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former Mexican newspaper executiveThursday, January 25, What's Your Soundtrack?

The writer world is divided, relentlessly and immutably, into two camps. Those writers read more listen to Blog Writing For Hire are fanatics about it.

They make playlists, they compile musical emotional journeys, they pick and choose songs and orchestrations that propel them into inspired wordsmithery. There are others raising my hand here who cannot do it. I love music, of course, all kinds, and as you all know, I was vice-president of the Midwest chapter of the National Beatles Fan Club. If there are words to the music, forget about it. Those are the only words my brain will handle. But for the amazing J. For her, music not only propels her, it inspires her.

And reading her essay? Music is a huge part of life. I love music and can appreciate almost any genre, pop, country, rock, classical, etc.

Except the one my husband blasts. The Brit, as I call him, loves the liquid metal. Or Death metal as I call it.

The killing bunnies and screaming your head off kind of metal. Having such musical differences is usually not an issue. He listens to his. I listen to mine. All is good in the world until we travel. Then we typically settle on audio books. Because, you know, books. We both love books.

But on those long road trips, we have to resort back to music occasionally, and we switch off. I have to listen to xxx for a little while, and on my turn, we settle on classic rock. He can tolerate that with only a few muttered 'bloody awfuls' under his breath.

Music usually has a spot in or an influence on my writing. Blog Writing For Hire a song can inspire an entire book or a character. My villain, Sophie Ryan Evers, was born of a song. An old Cher song. The pain in her voice nailed how Sophie had taken her pain and twisted it into an obsession.

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Nancy Sinatra first recorded Bang Bang in In the song, Cher relives playing good guy-bad guy. In the end, Cher used the metaphor of the good guy shooting her down as the loss of his love.

My Baby shot me down. Churning in her head, creating an alternate reality. Holding onto the hope that her man will come back and she spends her life figuring out how to make that happen—by any means necessary. Cher rerecorded the song a second time in with a modern update and continues to include it on the playlists for her live shows. I played the two versions over and over as I worked on the villain of this book. SO how about you, reds and readers? Do you crave a soundtrack for your activities?

Do you make a soundtrack? What do you listen to? Private Investigator Jim Bean is a straightforward, to-the-point man. He likes his cases to follow suit. But when his latest client asks him to find her Blog Writing For Hire brother Daniel, Jim has no idea how complicated his life is about to become.

As he falls deep into a manipulative game of cat and mouse, Jim uncovers the horrible truth about his client. Now he must set things right before her plans leads to the loss of innocent souls…even more than it already has. Alum with a degree in forensic anthropology and a creative writing minor. Posted by Jungle Red Writers at 1: Wednesday, January 24, Secrets of the First Time.

Think of something stressful. Just for a Something stressful that could turn out to be life-changingly wonderful.

Maybe—your drivers license test?

Meeting your in-laws for the first time? Day one on a new job? Sending a child to the first day of school? You can name so many of them…but at the top of the list has got to be the launch day for your first book.

How many of those have we all shared, Blog Writing For Hire reds? And the launch of a debut novel, of course, is a one-time singular, unique and tectonic-plate-shifting experience.

A Day in the Life of a Debut Author. Repeat every hour until …. I through something together from my phone and I have to do it three times because I keep screwing it up from nerves.

I rush upstairs to find my daughter blearily checking her phone; I take it from her and settle the covers back over her. School cancellation text came in at 5: Something else to worry about besides the crushing failure of my debut novel. I hold my breath. Skillfully teases out the plot. The fear starts to lift a little.

I post a thank you and share her post with the link. Other post pictures of their hard copies. My head is spinning with joy and exhaustion.

My lovely daughter takes breaks from her studying when she hears me laugh and comes to give me hugs. Those help ground me because I feel light, like I could float away. I recognize that voice inside my head and take it to my friend, LynDee. She gets me in a way that I feel safe telling her the Perfect Voice has continue reading in.

She hears the Perfect Voice too sometimes. She gives it a gentle Blog Writing For Hire firm talking to. This is a moment for Joy not Fear. I forget to tell her that I love her though. Most of the light feeling goes away. Clearly my blood sugar was low. Nothing to eat or drink since coffee at 7: I check Facebook again.

That tracking that stuff is unimportant. And do not read any reviews. Not the good, not the bad, especially not the bad. Blog Writing For Hire the reviewers that you trust but not faceless, nameless Amazon people. I feel like Kristen Bell on Ellen retelling the story about when her husband had a wildlife group bring a sloth to her birthday party.

I can totally relate to that. I visualize the Emotion Thermometer. Which makes me laugh. My daughter suggests I take a nap.

Dinner and Blog Writing For Hire police are

My husband is on his way home. Now I can nap and do so for about 90 minutes.

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At some point we eat dinner. I think I had salmon.

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