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were some incredibleT he debate about same-sex source often seems limited to two points of view.

According to one, opposing the judicial invalidation of Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay marriage laws is tantamount to supporting segregationist racism.

According to the other, it is simply absurd to believe that considerations of equal learn more here favor recognizing same-sex marriages. Both of those views are wrong. Civil marriage was instituted, let us concede, to safeguard the interests of children by endorsing and protecting the kind of stable, committed relationships that produce them and are suited to their upbringing. So we made civil marriage generally available to sexually complementary couples.

We did this without apparently taking notice of same-sex couples, let alone aiming to discriminate against them.

Since traditional marriage laws had a legitimate purpose and were tailored to that purpose, there is no obvious reason for courts to invalidate them. But equal treatment is both a legislative and a judicial concern. We can realize that a law that once seemed well designed could, in fact, be fairer. Reexamining marriage laws with this possibility in mind, we should register the following facts. First, civil marriage already includes a group of people Essay Proofreading Website Gb married, childless men and women — who are irrelevant to its child-centric purpose.

Third, couples belonging to either of these two groups have the same reasons and motivations, rooted in their love for each other, to abide by the standards of conduct that we traditionally associate with marriage, namely exclusivity and fidelity subsequent to a vow of permanent commitment. In light of all this, it is a matter of simple fairness to treat Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay two groups the same way, and legislators and voters should favor doing so.

It may be true that, once they become actual parents, a couple acquires all the more reason to abide by the traditional standards of marriage. Now they will do so not only to fulfill their marital vow to each other, but also for the sake of their children. But even if they have no children, we can understand perfectly well why they would choose to make a vow of permanent and exclusive commitment.

The intelligibility of this choice is all we need to justify their inclusion. They are not being conscripted into marriage, after all, but seeking it freely. And while there will be people who get married without intending to live by the traditional standards, this will be true whether we admit same-sex couples or not. It may also be true, as traditionalists argue, that we would never have designed an institution from scratch solely to protect a certain category of amorous relationship.

But neither did we have to safeguard the interests of children by protecting a certain category of amorous relationship. More directly, if more heavy-handedly, we might have given actual parents incentives to raise their children together and disincentives to abandon or neglect them.

Instead we created an institution that of necessity was overbroad for its purpose — and so we ought now to make it fairly overbroad.

Many traditionalists do deny that same-sex couples have any reason to adhere to traditional marital standards.

This denial is usually based on the idea that their relationships have no value to begin with. We will reject two forms of this view below. For now, as a kind of intuitive test, simply imagine that some friend of yours had been cheated on by his or her spouse of the opposite sex and had confided this in you.

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How would you respond? Would your reaction be terribly different? Many traditionalists are obliged by their principles to give such an answer.

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One understands why offense is given, too. T raditionalists have a slogan to explain their opposition to recognizing same-sex marriages. They say that doing so will enshrine the idea that marriage is about the fulfillment of adults rather than the interests of children. This slogan is of a piece with their broader criticism of the sexual revolution, which they say has harmed children by encouraging adults to seek romantic fulfillment even when it conflicts with their responsibilities as parents.

As a sociological reality, this criticism is hard to dispute. But as an argument against same-sex marriage it rests on a false choice. Marriage and romance could, after all, be about both the fulfillment of adults and the interests of children; and where the two conflict, the interests of children including unborn children could trump the fulfillment of adults. Traditionalists must think that Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay have a trump card, or they would not be inveighing against the sexual revolution in the first place.

But instead of specifically reminding parents of their responsibilities, traditionalists have sought something much more sweeping. They have become sexual counter-revolutionaries.

I think their quest is quixotic, but I understand its continue reading. Restricting sexual relations to heterosexual marriage would cut off, at the first link in the causal chain, a large number and variety of bad outcomes for children.

It would be highly efficient. But it would also rest on a one-sided and extreme view Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay human sexuality. Another way of saying this is that sexual counter-revolutionaries are telling a noble lie.

The lie is that it is immoral to think of sex and marriage as anything other than child-directed, and its motivation is that, if we allow people to think otherwise, some parents will falsely analogize their own situation to that of people who have no children.

The noble lie thus forecloses a piece of irrationality on the part of the public which is always the justification of noble lies. The trouble with noble lies is that sooner or later people see through them. When they do, they tend to have revolutionary overreactions.

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And when that happens, what is needed is not a complete reversion to the old view, but a synthesis of what was right in that view with what was right click the following article the reaction against it.

In their ideological absolutism, many traditionalists today stand in the way of such a synthesis. Their position on same-sex marriage is tragic, in that they have taken a stand against burgeoning social endorsement of commitment and sexual exclusivity as ends in themselves.

Same-sex marriage is, in this sense, not link fulfillment of the sexual revolution but a repudiation of its free-love ethic.

This story of two men who persuaded a county clerk to marry them in perfectly illustrates the point. As they sought legal recognition of their union, they turned to gay-rights activists for support but were rebuffed: Today, many heirs of those activists are endorsing a domestic ideal that, in all matters but sexual complementarity, harks back to the s of blessed memory. Rather than celebrate the retrogression, sexual counter-revolutionaries tell them they are not welcome. H aving rejected the idea that opponents of same-sex marriage are no better than racial segregationists, what should we think of them?

So far, only that they are wrong. Certainly they can, without evincing any animus toward Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay people, make Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay case by way of bloodless legal abstractions and sociological speculations.

Those reasonings often overlap, go here course, with the belief that same-sex relationships are morally wrong. Here too the comparison with racism is unfair, in that having sexual relations is, unlike having a certain skin color, a decision, and therefore a proper subject of ethical debate. But one can push that point only so far, given the reality of congenital sexual orientation, i.

What traditionalists must in honesty be said to reject is, if not a deep aspect of personal identity per se, then the expression of a deep aspect of personal identity. There is something that traditionalists could do to make their views seem less cruel and Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay The early Christians hotly debated whether marriage even between a man and a woman should be endorsed; many thought celibacy was to be preferred.

And even though marriage was finally recognized as a sacrament, the mainstream of the early Church did not think of marriage and sex as a way of expressing love and affection at all, but rather regarded procreation as its sole purpose. For we are not children of desire, but of will. And so the man who marries for procreation should practice continence, not even desiring his wife, whom he should love.

For Clement, proper Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay was solemn, cool, ratiocinative. Marriage itself was encratic. The man would love his wife, yes, but sex would be abstained from unless specifically intended to get children. This is certainly a possible view. But that is not how most Christians today, even the traditionalists among them, think and feel about sex.

In the main they do think, tacitly if not explicitly, that romantic love is important and that sex is, for married men and women at least, an important way of expressing it. And this is not a result of the sexual revolution, as traditionalists sometimes maintain. One wants to give them some Elizabethan love poetry; one can hear John Dowland taking up his lute in protest. The fact is that romantic love has long been the primary means by which nature, shaped by culture, has induced to become parents most of the people in our civilization who have been parents.

The further fact, our full awareness of which is relatively recent, is that, in some people, nature has largely or exclusively restricted the type of fulfillment provided by romantic love to relationships with members of the same sex. No one should pressure them to seek that fulfillment. Some might find celibacy or a Clementine marriage more appealing. But to legalistically forbid them the very possibility of romantic fulfillment even as the masses of Christendom enjoy it and take it for granted cannot but seem an unlovely pharisaism, however ancient or canonical its provenance.

As noted, many traditionalists deny that a same-sex couple can have the same reasons to abide by traditional marital standards as a childless man and woman can. We now consider two ways of making that denial. Both are natural-law arguments centering on the human reproductive function. Both assert that, in virtue of that function, sexual relations between a man and a woman can be valuable while those between two members of the same sex cannot.

Here the views diverge. Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay first, the traditional natural-law argument, holds that from the function of a thing we can know what makes it good. They are good because they perform their function well. The argument is then extended to biological function. From the fact that human beings have a reproductive function, it is argued, the chosen exercise of that function, under conditions suitable to the rearing of children, is good in a way that no other kind of sexual relationship can be.

The main objection to this argument which Arguments For Gay Marriage Essay made by the second type of natural-law theory, of which more anon is that you cannot derive an ought from an is. This line of criticism originated with David Hume, and I think it is Consider the issue this way: If you are deliberating over some choice, you are not asking yourself what is the case.

You are asking yourself what to make the case. This is just what it means for your decision to be a decision; this is just what it means for you to be free. And so having a biological function does not give someone a reason to exercise it when the very question he asks is whether he should exercise it.