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even outpaced the priceHow should you list your bachelor's degree on your resume? It depends on what your job objective is, what your degree is in, when you got it, and where you got it.

Take a look at the following sample Education sections to see how others highlighted their college degrees. In addition to my advice in Listing Education on Your Resumehere are some tips for putting your bachelor's degree on your resume. The following examples of Education sections with bachelor degrees are excerpts from 43 resumes in my collection of sample resumes.

Marketing Resume Sample; Marketing Most large marketing oriented universities and business schools What are the differences between the major online resume. Listing your major (for example, Marketing or Finance) Business Marketing. Education Section: BA, Communications. How to List a Bachelor's Degree on a Resume. Study our marketing resume examples and snag an interview in no Most employers require brand managers to have a degree in business, marketing, or a related degree. This resume example is for students who are pursuing their first Kathryn Smith. Nautical Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business, minor in Marketing.

I have posted the sections here as images so the formatting stays intact. Because each of the following examples is taken from a different resume sample, the fonts, size, margins, and overall look and feel vary, one from the other. To enlarge a section, just click on the image.

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Bachelor of Business Administration. BS, Business Management and Finance. Bachelor in Physical Therapy Science. BA, History and English. BS, Computer Information Systems. Here are several Education sections that do not list a major after the bachelor's degree. In each case, the major would have detracted from the focus of the resume because it was not relevant to the job objective.

More resume Education sections. If you spell it out, you can add your major using a preposition like this: Listing your major for example, Marketing or Finance is optional.

Use a Variety of Resume Samples To Build Your Perfect Resume. 1) Find Out How To Make A Resume. 2) Download, Print, And Get Hired - % Free!. We put together a marketing student resume guide that will help you begin your professional career with a great What Can You Do With a Business Management Degree?. Penn State Smeal College of Business Resume Guidelines: Marketing The following are helpful resources for Marketing majors at Smeal: Penn State Career Services. College Student Resume Example for Business and Marketing student with recent research experience and degree in Business Administration.

Include it if it supports the job objective on your resume. If it doesn't support your objective, it's okay not to list the major. For example, BA, University of Maine.

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You can list your degree first and then the school where you earned it, or vice versa. Most people list the degree first; however, you may have a reason to list the school first—for example, if the school is very prestigious.

List your GPA only if it's impressive. Include scholarships, honors, and awards, especially if they are relevant and impressive. Internships can be included in the Education section as a subsection under your degree, or they can be listed in your Experience section as a job, or they can be listed in both the Education and Experience sections. You might also like: Bachelor Degrees in Business Education Section: BA, Economics Education Section: Bachelor of Business Administration Education Section: Bachelor of Commerce Education Section: Bachelor of Accounting Education Section: Business Marketing Major Resume, Psychology Education Section: BA, Anthropology Education Section: BA, English Education Section: BA, Philosophy Education Section: BA, Communications Education Section: BA, Government Education Section: