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the couple's daughterThis website is devoted to the online blog.

And more specifically, to your online blog. Our goal is to help you setup an online presence and to turn that virtual footprint into a career.

It may sound far fetched. Think about that for a moment. How many sites that you visit on a daily basis fall under that description? Blogging has been around since the dawn of the internet and it is one of the few trends that has never gone away. It has survived through the social media age, the Youtube age and the mobile age, and it will continue to thrive regardless of what the next trend is. There are many guides out there that will help you to create your own blog.

But this guide is bigger, better and much more comprehensive. It will cover everything you ever wanted to know about the subject. It will guide you through every setup, every installation; it will help you to find your niche and to create content; to establish your presence on Source to set up affiliates and start earning money; and much more.

There are many reasons to start your own blog. Why would you say no to all of that? The main purpose of a blog, of course, is to make money. You may also see it as a creative outlet, as a way of unleashing your thoughts on the unsuspecting public, but money is the main aim. The truth is, you need that financial incentive. This applies if you are an aspiring writer, artist, poet or entrepreneur; if you run your own Youtube channel, or if you just want your share of internet fame.

Maybe these statistics will give you reason to get excited about the prospect of creating your own blog:. Here at How to Start a Blog we understand this industry in and out. An author by trade, Aitken had always been familiar with blogs and their uses. As a freelance writer he worked on countless blogs and websites. I was writing basic pages, including terms and conditions and home pages, Best Business Plan Ghostwriters Site Online I was also writing countless SEO articles.

It was all my content, my work. I was getting paid for it, so I was happy, click to see more it also got me thinking: And so he did. Aitken began using the knowledge he had acquired through his clients to create blogs, writing the content himself and building a profitable portfolio of websites.

It allowed me to connect with my family and friends back home, first through email and MSN, then through Facebook and Skype.

They had Best Business Plan Ghostwriters Site Online come here all

I have been living in the US for twenty-five years and came over to marry my husband, who was born here. I did try to find work as the kids grew up, but my lack of qualifications made this difficult. I spent a lot of my time writing, mainly about my hobbies, but also on a few creative projects.

Over time, I found that my writing improved and I was more confident in what I was producing. So Best Business Plan Ghostwriters Site Online decided to start my own blog. The kids had left home by that time, so I had more than enough time on my hands.

In the early days, I was still a little unsure about what I produced, so I asked my husband to check over everything before it was published. In time, however, his services were not needed. I wrote about life in the US from the perspective of an immigrant. This proved very popular.

It began as a blog for friends and family, both here and back home. But then it grew into something much more. After a year, I was able to sell the blog for a lot of money it was turned into a travel blog click at this page I invested that money into other sites.

Before long, those sites were also making money and while I was happy to write for some of them, I was also able to afford freelance writers to update the others. These days I make more money than my husband does and I love everything that I do. None of them become massive, none of them are worth millions of dollars.

If so, then feel free to skip this section.

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All hope is not lost though. The vast majority of blogs out there are poorly written and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, the majority of bloggers are not writers and many of them are not native speakers of the language they choose to write in. Secondly, the bloggers choose to hire ghostwriters, but they pay them very little.

They also tend to hire the first person they see and as a result they get someone who writes just as poorly as they would have done. Instead, there are a few simple things you can do to improve the quality of your blog:. You can use freelancing platforms like Upwork and Guru to find writers and editors, and you can also use these platforms to find designers and developers.

Make sure you vet everyone before you hire them and make sure you check the samples they post on their portfolio. However, even the best writers have to start somewhere.

And to establish themselves, writers will often charge very little when they begin. Their work will not be as polished at this stage, but it will still be good enough for your blog. To find these writers, look for people that are new to the platform and are able to produce a clear, coherent cover letter.

Go through their profile and look at the samples they have posted. If there are none, ask them to produce a sample for you you will need to pay for this. These writers may abandon you when they establish themselves on the platform and begin to charge more money for their services. But when that happens you may be making enough money to cover those extra costs. And if not, you can just find another new writer to fill their shoes.

These days, most people have at least a basic knowledge of the internet, of smartphones and of computers. The problem is, these people still need to access the internet as much as the rest of us. They may choose to avoid playing games, connecting with friends or randomly browsing through cat pictures you know you do it but what if they have a business and need a blog to promote it? Want if they want to try their hand at writing and see a blog as the perfect outlet for that? Whatever the Best Business Plan Ghostwriters Site Online, these people need to get online as Best Business Plan Ghostwriters Site Online.

And thankfully, all hope is not lost. This guide will help you with most of the technical stuff. It will teach you how read article get a domain and a website, how to upload WordPress and how to do pretty much everything else.

For the most part, even those who know very little can make it through and eventually figure it out. Take a course Best Business Plan Ghostwriters Site Online your local community centre. Ask a friend or relative to teach you the basics. They will upload WordPress, fix your themes, and deal with any other problems that you may encounter.

This is something that trumps a lot of bloggers. They want the freedom to write. They want to experience the joy of being read and they want the money that comes with both of those things. But they are not sure how to go about it. The trick is not to put too much thought into it. Of course, there is a limit. This is something that you Essays On Religions the see more to read, something that you will be putting into the virtual display cabinet that is the internet.

You are creating a website that sells a product, and that product is your thoughts, your opinions and your ideas. Here are a few tips to help you get started:. A sizable budget will help you. It will allow you to pay for top designers, writers and editors. It will allow you to advertise your blog, to get some quality backlinks and to give it a push on social media. However, none of that is relevant. Blogging can be a full-time career.

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The bloggers that earn 6 figure salaries tend to work incredibly hard and for very long hours. Not until the traffic is there will you need to work that hard and for that long. In the beginning, you can get by on just a few hours a week. As your blog grows then you can devote more time to it. The worst case scenario is that you create a blog that eventually earns you tens of thousands every month, link demands so much of your time that you need to quit your job.

Even if you work a 12 hour day, you should still find time to blog.

Ghostwriting: How It Works & Why It's Necessary

I can use an example of a very close friend here. He worked as an author and a full-time freelancer. He put in 12 to 15 hour shifts and he worked 7 days a week.

But he still found time to create a few blogs. Of course, as a writer he was able to work quickly, writing for 30 minutes here and there in order to keep those blogs updated.