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station originallyInterior walls of the Art department. Developed with high school art students. Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Located in Hollenbeck Park band shell.

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Four panels, 8ft x 9ft. Acrylic on wooden panels. Lead artist for thirty-six panels, 15 ft. Developed with twenty local participating artists. Acrylic on wooden doors and cement.

Freedom Movement Bibliography. See also: Books Written by Freedom Movement Veterans Book Titles Grouped by Subject Film, Videos & . Bibliography. The complete and official bibliography of Judith F. Baca: Table of Contents. A. Completed Artworks. B. Unpublished Work. C. Mural Restoration. Smith, John. A True Relation of Such Occurrences of Noate as Hath Happened in Virginia. London, B3-C3, E3-E4. (Ed. Charles Deane. Mentor Services and Organizations that Specialize in Mentoring: We have personally visited all these sites or they have requested a listing in this Directory.

Developed with thirty members of the White Fence gang. Developed with female inmates of CIW. Sponsored by California Institute for Women and painted during the course of a six-month workshop conducted for women prisoners. Developed with 60 summer youth yrs of age. Work completed after the death of a mural crew member seventeen years of age.

Developed with local gang youth and assisting artists. Developed with Elementary School children. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Board of Education. A participatory process directed by Judith F.

Baca and involving over youth, scholars and 40 assisting artists on the long mural. Proposed designs for the Source Wall extensions are in progress with scholars, UCLA students and Best Bibliography Editor Sites Usa members, and are placed on the site for public review.

Sponsored by Pacific Bell. A portable mural exploring the empowerment and leadership of women. Sponsored by the California Arts Council. Sponsored by the First Unitarian Church. Acrylic on cast concrete. Sponsored by the Olympic Organizing Committee for the Olympics.

Warns the viewer of media propaganda and reinforces independent thinking. Developed with students from four participating universities as part of the first mural training program in the country. Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education. An old woman, a young woman and a middle aged woman in a corn cob. She is a metaphor for the maturation of the corn. Internationally traveling installation mural, comprised of eight 10 ft.

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Four murals developed and Best Bibliography Editor Sites Usa by Professor Baca. Highlighted previous exhibition sites include the Smithsonian in Washington, D. The theme of this piece explores the material and spiritual transformation of a society toward peace. As the World Wall travels, a new panel is added by a native read article from each country the installation visits.

The most recent additions to the World Wall include a panel completed by an Israeli-Palestinian team at California State University Monterey Bay in April of and a panel by the Mexican team in Two 18ft x 50ft murals. Acrylic on wood panels. Portable murals located on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

The two murals on homelessness; include a map to food, shelter and medical care within walking distance of the mural. Developed with homeless participants of skid row. A four panel mural 9ft x 9ft each on the history and future of Guadalupe, California.

Commissioned by County of Santa Barbara Arts Commission and developed with local participants of the farm working town of Guadalupe, California. Located in Guadalupe City Hall. Sponsored by Proctor and Gamble. This mural depicts the formation of the universe, the discovery of natural gas, its history in the Southern California area, and energy issues of the future. Sponsored by Southern California Gas Company. JFB authored catalogue Los Guardianes: Land, Spirit, and Culture. JFB authored introduction, in Signs from the Heart: The three-dimensional design includes a foot train platform floor design, foot arch, bench designs and kiosk shelters for commuters.

Also included are floor designs with brass lettering in five languages. The design is a tribute to the indigenous people of San Gabriel. Collaborating architectural firm, Segal and Diamond. This altar serves as an homage to the domestic worker of Los Angeles, and their representation as a drain on the California economy. Best Bibliography Editor Sites Usa media on a street vendor cart. Utilizing the street vendor cart as a medium, the work addresses current immigration issues of people of Mexican descent living in the United States.

Depicts the history of Chicanos in California. Developed with university student participants. Sponsored by University of Southern California.

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Two digital murals 7ft x 70ft each for Grand and Temple headquarters building. Commissioned to redesign the facade of the Mark Taper including, mural, text and building color treatments. Sponsored by Mark Taper Forum. The mural showcases chefs, bellmen, washers and waiters, in their working environment, while simultaneously relating their presence and labor to the Los Angeles landscape. Sponsored by City of Los Angeles and Local Commission to produce a backdrop for the Los Angeles Opera productions for Los Angeles city school performances.

Sponsored by Los Angeles Philharmonic. Also designed and installed fence treatments along the ft. The completed public artwork is intended as a self- guided walking tour of the existing and disappearing murals in Venice. Acrylic on Pancho sculpture. Acrylic on canvas, 5ft x 3ft. Workshops in each city for middle school youth.

Golden hands of hope raise Kennedy into the night sky. Each petal represents the most important issues we, as a society, must face, as delineated by Robert F.

Commemorating the legacy link labor leader Miguel Contreras while visually representing the issues affecting the students of the Center, who come from the local area. Best Bibliography Editor Sites Usa from Miguel Contreras Foundation and Local Began production in Layers of Place, Movements of People. Published in Foreseeable Futures 8, position papers from Imagining America.

Invited by the US Embassy to serve as a cultural ambassador and as lead artist of a muralist team Salvadorean and American to produce ft mural in the town of Ataco on the Best Bibliography Editor Sites Usa of Domestic Violence, the rights of children and the environment.

Named after the Mexican-American author, the Sandra Cisneros Learning Academy offers elementary and middle school-level classes. It is managed by the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy and offers a bilingual education. An emphasis is also placed on the arts, as the curriculum offers dance, drama and art classes.

UCLA students, acting as hands on mentors, will challenge elementary school students to dream of who they can be, by creating a portrait that portrays a positive image of their current and future selves. Baca Biography, Judith F.

Painting in the River of Angeles. Selected as one of ten national finalists for production of four public art projects for the Charlotte Arena.

Located in tqhe heart of East Los Angeles, the new street scape project will integrate Prof. The project includes streetscape changes, pedestrian refuge areas, mosaic treatments, language and mural treatments.

City of San Diego, California ft monument consisting of 3 Laser cut steel mural 35ft x30ft each with garden commemorating the achievement of Dr. Awarded through a competitive process December Design begun in for 90ft. Freund, The Modern American Metropolis: Army Engineer District, L.

November 7, TV. Works in Progress, 30 minute work on the Art of Judith F. American Family interview on air after segment on women muralists, roughly based on Judith F. Baca biography, February TV.