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resultExplore more than standout titles picked by NPR staff and critics. In LoganHugh Jackman plays a long-in-the-tooth Wolverine. The Movie launched the superhero film genre, a superhero movie earned an Oscar nomination outside of the tech categories.

And it wasn't Wonder Woman. Chef James Syhabout says that, as he was writing the Hawker Fare cookbook, certain recipes became time machines, reminding him of who was in the room when it was made, and the surrounding colors and smells in the atmosphere.

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Now, he hopes to introduce more people to the cuisine. That series changed his understanding of old age — and inspired his book, Happiness is a Choice You Make.

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Le Guin told Fresh Air in The author died Monday at the age of Le Guin has died at age She was one of the most influential authors of the 20th century, known primarily for her science fiction and fantasy novels and stories. She was a prolific writer of science fiction and fantasy who brought feminism into her work and raised the genres into literature.

Le Guin speaks at the National Book Awards, where she was presented with lifetime achievement honors. She leaves a legacy as a literary trailblazer. At the time, the publisher had disappeared, only to surface later in Chinese detention.

Authorities there released him last fall. He was arrested again last weekend.

Now, Swedish authorities are demanding answers. Despite the disbanding of communes and the persistence of capitalism, culinary contributions from hippies have not only endured, but helped set the framework for the way we eat today.

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Jonathan Kauffman's new book, Hippie Foodexplores the people and places that expanded America's palate. Alan Alda Jhon Ochoa, Photo-illustration: Their consequences can range from hilarious The actor Alan Alda — yes, that Alan Alda — wants to help us avoid them.

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They warn that American democracy is in trouble. Ibrahim and Hoffmann co-authored the book A Gift from Darkness. But what was the cost of that triumph, and where will it lead? Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. The Influence Of Ursula K.

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