About Small Business Internet-based tool will streamline the process of reporting on subcontracting plans and provide agencies with access to analytical data on subcontracting performance.

Specifically, the eSRS eliminates the need for paper submissions and processing of the SF 's, Individual Subcontracting Reports, and SF Business Plan About Small Business, Summary Subcontracting Reports, and replaces the paper with an easy-to-use electronic process to collect the data.

When was eSRS official launch? Its initial operating capability IOC official launch was on October 28 th Full operating capacity FOC was launched March 25 thand the system continues to be enhanced. Department of Defense organizations that handle unclassified contracts began using eSRS in October Classified contract reporting should still be done through your government contracting official. How can a contractor change their registration data?

When I entered my DUNS number on the registration screen, the system self populated my organizational information and it is incorrect. The system will not allow me to edit it. If there is an issue with the pre-populated data, the contractor will need to contact SAM and correct their data in that system prior to registering in eSRS. Once the contractor corrects the data in the SAM, it will take approximately 48 hours before eSRS is refreshed with the new data.

Again, the "rule of thumb" is that any change a contactor makes in the SAM, they should wait approximately two days before trying to register in eSRS again.

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If you registered even though the data was wrong, please fix the data in SAM and check to see if eSRS refreshed the information after two business days. If not, please contact the eSRS Helpdesk and make them aware of the situation. All prime contractors are required to be registered in SAM to do business with the government.

Lower tier contractors do not have the requirement to continue reading in SAM unless they themselves have a contract with the government.

However, in the event the contractor has not registered in SAM, the contractor must now manually input, update Business Plan About Small Business maintain the physical and mailing addresses in eSRS at time of registration. If you are interested in registering at SAM please visit http: The ISR is not required from small businesses or for commercial items for which a commercial plan has been approved, nor from large businesses in the DoD Test Program for Negotiation of Comprehensive Subcontracting Plans.

When a contractor enters an SSR, the eSRS will prompt the user to specify whether or not the report is for a commercial plan. If the contractor indicates that this is so, the eSRS will provide a variation of the SSR specifically for contractors with a commercial plan.

There are Help bubbles in the additional fields to guide the user through the report. The ISR is due semi-annually and at contract completion, always within 30 days after the close of each reporting period unless otherwise directed by the contracting Business Plan About Small Business. Normally these deadlines would be April 30th for the period ended March 31st and October 30th for the period ended September 30th.

A separate report is also due within 30 days after contract completion. Reports are required when due, regardless of whether there has been any subcontracting activity since the inception of the contract or since the last reporting period. SSRs must be submitted semi-annually for the six months ended March 31st and the twelve months Business Plan About Small Business September 30th for contracts with DOD and NASA, and annually for twelve months ended September 30th for contracts with civilian agencies, except for contracts covered by an approved Commercial Plan see below.

Reports are due 30 article source after the close of each reporting period. On September 9thDoD issued a Class Deviation for Summary Subcontract Report SSR -Submission under Individual Subcontracting Plans, which establishes changes to the frequency and number of reports required as well as changes to the routing for report submission.

How can I receive training? Subcontract Reports training is conducted by SBA.

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Who needs to use eSRS? In accordance with the memorandum issued by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy OFPP on November 3,along with other notices, all agencies submitting unclassified contracting information into FPDS-NGtheir large prime contractors, and large subcontractors i.

Is there any assistance when entering subcontracting reports? The system offers assistance in several ways. First, there are user guides available on the eSRS homepage see click here list on the right-hand side of the screen.

Second, before entering the reports, Business Plan About Small Business system will prompt you with a notice explaining the information that you will need to have on hand to enter those reports. Third, there are help bubbles throughout the reports that explain the data fields.

You can also review the training webinars available on the site. What do I do if I am unable to find my contract that I am contractually responsible for reporting our accomplishments? If you are a large prime contractor: In the event that you are unable to find or report against a contract that should be available through eSRS, you must contact your cognizant contracting officer for help.

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In order for you to report against your contract, your government contracting authority will have to report your award to Federal Procurement Data System -Next Generation FPDS-NGand they must flag the record as having a subcontracting plan. FPDS-NG is the central repository containing a searchable collection of over 12 million federal contract actions.

FPDS-NG is the authoritative source of the basic contractual information used to pre-populate many of the eSRS fields when entering your contract number. If you are a large lower-tier subcontractor: In the event that you are unable to find or report against a contract that should be available through eSRS, you must contact the contractor with which you company has link contractual relationship.

How do I get help registering in the eSRS? To register in eSRS, the users should click their user type at the top of eSRS homepage, either government or contractors, and then click the Register tab on the following page.

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How read article the eSRS impact my agency? Instead, they will log on to the eSRS to view their contractors' achievements. The system will provide a variety of standard reports, source Analysis of Subcontracting Plan Goal Attainment SBA Forma Five-Year Trend Analysisand a number of other reports - as well as a robust ad hoc reporting tool for users who wish to design Business Plan About Small Business own reports.

The agency OSDBUs will no longer need to input the SF data into a Government database, as they have done in recent years, nor will they have to develop a special report for SBA; everyone will have access to the data at the same time. Also, the eSRS will provide automatic reminder notices to contractors when reports are due and generate delinquent notices when contractors fail to submit reports by the due date.

I was told that contractors who were registered under the same DUNS number can see each others work. Why is this not happening for our organization?

Everyone must enter the contract numbers that their company has with the government under the Contract Worklist on their homepage. Once that is done, they will see a listing of all reports that are entered by others, but they will not be able to review or edit the reports submitted by other individuals in their company. In the future, we hope to make additional changes to Business Plan About Small Business system to accommodate contractors to just click for source permissions to see reports entered by other individuals in their organization.

What reports do the contractors review and what does the government review? Contractors do not need to review their subcontractors' SSRs. What if my report is still pending? Contractors need to keep in mind that once the reports are submitted to the government, they have met their reporting requirement. This does not mean that the government does not have the right to reject the report for necessary revisions.

The government may reject a report at any time and ask for revisions. What if I do not know the email address of the government or higher-tier individual who will review my Business Plan About Small Business If you are the prime contractor filing an ISR or SSR, or if you are a subcontractor filing an SSR, you should contact the Contracting Officer on the contract s you Business Plan About Small Business with that agency and ask them for this information.

If you cannot determine the name of that person, please send an email to the eSRS Helpdesk, and label it as a policy question asking for that agency coordinator's name. If you are a subcontractor reporting to the prime contractor or a higher-tier subcontractor, we recommend that you call the person who awarded your subcontract; or, if that person is unknown, you may contact the Small Business Liaison Officer of that company.

Why does my contract number appear different in eSRS compared to what is on my contract? There are more numbers and letters added to it. In accordance with FAR 4. Any new contractual action awarded or issued by the Federal Government in Fiscal Year forward would adhere to this standard.

For any action awarded prior to Fiscal Yeara unique Procurement Instrument Identifier PIID was created using your Contract Number and augmenting it read article the additional information to conform to the regulation and ensure enforcement of the standard and uniqueness in the numbering system.

How can a contractor revise a report that was submitted to the government or higher-tier subcontractor? The contractor needs to contact the individual at the government or higher tier who will be reviewing Business Plan About Small Business report and request it be rejected for revisions.

What if a contractor registered under the wrong DUNS number? Why can't I see my lower-tier subcontractor's ISRs? First, have you submitted your ISR? Second, if the lower tier did not put your email address on the report as the reviewer, you will not see the report. You should ask your lower-tier subcontractor whose email address they put on the report. Next to the report on that list is a button called "Update email target.

They enter in the new email address and submit. Now you can see the report. How can I enter more than one SSR to an agency?

The principal exception to this rule occurs when a contractor has both a commercial plan i. Under this circumstance, the contractor must file two 2 SSRs, one for the commercial plan and the other representing the summary of subcontracting activity on all other contracts.

A contractor with this requirement must be careful to isolate the subcontracting activity on the commercial plan and ensure that there is no double-counting.