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can the Grand CanyonI wrote this story for a special friend of mine. It's just a fantasy but I live in hope that one day my dreams might come true. Nikki pulled her key from her bag, guided it into the lock and pushed open the door to her apartment.

Closing it firmly behind her she leant back against is shutting out the outside world. It At Home With Nikki Bathroom been a frustrating stressful couple of days with two double shifts and a slow day shift at the bar where she worked. Hanging her faded jacket on the hook in the hall, article source kicked off her trainers that she wore to travel home.

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The high heels that were obligatory to wear along with her work outfit were in her bag which she dumped in the corner knowing she should sort it out but was At Home With Nikki Bathroom tired to worry about chores right then. Nikki wondered through to the kitchen and opened the fridge. The slices of left over At Home With Nikki Bathroom were not too appealing compared to the half full bottle of Prosecco. Removing the stopper with a faint pop, Nicky took a glass from the cupboard and poured a measure of the foaming liquid.

She took a large swig resting back against the work top before topping up the glass. She had the evening to herself for once and did not intend to waste it. Taking the drink with link she moved to the bathroom and began filling the bath with warm water, please click for source a large portion of bubble bath.

As the water level began to rise and the mass of bubbles generated she undid her blouse, releasing the buttons one by one. Here athletic frame became exposed. The white lace of her B cup bra was iridescent against the natural glow of her dark skin. Her shirt lay open on her body hanging off one shoulder, her toned firm abs clear indication of her time spent at the gym and the additional exercise she got as a dancer. A diamond belly button ring punctuating her slim figure.

The button and zip on her tight fitting jeans were released and with a little wiggle the denim was tugged over her bottom and down her thighs. Sitting on the edge of the bath the figure hugging trousers were pulled over her feet and discarded in the corner, soon joined by the blouse. Nicky reached into the bath and swirled the water, feeling its warmth and the light fluffy feel of the thick coating of bubbles on the surface.

Standing, she moved to the cupboard over the sink, and caught her At Home With Nikki Bathroom in the mirror. Her mouth curled into a cheeky smile to herself. Still looking into the mirror she ran her hand through her hair and blew a kiss to the image of herself in front of her before picking up a scrunchie from the side of the basin and lassoing her hair into a semi tamed ponytail.

Opening the cupboard she took out a few tea lights and a handy lighter and returned to the now almost full bath and distributed the candles around the edge.

How To Organize Under The Bathroom Sink

Turning off the light the room was dropped into the low flickering calming glow of the little flames. Another sip of Prosecco, then she reached behind her back and with nimble fingers easily released the hooks of her bra. The thin straps fell from her shoulders and the delicate cups peeled away from her firm pert breasts.

Patrick requested At Home With Nikki Bathroom said Ortega

Her figure meant she did not need to wear a bra but she liked the feel of nice lingerie against her skin. The lace item joined the small pile of discarded clothes in the shadows. Bending over the bath Nikki turned off the taps firmly stopping the annoying drips that might go here her enjoyment of the tub.

In that position the white line of her T-back thong sliced between her tight bum cheeks before branching the short distance to circle her hips. With the water flow halted Nikki hooked a finger each side into the wisp of At Home With Nikki Bathroom and drew the little pair of knickers down her legs.

The shear lace triangle held in place for a split second as if reluctant to release its treasure before it fell away to land at her feet. Stepping out with one foot she flicked her lower limb and the last item of her clothing sailed with the grace of a ballerina and accuracy of a sharp shooter onto the laundry collection. Naked, she collected her drink and stepped into the bath. The water was slightly too warm but that was just how she liked it as she could soak in comfort for longer.

She laid back into the foam that enveloped her body; pausing only to place a rolled up towel behind her neck. With a deep sigh of relief she closed her eyes and relaxed. Half an hour later she stirred; her brief nap disturbed by the cooling bath water and the ping of a message on her mobile. Stretching her arms and legs Nikki sat up and reached for the soap and a razor. Her legs were already silky smooth but a few strokes with the sharp blade removed any hint of a follicle that dared to grow.

Hooking a leg over the side of the bath she lowered the razor below the water line and with great care removed the tiny stubble from her pubic mound and near her pussy lips.

She enjoyed her own touch and for a moment was tempted to carry on stroking herself in the way she liked. The corner of her mouth lifted into a cheeky grin at the thought but At Home With Nikki Bathroom cool water and light flashing on her phone distracted her. Stepping from the bath the last few bubbles slid down her wet body before she wrapped herself in a large fluffy white towel.

Patting herself dry Nikki wiped the steam from the mirror and checked read article look. Her hair had stayed dry and what little make-up she had worn had been washed away but she still looked good. Walking bare foot over the bathroom floor tiles she picked up her phone and opened her messages.

Article source scrolled to the first one.

A regular message from her mum enquiring about Nikki's day and sending her love. Nikki replied with a quick "All good Thanks, smiley face" and clicked send.

The second message was from Jon. He had repeated an offer to her again but he was sure it would never be accepted.

The offer was very tempting and she knew that Jon was a good guy and could be trusted but it would be a risk; breaking the boundary between her home life and work. Biting her lip, Nicky debated the pros and cons in continue reading mind. Common sense told her it was a bad idea but her body was telling her a different story.

With nimble thumbs she quickly drafted a reply. She realised she was holding her breath and let out a stream of air through her lips and wondered if she has made a mistake.

Her phone pinged with a reply.

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I can be with you in about 45 minutes if you are sure? On my way x" Nikki smiled. Whatever happened, it was set in motion now. Carrying the towel she walked naked to her bedroom, opened her delicates draw and selected a white pair of fine lacy boy shorts knickers and pulled them up her slim legs and over her tight little bottom. They fitted perfectly and were one of her favourite items of lingerie. Then she took a short silk robe from her wardrobe and slid her arms into the sleeves loosely tying the belt as her waist.

Sitting at her dressing table mirror she teased her hair with her fingers but left it tied in the hair band keeping her neck and shoulders clear if her hair.

She applied a little light make up, eye shadow and liner to accentuate her stunning eyes and a smear of pink lipstick. Checking the clock she still had half an hour to kill before Jon's anticipated arrival, so she removed the orange nail varnish that matched her work heels, from her fingers and toes and skilfully reapplied a glossy layer of Fusion Pink polish.

The finish soon dried as she blew over her fingertips admiring the sparkle from the glitter in the varnish. Nikki quickly tided At Home With Nikki Bathroom a few items and arranged a couple of things. She took her glass from the bathroom and frowned at the few At Home With Nikki Bathroom that remained in the empty Prosecco bottle. She jumped slightly at the knock on the front door. Taking a deep breath she walked still bare foot through the narrow hallway and opened the door. Jon stood there wearing the same clothes he had worn earlier that day.

Given the short notice he had not had time to go home and change but was still presentable in black trousers, blue shirt and jacket. He was carrying a bag from a local supermarket. Nicky drew in a breath and enjoyed the scent of his aftershave and hint of Guinness from the bar earlier. Nicky blushed a little and took his hand pulling him into the flat and closed the door. I'm looking forward to what you can do.

What's in the bag? Nikki gave Faire Dj De Essayer Le little squeal and clapped her hands with delight. Took the bottle and popped the cork, quickly filling her glass. She had moved the candles from the bath and placed them around the read article with a few others so the space was lit in the subtle glow of the dancing flames.

Moving past her he rolled the duvet back and placed it on the floor at the end of the bed and taking the now dry towel from the back of a chair he spread it out At Home With Nikki Bathroom and smoothed the corners. Turning to her he asked, if she was ready. For the first time in ages, Nikki felt a little shy. He had seen her body many times before from almost every angle due to her athletic abilities on the club pole, but this was a totally different situation.

She looked down at her feet and fumbled with the knot holding her robe in place. Jon came round behind her. The silk garment then hung open from her throat past her cleavage and her naked body only part hidden by her cute panties.

His hands rested on her shoulders and with a brief reassuring squeeze he slipped the silk down her arms till it dropped on the floor. Biting her lip she looked back over her shoulder and gave him a coy smile. I will start with your shoulders and back to relieve those annoying stiff muscles. In doing so her amazing arse was displayed to perfection. The twin globes of her but cheeks firm and impossible to resist, the gusset of her thin knickers stretched over her pussy, obscuring but not hiding totally the cleft of her pussy lips.

Jon stifled a low moan of appreciation.

She settled into position and lay out flat on the bed, arms by her sides and head tilted to one side, eyes closed. He was lucky to find the shop open still that sold his favourite type, infused with a hint of Jasmine essential oil.