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How to Resume Playback in VLC Media Player

jinjincrusher This seriesI can pause and resume blu ray disks, but every time I stop, then try to play the disk doesnt resume, it loads the disk menu again and I have to start from the beginning. The driver is the most up to date, I have redone the simple setup, havent done the reset yet, but am not sure if this is a faulty player, or if Sony blu ray players are not worth the name.

It also frequently blue read more and reads "no signal" between executing commands.

This is less of a problem and more of an annoyance.

Hello Tibor, Welcome to the Sony Community. If the STOP button is pressed twice or if it is held down to stop the disc, it will start from the beginning and will not resume from the point where the disc was last played. Refer to the case or packing material with the disc to determine if it is a BD-J. Thank you for your post.

I am not pressing stop twice or holding stop down. I would expect playback functions to be the same as with a dvd player of the same brand.

Stop and play are indicated as being available operations in the instructions accompanying the blu ray player, and I find it hard to believe that these are not considered acceptable standards of quality. I have found that this problem has so far occured with blu ray disks from Universal Studios, I did not see BD-J anywhere on the case or packaging.

Why don't all Bluray discs have a resume feature? Resume play won't work because BD-J Therefore you should use pause instead of stop for Blu-ray disc that. Solved: I can pause and resume blu ray disks, but every time I stop, then try to play the disk doesnt resume, it loads the disk menu again and I have. DVD Talk Forum > DVD Discussions > HD Talk > Recommend me a blu-ray player with resume Non blu-ray movies resume where you stop than simple stop-play-resume. Anyhow, in this week’s column, they go over why some Blu-ray discs don't support play-resume: So That’s Why Some Blu-ray Discs Don’t Resume ”. I have a Sony BDP-S but it doesn't seem to remember where I've got up to if I stop watching a DVD or BD Blu-ray players; Sony BDP-S Resume Play; 11 posts.

Is this something that will be addressed with future firmware updates? From what I see, almost all new movies coming out will be blu ray java. I will not purchase any more blu rays, and will just be happy with the dvd upscaling until I hear that blu rays are more reliable.

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Playback will be in Resume-On-Stop mode, Blu-ray Disc player How do I resume movie playback on my Philips Blu Ray player when I stopped it previously?. blu-ray player with resume or bookmarking? on your player playback resumes but if you press stop and drop back to the player menu that exits the Java virtual. Can't "resume" a movie after you press "stop"? The PS3 creates a save file for every film you play.I have many BDs that resume Atomic Blonde Ultra HD Blu-ray. Hi Guys, I've got a PS3 and on most disks its able to resume play after pressing the stop button. I have had a few disks that go back all the way to start when you.

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