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that you haveOur approach to research is multidimensional.

First, we use large-scale observational studies and meta-analysis of existing data from the literature to discover patterns in nature.

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Then, we identify mechanisms mediating these patterns through laboratory and field-based experimentation. As a community ecologist, I am generally interested in consumer-prey interactions and identifying the ecological and evolutionary consequences of intraspecific genetic and phenotypic variation on aquatic communities and ecosystems. My current research focuses on the ecology Auburn University Resume Help cyanobacterial blooms with an emphasis on understanding how biotic and abiotic factors influence cyanobacterial bloom formation in a variety of systems including recreational reservoirs and aquaculture ponds.

In tandem with our harmful algal bloom research, the lab is also beginning to study the factors leading to taste, odor, and toxicity issues in drinking water reservoirs.

Want to join the lab? I am always looking for hard-working, honest, and self-motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join our group. Source encourage individual thinking, so it is not critical that we share identical research interests. But, it is important that you are fascinated by science and want to explore how the natural Auburn University Resume Help works.

Please email me your resume, transcripts, GRE scores if applicableresearch interests, and contact information for three references and we will source to Auburn University Resume Help a spot for you in the lab. Bryant's thesis has found its way into circulation at Freshwater Science. Phytoplankton N2 fixation efficiency and its effect on harmful algal blooms.

The WilsonLab is growing again! Yusuf recently learned that his work defining river plumes in Lake Michigan using stable isotopes has been accepted for publication. This is the first paper from our Lake Michigan river plume project.

Physicochemical characteristics of a southern Lake Michigan river plume. Journal of Great Lakes Research. Ryan's meta-analysis class project focused on the value of bird carotenoids for evaluating individual animal quality has been published.

Carotenoid metabolism strengthens the link between feather coloration and quality.

Online Training. Building on Auburn University's mission to serve the citizens of Alabama and beyond, the Office of Professional and Continuing Education's online. The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) Program - Campus Option provides students additional technical skills, research and communication skills, as well. Homepage of WilsonLab - Alan Wilson, Associate Professor of Limnology in the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences at Auburn University. Our top-ranked online MBA program is structured to give you the competitive advantage needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment. Check out real student reviews about Auburn University on Cappex.

Yang has departed the Auburn University Resume Help. It has been a great year. I had to drive through Alabama's earliest blizzard to give link seminar at the University of Alabama. The rivalry between our knows no boundaries.

Trip was excellent, thanks to Jen Howeth. My teaching and research efforts were recently honored by the College of Agriculture. I truly appreciate both awards but of the two, I am most excited about the Dean's Award for Excellence in Instruction Auburn University Resume Help would not be possible without the hard work of my many fantastic students.

I was fortunate to spend two days in west Alabama beautiful Demopolis and Greensboro to talk with catfish and shrimp farmers about their production struggles. Excellent meetings and even better food! I recently learned that all of my service for ASLO has paid off. Not only did Edna receive the best student poster you rock, Edna! We have lots of work to do between now and then.

This is our 21st publication from our REU Site in warm-water aquatic ecology. Two sessions on harmful algal blooms that I proposed with excellent scientists from around the world for the Summer ASLO meeting in Victoria, British Columbia have been accepted. Edna was awarded 2nd place for her poster about our drinking water project in the College of Agriculture Graduate Student Poster Showcase. We will need to invest in a new shelf to hold all of your awards.

I had the opportunity to return to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management Annual Surface Water meeting in Montgomery for the third year in a row.

This year, I was able to share exciting results from our state-wide drinking water reservoir survey. My family got a chance to return to Arlington, VA, to see our old friends.

It was an awesome reunion. My trip to Hanover, Germany, to participate in the DynaTrait conference was incredible. A whole week of eco-evo talks focused on freshwater plankton. How can things get better? Oh yeah, I got to see some of my European buddies.

Romi's meta-analysis project has been accepted for publication. This is the fastest turnaround time for any paper from my meta-analysis class. A meta-analysis approach toward fish meal replacment with fermented soybean meal: Asian Fisheries Science Journal 30 Auburn University Resume Help Their campus is beautiful. Bettina has left the building to return to Germany to start her graduate research.

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Bettina, you are already missed. Thanks for joining us. Nathan Hartline, a past AU student, asked me to help do some limnological sampling of DeKalb county fishing lake to figure out why the fish community is doing so well. I blame good fisheries click. Bettina and I were able to sample some catfish ponds in west Alabama before starting a whole pond experiment.

Things continue to get busier.

We finally get to run a huge, funded whole pond field experiment! The lab is growing! Our friend from Gallaudet University in Washington, D. Check out the NPR story about Carrie's work with deaf undergraduate researchers. Edna, Mario, and I had a chance to get in our green ponds, and Mario is still around. That is a good sign. We saw lots of critters, including brown and black bear, pronghorns, elk, many birds, and uinta squirrels. We will be back. Plan your trip today.

She will be heading to Pt. Clear later this year to talk about her drinking water research. You are still awesome, Enrique. As part of our AgR SEED project to study algal toxins in Alabama drinking water systems, we are organizing a workshop to train utility professional and state agency scientists about harmful phytoplankton and their toxins.

I think we might have convinced them to get involved with research this fall. The program will occur during the summers of I have recently joined the editorial board for the journal, Harmful Algaeand look forward to seeing many exciting and interesting HABs manuscripts. Kai's persistence has Auburn University Resume Help off. After several revisions, his interesting paper showing that elevated temperature can impact maternal effects associated with Daphnia tolerance to toxic cyanobacteria has been accepted for publication!

Cladoceran offspring tolerance to toxic Microcystis is promoted by maternal warming. Jess recently received 3rd place for undergraduate oral presentations in the science and technology section of the Auburn University This is Research Symposium. I recently participated in the Lee County Water Festival where I was able to teach hundreds of 4th graders about edible aquifers. This was a great, important event to educate our future leaders about protecting and managing our precious freshwater resources.

I love this National Geographic story about geniuses. This statement from Terence Tao please click for source so true. What really matters is "hard work, directed by intuition, literature, and a bit of luck. Christian Moldaenke, from bbe Moldaenkevisited the lab to use some of his company's new tools to study our green ponds. It was a very productive and fun visit and gave the lab a chance to get together for a needed cookout.

I was able to spend several days in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and got to Auburn University Resume Help beautiful beaches, rainforests, and cities as well as some old friends.

I am so proud of her. Time to get to work Auburn University Resume Help those pesky Daphnia. Auburn just released a nice news release about the 14 new GRFP fellows at the university.

This is a record! Good work, Laurel and Chris. The threat of a nonnative, apple snail to oligohaline marshes along the northern Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Coastal Research. Jessica's meta-analysis project was accepted for publication in Contemporary Economic Policy.

This is our 17th class publication and first in economics. The wage impact of teachers unions: I was able to participate in a leadership workshop with John Downing and Debbie Bronk, co-organize a 2. Edna and I were able to visit Tutwiler to give an outreach talk about eutrophication. This was our first visit to a women's prison in Alabama. It was one of the best outreach events to date. Incredibly smart and engaged students.